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Sexuality-definitions.pdf. Rhetorical Drag: Gender Impersonation, Captivity, And the Writing of History: Lorrayne Carroll: 9780873388825: Girlfriend: Men, Women, and Drag: Holly Brubach: 9780679414438: Guy to Goddess: An Intimate Look at Drag Queens: Rosamond Norbury: 9780898156454: Vested Interests: Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety: Marjorie Garber: 9780415919517: Drag: A History of Female Impersonation in the Performing Arts: Roger Baker: 9780814712542:

Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School: C. J. Pascoe: 9780520271487: The Sociology of Gender: A Brief Introduction: Laura Kramer: 9780195389289: Mother Camp: Female Impersonators in America: Esther Newton: 9780226577609: Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience: Katrina Karkazis: 9780822343189: XXY - INTERSEXUALIDADE- (Filme completo) The Genderbread Person v2.0: a helpful visual aid for explaining gender (again) Hundreds of comments, ditto emails, ditto Facebook messages and Twitter tweeters and in-person holla-atchas and I feel like I’m finally in a place to release this.

The Genderbread Person v2.0: a helpful visual aid for explaining gender (again)

I give you the new and improved Genderbread Person! (click for larger size) Depending on what you folks have to say after checking this out and reading the rationale below, I’ll be updating the Breaking through the Binary article and uploading a printer-friendly version of the new graphic. But first, let’s rationalize. Let’s break this thing down. I would really like to see this model replace all instances of the old one. More accurate Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is a funny expression (and scientifically dubious), but it actually nails down the strength of this model. Let’s take “Gender Identity” for our example. This model allows one to define their gender in a way that accounts for varying intensities of -ness. More inclusive Let’s take “Attraction” for our example.

Just as adorable This was a tough nut to crack. Gender Wiki. Genderqueer - Gender Wiki. Genderqueer is a catch-all term for gender identities other than man and woman, thus outside of the gender binary and heteronormativity.

Genderqueer - Gender Wiki

People who identify as genderqueer may think of themselves as one or more of the following: both man and woman neither man nor woman (genderless, agender, Neutrois) moving between genders (gender fluid) third gendered or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender having an overlap of, or blurred lines between, gender identity and sexual orientation Some genderqueer individuals also identify as transgender, and may or may not wish for physical modification or hormones to suit their preferred expression.

Many genderqueer individuals see gender and sex as separable aspects of a person and sometimes identify as a male woman, a female man, or a male/female/intersex genderqueer. GENDERQUEER AND NON-BINARY IDENTITIES - What is “Genderqueer”? Last updated December 30, 2011.


Original was a project for an LGBT American History class by Marilyn Roxie, May 17 2011. Revision made as recent as the last update indicated above. Click here for a bibliography of sources utilized and cited for this project. Practical Androgyny. Handbook of Social Justice in Education. Handbook of Social Justice in Education. GENDERQUEER AND NON-BINARY IDENTITIES - Definitions of Genderqueer. Last updated August 15, 2013I have collected a variety of definitions of “genderqueer” from print and web resources.


As one might expect, these definitions do not always agree with each other, nor will you (or I!) Necessarily agree with all of the content presented here. The purpose of this collection of definitions is to gain understanding of changing language and meanings over time and divergent understandings of the term. These sources may be useful to facilitate research, personal understanding, or to help explain the concept to others. Some common themes are being outside, between, or rejecting the male/female, man/woman binary. Sex. Gender. 30+ Examples of Cisgender Privileges. Following is a list of cisgender identity privileges.

30+ Examples of Cisgender Privileges

If you are cisgender, listed below are benefits that result from your alignment of identity and perceived identity. If you’re not familiar with the term, “cisgender” means having a biological sex that matches your gender identity and expression, resulting in other people accurately perceiving your gender. If you are cisgender, there’s a good chance you’ve never thought about these things (or even your cisgender identity). Try and be more cognizant and you’ll start to realize how much work we have to do in order to make things better for the transgender folks who don’t have access to these privileges.

North American lexicon of transgender terms (Book, 2006. Practical Androgyny. GENDERQUEER AND NON-BINARY IDENTITIES - Definitions of Genderqueer. Concerning children. Peds.2011-1804.full. Article: Childrens Gender Beliefs: A Review of Past Research Exploring A Variety of Variables. Russia. Worldwide Protests Against Russia Anti-LGBT Legislation. Russia Passes Bill Banning Gay 'Propaganda' Russia's "Gay Propaganda" Law. LGBT rights in Russia. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people's rights in Russia face legal and social challenges as well as discrimination not experienced by non-LGBT people.

