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How To Take Better Food Pictures – Stupid Easy Paleo. Want to know how to take better food pictures—especially better ones than Martha Stewart?

How To Take Better Food Pictures – Stupid Easy Paleo

Food blogging is pretty unique (compared to other subjects) because you’ve got to convey a recipe’s appeal across a computer or phone screen. If you can’t smell the aroma and taste the mouth-watering flavors, the imagery of the food helps draw you in—or makes you click away. After all, we eat with our eyes first. That being said, if you don’t come to the blogosphere with prior photography experience (like yours truly), learning to take pictures of food that actually look enticing can be a monumental task. In my early blogging days, I put more effort into the recipes and writing than the photos, and it shows. Before we get to the do’s of taking better pictures of food, let’s start with the don’ts. Top 5 Food Photography Blunders 1) Using the flash. 2) Getting too close. 3) Sloppy plating. 4) Shooting in low light. 5) Only shooting in landscape or portrait. Now, the do’s. Massive improvement, right? A sultan had dreamed he had lost all his teeth....

Snarky Answers to Stupid Job Interview Questions. The "Do Something" Principle. I‘ve been working with self development advice for a large percentage of my life.

The "Do Something" Principle

I’ve come across a lot of concepts and ideas as well as invented quite a few of my own. But the following is one of the most important ideas I’ve stumbled across in my life: Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it. Most people only commit to action if they feel a certain level of motivation. And they only feel motivation when they feel an emotional inspiration. People only become motivated to study for the exam when they’re afraid of the consequences. And we’ve all slacked off for lack of motivation before. Emotional Inspiration → Motivation → Desirable Action But there’s a problem with operating under this framework: often the changes and actions we most need in our lives are inspired by negative emotions which simultaneously hinder us from taking action. My Best Job Search Tip: How To Create An 'Interview Bucket List'

LinkedIn. 7 Lies Employers Use To Trick You Into Working For Them. La série documentaire "Capitalisme". How To Learn The Russian Cyrillic Alphabet In Just A Few Hours. Since Lauren is learning Russian and had started with the Cyrillic alphabet first, we can see how important this is to begin on so that you can boost the rest of your progress.

How To Learn The Russian Cyrillic Alphabet In Just A Few Hours

As such, it was great to get this guest post from Dani, who writes at She’ll show you that it isn’t as bad as you think! Take it away Dani.. When somebody asks me what my major at university is and I tell them that I study Spanish and Russian, they often reply “What? Russian? There are some tricky things about Russian and the script is definitely not the hardest part of the language. But once we get familiar with the unknown script and get over this first barrier, we can dive into the language and enjoy it like every other language.

Anti-pattern. Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing Than Typing. Why Programming For Kids. This is a guest post by Peter Armstrong.

Why Programming For Kids

Peter is the cofounder of Leanpub and Dashcube, and the author of 4 books, all of which were published in-progress and have been translated into other languages. It originally appeared here on The Changelog #. Recently I wrote a Leanpub book called Programming for Kids. Elizabeth Sampat's Blog - Women Don't Want To Work In Games (And Other Myths) The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Elizabeth Sampat's Blog - Women Don't Want To Work In Games (And Other Myths)

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Linda Liukas. Les lumières de l’Asie vues par Weerapong Chaipuck… Les lumières de l’Asie vues par Weerapong Chaipuck… Une sélection des magnifiques photographies de Weerapong Chaipuck, un jeune retraité qui a décidé de se consacrer aux voyages et à la photographie.

Les lumières de l’Asie vues par Weerapong Chaipuck…

Des images superbes dans lesquelles ce photographe amateur saisit avec un talent rare les lumières fascinantes de la Chine, du Vietnam ou encore de la Thaïlande… Images © Weerapong Chaipuck / via. 50 Adorable Photos Of Danbo That Make You Go Awww! Originally created by Japanese artist Kiyohiko Azuma in his manga “Yotsuba&!

50 Adorable Photos Of Danbo That Make You Go Awww!

“, Danbo was originally intended to be a fake and funny robot which a human wears a combined set of cardboards, and interacts only when other puts coin into the slot located on its body. Amazon Japan spotted the idea, and used it for marketing, and it was a tremendous success. Since then, photographers everywhere were inspired to make something really fun and even artistic with the Danbo, and this post serves to be a collection of awesome Danbo photos for you to enjoy and even experience some of the most beautiful moments of mini Danbo’s life! Spend a moment with this post if you didn’t smile for some days, it’ll be interesting – we promise A Sunny Day.

Battle Breakdance. Be Careful. Can I Live With You. Crucified Danbo. Danbo and Blue Android. Danbos as Mary and Jesus. They Sold Their Startup for $150+ Million. Then They Opened a Chocolate Store. How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life — On Publishing. So I decided, there was only one way I was going to be able to pull this off: write 1000 words a day.

How Writing 1000 Words a Day Changed My Life — On Publishing

It had to go from being a task on my to-do list to a habit. What I didn’t realize is just how much that was going to change my life. It wasn’t long before I figured out the necessary elements to easily write 1000 words a day. I would wake up every morning and I would just put my fingers on the keyboard. Most of what I wrote was garbage. But when I powered through the garbage(sometimes the first 200 words), I ended up with gold. *If you’re interested in hearing an interview with Erik Wahl, click here. In this process a few things happened. Momentum kicked in. How to Consistently Write 1000 Words a Day. One of the secrets of the most successful bloggers is that they are prolific.

How to Consistently Write 1000 Words a Day

Writing 1000 words a day is like brushing their teeth.


Books. Management. Production. Communication. Self-development. This Architect-Designed Kettle Keeps Coffee Piping Hot and Looking Cool. 3D-Printed Music Boxes Let You Compose Your Own Tune. 25 Office Hacks You Need To Know. Learning.