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Star Trek 09

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You Remind Me, a star trek: 2009 fanfic. AN: This is a strange 5 and 1, it's slightly absent minded and might be a bit confusing but it would not leave my head.

You Remind Me, a star trek: 2009 fanfic

It is set in the Bedtime Stories Universe (although it is technically a sort of AU of my own AU, if that makes any sense). This is implied/light McCoy/Kirk or McKirk since I just couldn't help myself. I do however promise that the pairing for the original Bedtime Stories has not changed as it still remains Kirk/Spock. Warnings: Angst, implied abuse and neglect, and once again implied/light McKirk!

You Remind Me Or The five times a memory kept someone from really seeing Jim and the one person who learns to look past everything else and see him. 1. In the beginning Winona didn't want to hate her son, she really didn't. There was just something about him that had unsettled her since he was a toddler. It'd changed though, the day she'd found him reading on his own, no older than two and already able to exist and function on such a high level. It had been gratifying in a way. 2.

Words, a Star Trek: 2009 fanfic. Title: WordsAuthor: miss_m_cricket on LivejournalFandom: Star Trek Reboot!

Words, a Star Trek: 2009 fanfic

Pairing: Jim Kirk/Bones McCoyRating: Pg-13Disclaimer: You think I own any of this? Nuts, you are. A/N: For eldritchhorrors who requested Kirk with a terminal illness, and a Bones who knows about it. And for blcwriter and charlies_dragon who seconded the prompt. Summary: If anyone could save him it would be Bones, the man he loved, the man he had never told he loved, the man who understood him better than anyone else in the world..... Words You can't keep living as if you are dying. Archive of Our Own » works index.


What the Heart Sees. What the Heart Sees A Kirk/Bones one-shot of doom Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: I do not, in any way, own any part of Star Trek Notes: So.

What the Heart Sees

I've posted my Bleach fanfic here and then (bad fan-girl that I am) went of to the shiny new Star Trek fandom, went SQUEE and I've been frolicking happy in the LiveJournal communities ever since. The Fic. What the Heart Sees If all diplomatic missions could go this well Kirk will be a happy captain. "Thank you again, for your hospitality, B'Teng.

" "It was our pleasure, truly! " "The Federation would enjoy that as well. " "Of course! "It's been a long time since Earth, my own planet, has had separate and sovereign countries. " The entire time Kirk spoke, B'Teng's expression hadn't changed, except for a slight softening of his eyes. "It is the way of those just born, to rend their own hearts open and bleeding. " "Thank you. " "Ah! He stage whispers the last part, though there's no one around to 'accidentally' overhear, then throws his head back and laughs. "Good. "... Soft Yet Intense. Title: Soft Yet Intense Summary: After the events of the film, McCoy comes to realise he thinks of Jim as more than just a friend.

Soft Yet Intense

One-shot. Shoreleave. Even Me. Leonard wasn't originally rooming with Jim.

Even Me

For the first month they were at the academy they had other roommates. Leonard hadn't minded his, though he was way too damn hyperactive and chatty, and as far as he knew, Jim hadn't had any troubles with his roommate either. He was obviously wrong about that, as would become a theme over the course of their friendship. One day, Jim showed up at his dorm room with a serious scowl on his face and he asked—because at that point Jim still asked for things once in a while—if he could come in. The chatty roommate was there as Jim took a seat on Leonard's bed as he was prone to do when he visited. "What's the matter with you, Jim? " Blue eyes looked up at him and his stubbled jaw was clenching. CMO Confidential. A/N: I have decided to re-upload this story, after editing each chapter in order to tie in more closely with Lead Me To Your Door, which is meant to be a sequel of sorts.

CMO Confidential

It was my first fanfic ever, and it needed a little reworking. So...enjoy! Comments appreciated. "Give me a break, Bones. I'm busy here. " McCoy grunted. McCoy could hear the tension in his tone. McCoy sighed. Jim hated doctors. A Marked Man. Warnings: implied past abuse, K/Mc Author's Notes: Parts of this was inspired by inell's wonderful epic Men & A Motorbike.

A Marked Man

One scar in particular came from her. Thank you inell for your blessing! Five of Kirk's scars he didn't want to talk about, and the one time he told someone. V. "Ouch. " Jim looked up at the comment and fought a grimace from breaking free. Hand to Hand class was outdoors today and left them all sweaty, sweaty enough that Jim's black undershirt was soaked by the time he was done with demonstrations.