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Centersource Technologies

Centersource is a true end-to-end supply-chain automation platform built by industry professionals with significant global experience.

Digital Transformation and What it Means for Forestry Industry and Global Supply Chains. The current situation In 2019 Centersource has completed a survey amongst a number of companies that collectively export, transport or import over nine million cubic meters of lumber materials annually.

Digital Transformation and What it Means for Forestry Industry and Global Supply Chains

We have asked these companies if they were satisfied with the work tools currently available to them. As a result, over 90% have replied with a definitive “No”. In forestry in particular and within global trade in general, a significant amount of work is already digitalised or automated to various degrees. For example, the business processes of tendering raw materials, production and sorting. Until recently, companies have been heavily focused on optimising the early stages of the supply chain, which has left the areas of export and logistics uncovered by the digital transformation and automation.

What is a digital workplace? Today, the physical office is not where the work gets done anymore. What are the impacts of the change? Who will the change affect? Recommendations for Creating Value with BI/Analytics in the Supply Chain. If you are a supply chain professional you probably already know this: Building analytics solutions that produce actual value is usually a very complex endeavor which requires a lot of thought, time and effort.

Recommendations for Creating Value with BI/Analytics in the Supply Chain

The main reason is that the data you need to consolidate to get value is typically very fragmented and lives in multiple data sources, both internally, externally (at suppliers/customers) and in between (e.g. forwarders, agents, etc.). Meanwhile, some data might not be accessible at all. How do you build a complete supply chain analytics solution that lets you access, integrate and analyze all this data at the same time? Based on my 12 years of experience in the Analytics world, I would say you probably shouldn’t try to do that… Going for a “big bang” complete solution almost always fails and not only in supply chain projects. Below are my top 5 recommendations based on my own work in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics: 1) Step-by-step development Is it quantifiable?

Centersource Technologies - Analyzing Trade Flow. How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration. Because of coronavirus, we now face the biggest challenge in living memory to business continuity and coordination.

How to Maintain Business Continuity and Coordination During Crisis through Smart Tools, Automation and Integration

This is a challenge for any organization, but it may be particularly challenging for industries with global supply-chains and large partner networks. So, when everybody across the supply-chains works remotely - how can you coordinate it? This is actually exactly why we built Centersource, out of frustration with the lack of overview of the supply-chain, lack of efficiency of emails and lack of automated processes. It was built to offer virtual supply-chain collaboration and automation for large organizations and their networks so all could keep up to date from office, home, during travel and remove risk should anybody quit or become ill. During these times it is especially important to oversee progress, obligations, deviations, find most affordable freight costs and start new business.

Scenario 1: Scenario 2: Contact for platform demo and free trial. The Case for Industrial Digital Data Sharing and How to Decrease Risk by Linking Transparency, Compliance and Accountability. Companies are only as proactive, effective and organised as the employees they have and the tools available to them.

The Case for Industrial Digital Data Sharing and How to Decrease Risk by Linking Transparency, Compliance and Accountability

Having worked in the industry for almost a decade and having worked globally with many companies of all sizes, including the largest, I noticed that they all share the exact same problems and suboptimal processes. The most prominent being that existing software doesn’t integrate producers with their industrial-buyers, automate processes or cover the final steps of the supply-chain - Which is why we have built Centersource.

Managing Supply Chain Blind-Spots. The importance of effective logistics management is well known in industries all over the world.

Managing Supply Chain Blind-Spots

Production and production-related processes are often highly effective with a high level of automation. Even though there is a high level of automation in production, the level of automation in administration of sales and external logistics is low in general. Many businesses are struggling with the heavy and complex administrative burden that comes with international shipments and therefore discouraged to expand to new markets.

Logistics regarding information is often neglected and focus is typically found on the flows of goods, however, effective logistics can never be the ultimate goals in business and that is where supply chain management (SCM) complements logistics management. SCM is a concept that has a well-defined customer focus, which must be the drive of all change within a company and outside a company to create interorganizational synergies. Centersource Technologies. Centersource Technologies, Täby - 183 34, Stockholm, Sweden. Centersource - Supply Chain Automation & Collaboration, advert 2020. The Case for Digitization of the Forestry Industry. My father started his company in the forestry industry exactly forty-five years ago.

The Case for Digitization of the Forestry Industry

Back then typewriters, mail, calculators and telex (which was later replaced by fax) were the main tools required to conduct business. Due to language barriers and geographic distance, trading-houses were engaged as an outsourced export department, whose main task was to manage orders, oversee the supply-chain, open markets, provide financial security, ensure compliance and organize logistics. Despite the advancement of technology surprisingly little has actually changed in global trade and most of all in the forestry industry. Essentially computers and the software within them are just quicker versions of the same old tools like typewriters, fax, calculators and mail.

The conveniences of modern technology have not delivered on automation of processes or their elimination to global companies. Centersource Technologies - Supply Chain Automation & Collaboration.