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eAdventure. The Best Augmented Reality Apps to Use with Students (Accompanied with Tutorials and Lessons) February, 2015 Here is a handy chart I stumbled upon today through a Google Plus post from Shelly Terrell.

The Best Augmented Reality Apps to Use with Students (Accompanied with Tutorials and Lessons)

The chart features several wonderful augmented reality apps to use with students in class. Each of the apps is accompanied with the following: a tutorial explaining it, an example of a lesson where the app is being used, and further activities covering other uses of the app. There are actually 19 augmented reality apps in this chart, almost all of them have been featured in this blog in the past but, by far, the best app among them all is Aurasma. You can learn more about Aurasma from this page. The chart on augmented reality resources is created by Terri Eichholz from Engage Their Minds blog.Terri has also published a packet on Teachers Pay Teachers of lessons and activities for using augmented reality in education which you can check it here.

Click here to access the original hyperlinked chart. 6 Outstanding Augmented Reality Apps for Science Teachers. February 10, 2016 Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are making some huge leaps into the educational landscape transforming the way teaching and learning are taking place.

6 Outstanding Augmented Reality Apps for Science Teachers

Educators and teachers are increasingly adopting AR technologies in their classrooms. As extensions of the physical world, AR technologies amplify its dimensions and bring life to its static constituents. There are a variety of ways you can use AR in your class. For instance, you can use them to take your students into virtual field trips, visit world museums, animate and enrich textbook content and many more. In an earlier post we featured a number of key apps and websites that teachers can use to engage students in educational AR experiences. 1- Anatomy 4D ‘Through this free app and a simple printed image, Anatomy 4D transports students, teachers, medical professionals, and anyone who wants to learn about the body into an interactive 4D experience of human anatomy.

ThingLink Released A Wonderful Virtual Reality App for Teachers. April 17, 2016 The popular interactive media platform ThingLink released today a new interesting educational virtual reality app called VR Lessons.

ThingLink Released A Wonderful Virtual Reality App for Teachers

The app is particularly geared towards young learners. It provides them with an enhanced virtual environment where they can explore and learn about the world in engaging and fascinating ways. VR Lessons is basically a ‘a collection of high quality, interactive, 360° image and video journeys on a variety of topics including science, language, and arts.

The first stories take students to visit different kinds of ecosystems from the French Alps to Lapland in Norway and Finland, and further to a jungle in the archipelago of northern Australia. As students turn their heads to look around, they can spot details and unlock additional information of each habitat in a narrated virtual reality environment.’ 7 of The Best iPad Augmented Reality Apps for Teachers. February 9, 2016 The use of augmented reality (AR) technology in education is on the raise.

7 of The Best iPad Augmented Reality Apps for Teachers

Some speculate that the year 2016 will be an AR year par excellence. The basic premise behind augmented reality is the extension of the physical world to include components of the virtual world. The potential of augmented reality in teaching and learning is huge. Our AR section here in EdTech and mLearning features a number of key resources to help you better understand how to include AR technologies in your class. We are also adding this handy collection of what we think are some of the best iPad AR apps to use with your students. 1- Aurasma.

5 Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education. The concept of augmented reality has been in existence for a few years now despite the fact that many users of mobile devices are under the impression that it is a new phenomenon.

5 Top Augmented Reality Apps For Education

New technologies such as Google’s augmented reality glasses which are the first computing eyewear are still in the testing phase. This leads mobile device users to believe augmented reality is new on the horizon. 10 Augmented Reality Apps For Kids. Augmented reality apps for kids and adults are a great way to connect your digital and real life.

10 Augmented Reality Apps For Kids

These apps vary from educational apps to games and even a digital advertising app created to make your outing more informational. For younger kids, augmented reality apps are more coloring based. Bringing their colored characters to life. As they grow older, the apps are more based on games like Pokemon Go, showing them monsters in the real world that they can interact with. There are also educational based apps for all ages, that allow users to see and learn more about the human body or the solar system, and an app that allows you to digitally trace sketches on paper. 7 of The Best iPad Augmented Reality Apps for Teachers. 40 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications. Augmented reality is one of the most exciting technologies around.

40 Best Augmented Reality iPhone Applications

AR apps for iOS have come a long way over the years. Whether you are looking for interactive games, educational apps, or rich travel guides, there is an app out there for you. Christmas AR. Realidad aumentada navideña. Christmas AR es una #guappis de Ediam Sistemas que utiliza realidad aumentada para decorar el árbol de navidad con marcadores prediseñados.

Christmas AR. Realidad aumentada navideña.

Esta disponible tanto para Android como para iOS y su utlización es muy sencilla. Por si hay alguna duda, en la propia web del desarrollador nos presentan unas instrucciones para no encontrar ninguna dificultad. LandscapAR. Dibujar mapas topográficos con RA. LandscapAR.

LandscapAR. Dibujar mapas topográficos con RA

Object moved. Las mejores apps de storytelling para dar rienda suelta a la imaginación. Desde siempre los niños han tenido una atracción especial por escuchar y crear historias.

Las mejores apps de storytelling para dar rienda suelta a la imaginación

15 apps para crear mapas conceptuales. Los mapas conceptuales son una forma muy útil para representar de forma gráfica el conocimiento, relacionando conceptos entre sí. Las apps que recogemos a continuación facilitan la tarea de organizar los conceptos y relacionarlos, de tal manera que es más fácil para los docentes elaborar esquemas claros que estructuren los contenidos a impartir en el aula, y permite a los alumnos utilizar esos conocimientos para dar forma a otros relacionados con ellos.

MindBoard Classic permite escribir tanto con el teclado como con el dedo; para evitar toques indeseados, detecta la palma de la mano. Proporciona varios pinceles diferentes, distintos colores y permite exportar los mapas en formato PDF. Hay una versión específica para los dispositivos Samsung, que añade compatibilidad con su stylus S-Pen. ColAR Mix - 3D Coloring App. Realidad Aumentada. 19 aplicaciones de realidad aumentada. Por lo mismo que ya no se puede decir que internet es el futuro por que es parte consustancial de nuestro presente, tampoco se podrá hacer una afirmación tan rotunda respecto a la realidad aumentada, sin ir más lejos hay una sinfín de aplicaciones en la red pensadas para el entretenimiento, el turismo o el arte. La realidad aumentada y la realidad virtual son conceptos que consideramos novedosos, pero que en realidad comenzaron a definirse a mediados del siglo pasado. En 1962 veía la luz un ingenio llamado Sensorama, un simulador con imágenes, sonido, vibración y ‘olfato’, obra de Morton Heilig, un director de fotografía norteamericano, el ‘culpable’ de fabricar un artilugio que generaba un entorno virtual todavía rudimentario.

Educación. Las aplicaciones de Realidad Aumentada pueden complementar un plan de estudios estándar. Texto, gráficos, vídeo y audio se pueden superponer en el entorno en tiempo real de un estudiante.