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Centersource is a true end-to-end supply-chain automation platform built by industry professionals with significant global experience.

Digitalization vs Digitization – All You Need to Know as a Wood Exporter. The twenty-first century is all about going digital, especially now, when the world is recovering from the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Digitalization vs Digitization – All You Need to Know as a Wood Exporter

Businesses are struggling to get their footing back in the industry and reach the targeted clientele who are probably sitting at home in front of their screens, working, instead of going out. What started from the simple transition of telephones to smartphones and handwritten letters to instant messages or emails, have now taken a turn for the better and become a medium for people to interact and run their business on without any glitches. In lieu of this situation, there are two terms that come to the fore – digitization and digitalization. Often confused and used interchangeably, each of them has its distinct meanings.

What are they? How Can the WTO Law Affect Cross-Border Data Flows for Exporter Business. Digital trade, over the years, has taken a more serious turn than simply being an abstract idea.

How Can the WTO Law Affect Cross-Border Data Flows for Exporter Business

It includes flows of data that might not be linked to any specific service and have multiple flows, even across borders. The estimates for global bandwidth use reflect an annual growth rate of around 40% between the years 2009 and 2013 (as per Tele Geography, 2015). Studies also show that the data transfers were around 45-times larger in the year 2014 than in 2005. This has radically changed the picture of global trade, and the same has started to depend majorly on the free cross-border movement of data. It can be represented by an estimated contribution of $2.8 trillion to global economic activity or around 3.5% of the global GDP (as per MGI, 2016).

Timber Exchange Platform - Demand & Supply tool - Exporter Point of View. How to Go Paperless with an Electronic Bill of Lading? Business owners who trade across international borders have found ways to work through their processes with limited assistance from the respective governments.

How to Go Paperless with an Electronic Bill of Lading?

In this context, a range of devices has enabled owners to effectively interact, build contracts, allocate risks, and help to secure their interests while dealing with various counterparties. One such medium is the bill of lading, which has been in use since 1794. Every delivery in logistics involves paperwork. How API is used in Supply Chain Management. Introduction to Advance Cargo Information (ACI) System of Egypt. Is Going Paperless with an Electronic Bill of Lading the Future? Who we are is the result of the sheer number of habits we form over the years.

Is Going Paperless with an Electronic Bill of Lading the Future?

Logistics form a crucial part of our daily life, and under the subject, every freight delivery requires a lot of paperwork. These include the documentation of all the aspects that form the core functionality of the delivery. Reshaping Forestry Trade with Digitalization. The ongoing digitization is transforming the business environment in a variety of different industries.

Reshaping Forestry Trade with Digitalization

As a result, business manufacturers are gaining more competitive advantages by implementing these emerging technologies and new digital solutions. While the digital revolution has changed most industries, its influence on the forestry trade has been comparatively limited. So far the industry stayed behind the others in investing into the digital transformation. But now, that seems to be changing. Centersource Technologies - How to Negotiate an Offer. Implementation of ACI System Is Postponed till October 1st, 2021. Centersource Technologies - The Integrated Partner to CargoX. The supply chain industry is a complicated, multi-faceted process that entails everything starting from warehouse activities to logistics.

Centersource Technologies - The Integrated Partner to CargoX

In today’s supply chain management process, business functions require more flexible processes, innovative provisioning systems to scale their operations that necessitate real-time information and intelligence. To aid the increasing supply chain pain points, the industry is now presented with an opportunity for innovation and collaboration with digital solutions in the timber logistics sector. Let’s scroll through it. Timber.Exchange platform - Demand & Supply. Benefits of using Supply Chain software. The global economy is constantly changing and so is the way of managing businesses.

Benefits of using Supply Chain software

In the time of digital transformation, which one could argue that we are in now, it is a key factor for companies to use state-of-the-art solutions in order to stay competitive. In the recent years many different supply chain SaaS has appeared, and it is very logical since supply chain management (SCM) is a very wide concept in which many parts are typically managed very primitively.

Administration of logistics and sales are two areas that have been falling behind other areas in digital development of supply chain software. G7 Approves Global Trade Digitization. On 29th of June 2021, the G7 members voted to approve a new law - Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDT) Version 1.0, which is to be implemented by the 1st of October 2021.

G7 Approves Global Trade Digitization

Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDT) is a game-changing law that lays down a high-level framework outlining obligations, rules, and standards for the digitization of trade finance. This has been welcomed as a great step forward in the trade digitization process towards complete digitization of global trade. Currently, paper-based transactions are still used in the majority of the international transactions resulting in high costs, delays, inefficiency, fraud and error.

