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Test de franais langue trangre et seconde. Ressources en ligne - Accueil. Damian Cooper - Talk About Assessment. Effective assessment is the key to student learning. This concept is at the centre of Talk About Assesment, a comprehensive resource that speaks directly to the classroom teacher.

The text resource is divided into two sections. In the first section, author Damian Cooper explores the best practices in assessment. An accompanying DVD brings these best practices to life in a series of 10 powerful video clips that feature teachers and their students in real situations. The second section of Talk About Assessment features dozens of customizable and reproducible tools that teachers can use immediately in their classroom. For quick and easy classroom use, these tools are also included on an accompanying CD-ROM and a comprehensive web site, which includes video clips, student samples, and recommended reading. Unit Planning Templates(Word Files to SupportTALK ABOUT ASSESSMENT) Assessment that guides instruction is the key to effective student learning.

Internet Catalogue. Do You Check for Understanding Often Enough with Students? A few months ago, I wrote for Edutopia.org about the power of focusing on a few, high-priority standards as a strategy to improve student learning. Many other elements also need to be in play in a classroom in order to produce the results that we all want to see for our students. To name just a few: The learning environment needs to be one in which students feel respected and safe to take risks; kids need to feel that their learning has a purpose and that the curriculum is relevant to their lives; and students need feedback on their progress -- they need to know what they're trying to accomplish, where they are in relation to the goal, and what they need to do in order to get there.

It is the teacher's role to make sure this happens. The Multi-Tasking Teacher Although to be an effective teacher it often feels like you need to be one of those Hindu gods with a dozen arms, I believe that educators do need to hold standards and objectives in one hand and formative assessments in the other. Rubrics. High Tech High Digital Portfolios. Internet Catalogue. Quality Rubrics / Home.