LGBT rights in Russia

Although same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults in private was decriminalized in 1993,[1] there are currently no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, and households headed by same-sex couples are ineligible for the legal protections available to opposite-sex couples. The age of consent has been the same for same-sex relations as for heterosexual relations since 2003, and homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in 1999. Transsexuals have been able to change their legal gender since 1997.

History[edit] Current situation[edit] The age of consent currently stands at 16 since 2003, regardless of sexual orientation.Transsexual and transgender people can change their legal gender after corresponding medical procedures since 1997. Obama, Fry raise gay rights as key Sochi issue. Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Spelled Out in Plain English. On June 30 this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill banning the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors," thus opening a new, dark chapter in the history of gay rights in Russia.

Russia's Anti-Gay Law, Spelled Out in Plain English

The law caps a period of ferocious activities by the Russian government aimed at limiting the rights of the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. The violations of fundamental, constitutionally protected rights of Russia’s gay citizens have included multiple bans on gay pride parades in Moscow and other cities, hefty fines to gay rights groups accused of acting as a “foreign agent,” denial of registration to nongovernmental organizations, and regional laws banning the propaganda of homosexuality to minors, which served as a basis for the federal law enacted by Mr. Putin and unanimously passed by the State Duma.

Against this backdrop, violent attacks on gays or “suspect gays” are becoming commonplace. The cornerstone of Mr. Huh? Macbeth. Gyarapodási jegyzék, 2013. szeptember. AnglisztikanappaliBA1213. Handout-ok angolos nappalis óráimhoz - Almási Zsolt. Schwarz1. Genderfuck. A genderfuck, or gender fuck or gender-fuck, is the conscious or unconscious effort to mock or "fuck with" traditional notions of gender identity, gender roles, and gender presentation which assume that one's identity, role and orientation is determined by one's sex assigned at birth.[1] This activity has also been called genderbending.[2] Traditional notions of gender assume that one will identify, act and appear in accordance with normative values of masculinity and femininity depending on one's biological sex.


Genderfucking can also fall under the umbrella of the transgender spectrum, which includes a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups that tend to deviate from the traditional gender expectations, although genderfuck and transgender are not synonymous. Trans man Max Wolf Valerio points out that "the conflation of genderfuck Into the transmovement has confused and eroded authentic transsexual voices. History[edit] The term starts to appear in written documents in the 1970s.

Beyond binary definitions of gender: Acknowledging the third gender in Africa. Persistent and unmistakable ‘third’ or alternative gender subcultures have always existed in one form or another.(2) There are examples from across the world, such as the ‘mahu’ and ‘aikane’ of Polynesia, the ‘berdache’ of Native American tribes, the ‘sekhet’ of prehistoric Egypt, the ‘eunouchos’ of ancient Greece and Rome, the ‘saris’ of the Israelites and the ‘mu’omin’ or ‘trusted men’ of the Syrians.

Beyond binary definitions of gender: Acknowledging the third gender in Africa

Whittle, Stephen. “Gender Fucking or Fucking Gender?” Volcano, Della Grace and Indra Windh. “Genderfusion” Gender terrorism? Transgender and transsexual difference. Trans_Youth_Pamphlet. Gender Stereotypes - Changes in People's Thoughts. - Share research. Genderfuck and Ignorance. With amplifying the discomfort normative culture experiences from the androgyn.

Genderfuck and Ignorance

Rather thangender identities existing on a spectrum (however forward thinking even this would be),genderfuck exemplifies the unreality of gender essentialism in a tangible way. Genderfuck destroys the notion that gender identity is within a person, as Indra Windh explains: “Perhapsgender happens between bodies, not within them.” PlanetOut and the Dichotomies of Queer Media Conglomeration. Documents in Intersexuality. "Fixer Asach Quinn is bored and jaded on Makkasar. Librarian Colchis Barthes is winding down his career on Sparta.

Governor Jackson is corrupt and scheming on Maxroy's Purchase. Seer Laurel Courter is young and determined. Splintered by distance, competing visions, and outside rivalries, New Utah is forgotten and alone in a remote backwater of Imperial space. Its residents, busy scratching a living from alien soil beyond the Coal Sack nebula, don't even know they've been designated as an "Outworld. " Thirty-five years ago, the Moties made first contact with the Second Empire of Man. New Utah's fate depends upon meeting the Empire with one, united voice. "While faithful to the premises of The Mote in God's Eye, Outies takes a fresh look at that universe from the fringes of the Second Empire of Man. " --- Larry Niven.