In addition, it carries a negative environmental impact. Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) reports that currently, only 0.1% of the total volume of global Bill of Lading documents are issued electronically. Shape The Future of Logistics Using Centersource’s API Container Tracking. Cargo owners across the world face common challenges when it comes to container transportation services.

Shape The Future of Logistics Using Centersource’s API Container Tracking

Multimodal container transportation often looks like a black box, and containers are lost from sight until they arrive at the destination point. These problems occur mostly due to the inappropriate estimated time of arrival (ETA) data. It specifically happens when ETAs change and logistics owners are not updated about it. Centersource Technologies - The Integrated Partner to CargoX. Centersource Technologies - How to Invite a Colleague. How a Digitalized Future Affects Sourcing Strategy? Digital procurement will automate many repetitive tasks in order to cut costs and increase efficiency in the near future.

How a Digitalized Future Affects Sourcing Strategy?

Sourcing strategies and many high-level decisions will be increasingly based on analysis of data that is conducted by artificial intelligence. A common belief is that operational jobs will suffer more than jobs of a strategic nature as machines and software get smarter, but there is no consensus on that in the scientific community and many factors are actually pointing to the contrary. There is some consensus though, that specific company functions such as procurement, exporting, sales and operational planning are limited by people's cognitive abilities, but in the future, everything will be better aligned - even to the degree that those functions no longer can be expressed as “specific” since everything is connected and therefore should be considered in the entirety.

Advance Cargo Information Declaration - Egypt Customs Regulation. Rapid digitization is causing tectonic shifts in the supply chain sector across industries. These advancements are aimed at transforming the way supply chains function and deliver value. In accordance with new digital procurement strategies, the new Egyptian customs law - Advance Cargo Information declaration is becoming mandatory for all Egyptian import shipments. The law is effective from the 1st of July 2021, after which ACID Egypt regulation will be strictly mandatory for all import consignments.

Centersource Technologies - Invite and Manage Colleagues. New Egyptian Regulation On Electronic Documents. Egyptian Ministry of Finance (Customs Authority) activate article 39 of customs law 207 of 2020 and issue decree 38 of 2021. Which requires a unique customs registration number (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACI) for each incoming shipment imported into Egypt that must be included on all shipping documents.

The ACI system is based on making the shipment data available to Egyptian customs before shipping from the country of export. Steps to follow for shipment registration. Centersource Technologies - Avoid Blank Sailings Through Analysis. Digital Supply Chain with Circular Economy Heading Towards Remarkable Business. Centersource Technologies - Track All Your Shipments in ONE Place. The Power of RFID Technology in Logistics. What is RFID RFID technology has been created as far ago as 1973, however it has only recently gained widespread commercial popularity reaching a market value of over $10 billion and is believed to become ubiquitous in the next decade.

At its core, RFID is a data collection technology that can scan multiple sources at once in an instant. Similar to the well-known barcode scanning systems, but without the manual labour limitations involved. Transaction Costs in International Trade and Logistics. Complexity of International Trade and Logistics International trade and logistics are extraordinarily complex to administer and execute. Different countries and regions have differences in policy that companies must adhere to, whilst different customers require different services.

There is a huge amount of information needed by a variety of people during the process of making deals that have to be coordinated and communicated. Prices and volumes need to be agreed upon, freight has to be arranged, trade partners have to create and approve documents, check quality of products and provide customer service. For someone not familiar with the fields of international trade and logistics, it may appear as an endless chain of events without any proper structure or standard procedures to apply - which is, to some extent, true in some supply chains. Digital Transformation and What it Means for Forestry Industry and Global Supply Chains. The current situation In 2019 Centersource has completed a survey amongst a number of companies that collectively export, transport or import over nine million cubic meters of lumber materials annually.

We have asked these companies if they were satisfied with the work tools currently available to them. Recommendations for Creating Value with BI/Analytics in the Supply Chain. Centersource Technologies - Analyzing Trade Flow. How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration. The Case for Industrial Digital Data Sharing and How to Decrease Risk by Linking Transparency, Compliance and Accountability. Managing Supply Chain Blind-Spots. Centersource Technologies, Täby - 183 34, Stockholm, Sweden. Centersource - Supply Chain Automation & Collaboration, advert 2020.

The Case for Digitization of the Forestry Industry. Centersource Technologies - Supply Chain Automation & Collaboration.