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Steven Greenly is an online phone unlocking company. We offer unlock codes for all devices, including iPhone, Motorola, LG, and Blackberry. Looking for Samsung unlock code? Contact us! Small businesses looking for bulk order discounts and other special offers may also contact us. Fastest turnaround time. Cheapest price assured. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Wondering how to unlock a Samsung phone? Call us at 1-800-707-9807 for live help. Or, visit us at

Unlock Samsung – Fast, Safe, Comfortable. Unlock your Samsung phone today with our official unlock codes.

Unlock Samsung – Fast, Safe, Comfortable offers a fast and simple service to getting your unlock code. Your 8 digit unlock code will be emailed to you, 100% guaranteed or money back! We provide unlock codes for all GSM carriers Worldwide like AT&T, T-mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell, Vodafone, Orange and much more. Select from the most popular Samsung models above or choose from the full list to the right. If you don’t see your Samsung model listed, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Why unlock with You can use SIM cards from different carriers using the same device! Here are the instructions for Samsung phones (Instructions will also be emailed with the Unlock Code): Insert a SIM card from another carrier and restart your phoneOnce finished loading, your phone will ask you for the “SIM Network Unlock PIN” or “Network Lock Control Key”.Enter the Samsung Network Unlock Code (8 Digit Network Code).

Unlocking an iPhone: Do’s And Don’ts. If an iPhone is purchased directly from an Apple store, it comes in the ‘unlocked version.’

Unlocking an iPhone: Do’s And Don’ts

In other cases, Apple usually puts a software code on the iPhone as per the requirement of the carrier intended to sell the device. The code or lock ensures that the phone can be used only by the operator’s network. If the consumer decides to use another network, a different software code needs to be entered to unlock the device. The iPhone can be thus re-provisioned by putting in a new SIM card from the new carrier. Many people are still confused regarding the legalities and technicalities involved in the iPhone unlocking process. Unlocking V/s. Apple has a policy that the customers shouldn’t intentionally compromise their product, as they tend to break their iPhones by disrupting its Operating System. Unlocking is done to remove carrier restrictions allowing users to switch service providers.

iPhone v/s Other Smartphones Other legal ways of Unlocking. Understanding the Features of iPhone 7. For a regular iPhone 6 or 6S user, the features of the Apple iPhone 7 will seem more attractive.

Understanding the Features of iPhone 7

Here are a few features that differ a bit from previous versions and are more user-friendly and secure. A New Interface The iPhone 7 has a convenient control center. An upward drag from the bottom of the screen helps to quickly open commonly used functions like Wi-Fi, AirDrop, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity. One can’t help but notice that a capacitive sensor now takes over the missing Home button. The next most-used icon of the little camera on the lock screen is also missing.

In the absence of the Home button, to reset, one has to hold down the power button and the Volume Down button on the opposite side at the same time. Helpful Features Changed your mind about sending a text message? Another feature helps you receive notification alerts across the room. Unlock Samsung Galaxy. T-Mobile and MetroPCS Customers: Your device will utilize the "Device Unlock" application on your device instead of the code.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy

Please make sure this application is present on your device. Your unlock will be processed electronically for you to use that application. This is how to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy On5 cell phone from any GSM network such as Telus, Rogers, Bell and AT&T. How To Unlock a Phone Using The T-Mobile Unlock App. Are you frustrated that your phone won’t work with another network carrier?

How To Unlock a Phone Using The T-Mobile Unlock App

You can now unlock your phone using our T-Mobile unlock app. Unlocking your device is now legal and allowed in the United States. Benefits of unlocking your mobile device: If your device is no longer locked into T-Mobile, you’ll be free to use it on any carrier.You save on roaming charges by being able to purchase a local SIM card while traveling abroad.You will truly own your phone and be able to use it without restrictions.Your phone’s resale value will increase because anyone will be able to use it, regardless of their chosen carrier.

Unlocking is a safe and easy process that carries no risk of damage to your phone. How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Fast And Secure? How To Unlock an AT&T or T-Mobile Phone. While some devices are sold unlocked so that people can use them with any carrier, the majority of phones are sold SIM-locked.

How To Unlock an AT&T or T-Mobile Phone

If a device is locked it can only be used through one particular carrier. Let’s assume you’ve purchased a phone from AT&T and have chosen a plan. It’s not as easy as you might think to switch over to T-Mobile or another service provider.