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Forums - Comprehensive resource for music production and DJ equipment. - the producer network. Tom Cosm. The Daily DIY Guide To The New Music Landscape. Audio Geek Zine. — Steve Lawson: Bass 2.0 — the soundtrack to the day you wish you'd had. New Music Strategies. Music of Sound. I’ve had three different threads of ideas crossover in different ways today – all related, but from different angles… In reverse order, this from Marc at Disquiet made me smile: I’m very sure you could do the exact same with film scores – in fact it is the curse of the temp score.

Music of Sound

With the film I recently scored, One Thousand Ropes, I was blessed that the director did not want a temp score at all – he was happy to edit without music until such time as original music was available. Comparatively I worked on a film (as sound designer) a few years back where the temp score was so good the music editors had basically made it impossible for the poor composer to do better, borrowing from 50+ years of iconic film scores to pastiche a genius but irrepalceable score.

So in some ways these are the extremes of references wth film scores, from zero(ish) to infinity! This idea really appeals to me strongly: to attempt to create work with no pre-exisitng model or reference. Home Studio Corner. Wire to the ear.

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