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Sebastien Lambot Configuration de Nas4Free sur un HP MicroServer N38L / N40L (1/2) Grâce à la distribution NAS4Free, nous allons transformer un HP Proliant MicroServer N40L en NAS et configurer ses paramètres pour que ses fonctions aillent bien au-delà d’un simple stockage de données.

Sebastien Lambot Configuration de Nas4Free sur un HP MicroServer N38L / N40L (1/2)

Nas4Free est une distribution open-source basée sur FreeBSD 9 qui permet de transformer quasi n’importe quelle machine en NAS (Network Attached Storage). Le projet initial a donné naissance à FreeNas et s’est poursuivi jusqu’à la version 7. Plus tard, suite à des avis divergences sur l’évolution de la distribution, une partie des développeurs a décidé de continuer le projet à leur façon et ont créé ce qu’on appelle un « fork », qui a permis à Nas4Free de voir le jour. Après avoir testé pas mal de distributions, basées sur FreeBSD (FreeNas7, FreeNas8) ou sur Linux (OpenMediaVault, OpenFiler) ou sur Synology, mon choix final s’est porté sur Nas4Free pour plusieurs raisons: Est gratuit! Hardware. How to Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into an Internet PVR with SABnzbd and Sick Beard.

 NAS4Free - The Free Network Attached Storage Project. NAS4Free supports sharing across Windows, Apple, and UNIX-like systems.

 NAS4Free - The Free Network Attached Storage Project

It includes ZFS v5000 , Software RAID (0,1,5), disk encryption, S.M.A.R.T / email reports etc. with the following protocols: CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, iSCSI (initiator and target), HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPnP, and Bittorent which is all highly configurable by its WEB interface. NAS4Free can be installed on Compact Flash/USB/SSD key, Hard disk or booted from a LiveCD with a small usbkey for config storage. It's ofcourse nice to have an expensive store-bought box. In practice with many commercial solutions, you're not sure if you're buying a great solution, or just a shiny box, and maybe a slick interface, where what is underneath isn't really what you were looking for.

And with many things, once you've bought it, good luck getting upgrades. Try NAS4Free. View topic - [HOWTO] Install Embedded wo/CDROM to CF w/Linux & gparted. This tutorial shows how to install NAS4Free Embedded platform using the NAS4Free-x86-embedded- and writing it to a Compact Flash cardin Linux using gparted to partition the CF, and dd to write the img file.

View topic - [HOWTO] Install Embedded wo/CDROM to CF w/Linux & gparted

No CD/DVD drive is needed. FreeBSD jail on embedded Nas4Free install. As most DIY computer geeks i have a server at home, more specifically a DIY Nas.

FreeBSD jail on embedded Nas4Free install

It is basically an old p4 mini atx motherboard i had laying around with a raid controller card and a couple of hdd’s. The Nas runs an embedded FreeBSD distribution called Nas4Free, Since the distro is an embedded install this means that any changes you make to it are gone when the server is restarted. So how can you extend its functionality and for example add a subsonic server to it.

The answer lies in Freebsd jails.Jails, sometimes referred to as an enhanced replacement of chroot environments, are a very powerful tool for system administrators, but their basic usage can also be useful for advanced users. Jails improve on the concept of the traditional chroot environment, in several ways. A jail is characterized by the following characteristics:

View topic - subversion on nas4free. View topic - Using ownCloud on NAS4Free + Active Directory Authentication. Alcon,I have successfully installed the 5.0 version of ownCloud today but with some difficulty.

View topic - Using ownCloud on NAS4Free + Active Directory Authentication

I should preface this by saying that I did my install using SSH via terminal from MacOSX. I suffered from the inability to Code: Select all su chown on the folders outlined by Daoyama in his fantastic install guide at the top of this post. Ultimately after beating my head against the wall and really coming up with no solution to my inability to access root privileges through my SSH session (despite being a member of the "wheel" group) it finally occurred to me to input the chown commands I needed using the "Advanced | Execute Command" feature in the webgui. This turned out to be my saving grace. I didn't see any mention of others suffering from this type of hangup in this thread but hopefully, if anyone else encounters it in the future they can learn from my efforts and take advantage of this great feature in the webgui.

Happy Cloud! After that though, the password reset was surprisingly simple. InstallVirtualBox - nas4free-extensions - How to install VirtualBox - porting existing apps to NAS4Free as an extension. This is quite simple.

InstallVirtualBox - nas4free-extensions - How to install VirtualBox - porting existing apps to NAS4Free as an extension

You need to get access to a shell on your server. This can be done via SSH, VNC, direct-access or whatever. SSH might be the most comfortable. View topic - [EXTENSION] VirtualBox + phpVirtualBox. Thanks for the answer, took some time to manage, so here is my report: When i go to the console and login as root, i can not see the vms created as the vboxuser.

View topic - [EXTENSION] VirtualBox + phpVirtualBox

(VBoxManage list vms shows nothing)I have to login as vboxuser:The Password of vboxuser is autogenerated, and can be found in/your-mount/YourVirtualBoxinstalldir/usr_local/www/phpvirtualbox/config.php Now you can login and execute the desired comand Code: Select all VBoxManage modifyvm testmachine --vrdeproperty VNCPassword="myPass" where testmachine is the name of the vm as it is displayed in phpVirtualbox (or in VBoxManage list vms )Be sure to enclose the password in quotes/doublequotes. I used the opportunity to customise phpvirtualbox's config.php, getting some further findings:In Line 150 /151 i enabled memory warnings. So far my report. Nas4free-extensions - porting existing apps to NAS4Free as an extension. Sjagoe/NAS4Free-copy. Create a NAS4Free Bootable USB Drive in Windows.

Install ownCloud on NAS4Free how to. View topic - subversion on nas4free.