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Metier à tissus galon

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Accueil. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Meet My Family of Inkle Looms. Ashford Inklette- The cutest of inkle looms.

Meet My Family of Inkle Looms

I like this one because it is small enough to fit easily on my lap and can be held between my knees. I can even weave while riding in a car. Because of it's petite size, there is not a lot of clearance and it feels awkward for my hands to work within such a small space and narrow shed opening. Also, I am used to using a lot of tension and am always afraid of breaking it. But I find it nice for weaving really narrow things like the silk ribbon and stampede straps that I have been making. Schacht- I have 3 of these. Northwest- Beautifully crafted of walnut. Homemade- This loom is as sturdy as all get out and heavy, too. Homemade- (Shown here with the Schacht for size comparison.) My brilliant husband pointed out that it would have been nice to have something for scale in each photo. Other looms have come and gone from my life. The beauty of the inkle loom above all others, I think is the ease of setup.

August 2010. Handspinning and handweaving have evolved from a necessity to a labour of choice.

August 2010

It is a hobby for some and a form of artistic expression for all. The tools that we use have evolved as well. The primative spindle evolved into great granny's walking wheel then it was reborn in the 60's and 70's as the Indian head spinner. Back then, we created thick and often lumpy wool yarn that screamed handspun. Coarse woven ponchos that weighed a ton were in style along with macrame belts and tie dyed cloth. We've come a long way since the 70's.

Now we can create fine plied fibres using natural and synthetic materials. Weaving also evolved. Sometimes simple is still the best choice whether it is a drop spindle that you can take anywhere or an ancient inkle loom for making a strap. Design software is one tool that I just love. The recent popularity in copper pipe tapestry looms reminds me that often the tools we use are also a labour of love for the people that make them.

Rolling On One » Blog Archive » Inkle Loom Plan. Someone left a comment recently asking if I had a plan for an inkle loom.

Rolling On One » Blog Archive » Inkle Loom Plan

I didn’t then, but I do now. An inkle loom is good for weaving narrow pieces of fabric up to about four feet long, or longer if you build it with more zigzags than the one in this plan — I mean more dowels sticking out from the uprights for the warp to zigzag between. Anyway, one like this is good for weaving belts, guitar straps, handbag straps, decorative trim for clothing, etc. Recommended material for this one is fir porch stepping, nominal 5/4 inch thick (tell the people at the lumber yard “five quarter fir porch stepping”) cut to about 2 1/4 inches wide, edges rounded off.

The plan came out with dimensions in decimals of an inch. The hardest part of this plan is boring a hole straight through the tension block. OK, here’s the plan. Tissage aux cartons. Métier à tisser galon - metier à tisser les galons pour la maison. Je ne sais pas trop où mettre ça donc on va dire que accessoire inspiration, c'est ok. deux plateaux de chène, un peu d'érable, quelques "gros" outils incontournables (tour, rabot/dégau, scie ruban, ...) , puis environ 10h plus tard : Le bati est en chêne et les rouleaux en érable (pour mieux glisser).

métier à tisser galon - metier à tisser les galons pour la maison

En gros, c'est un métier assez versatile qui peut se séparer en deux parties (cf. photo 3) pour faire des galons courts ou bien longs. En config courte, il suffit de détacher la partie arrière et de faire passer les fils par dessus le premier rouleau. En config longue, les fils passent par dessous le premier rouleau et vont par dessus le deuxième, qui est au choix, celui du haut ou bien celui du milieu de l'espèce d'échelle. Dans tous les cas, la fin des fils est attachée à des émerillons eux-mêmes attachés à des lests. Le métier fait 1,5m, histoire de tenir sur une table classique. Bientôt, j'espère, des photos avec le métier monté. Xooimage.