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La nicx de Nicollie pour faire court ~ ~ Blog. In de vorige tutorial staat de uitleg om een granny square te haken.

La nicx de Nicollie pour faire court ~ ~ Blog

Als je er twee hebt gehaakt, ben je nu klaar voor het maken van het granny square portemonneetje! :DSee the earlier tutorial on how to make a granny square. When you’ve made two, you’re now ready to make a granny square purse! Granny square portemonneetjeGranny square purse Benodigdheden: - katoen (geschikt voor haaknaald 5) - haaknaald 5 - schaar - (stop)naald - 2 gehaakte granny squares volgens de tutorial van het berichtje hieronder - een portemonneetjessluiting van metaal, breedte 7,5 cm. - (wol)vilt - lijm, geschikt voor stof en metaal (bijv. Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern .....Part 1. Hi there!

Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern .....Part 1

It's been a while! I seem to have lost my grip on my blogging mojo recently, over a week since a post, so sorry, but I have been trying to create a post that has been niggling at me for a while, and a few nice ladies had asked about this, and it has taken alot of my spare blogging time to figure it all out, but here goes....... .......... Revisiting the Granny Mandala….


Revisiting the Granny Mandala….

I hope you’re all having a fabulous week!! I certainly am and it is very much due to the amazing and beautiful sunny weather we are STILL having! It seems that summer has arrived early and it is just the best! I’m pleased to announce that my creative slump is officially over! I noticed that today as I was leaving the house for work, I had an urge ‘make’ which I am sure was directly related to the fact that I couldn’t!

I’ve been contemplating my Granny Circles for a while now, and decided that it is time to re-do that tutorial, as since I first had a play with making the circle back in August, I’ve learned a few new techniques and stitches, and I like the way I’ve been doing the centres lately much more… they’re not as ‘squished,’ so I decided to do up a brand spanking new tutorial! Soooooooooooooo………. Le monde de Sucrette's blog. My creative space for today is square number11 from my Granny MONSTER: For more creative spaces, click here. and you can add your own creative space every Thursday :) (Thank you Kootoyoo!)

Le monde de Sucrette's blog

Have a beautiful day! Kisses, Sucrette Posted in Granny MONSTER, My creative space | 6 Comments » Hello everybody! How are you feeling today? Simple Sunburst Crochet Heart Tutorial. Hello Lovelies, we are enjoying a quiet half term week here , I've been busy spring cleaning and reorganizing.

Simple Sunburst Crochet Heart Tutorial

But I've also taken the opportunity to write out another tutorial for you . My original Sunburst Granny Heart , which I posted last spring has turned out to be one of my most popular patterns. That's quite a complicated design though, with many different stitches . In this version my aim was to simplify things and also to create a solid version, suitable for stuffing......... What do you think ? Here goes with the tutorial...lots of pictures and tips as usual ......enjoy :0) I'm again using U.S. terms and you start by making a modified sunburst granny circle. Hello again, here goes with round 4....starting to develop the heart shape. In the next stitch make 1 hdc......... 1 dc in each of the next 2 stitches........ In the next stitch make 2 dc.......... followed by 1 dc in the next stitch and 2 dc in the following stitch.........

Then it's time to make the second "bump". 9 x Granny Squares! ChOuette un tutO - .CéLINE FACTORY. ChOuette ou HibOu au crOchet, voici le TutO Vous l'avez vu là, sous forme de guirlande on peut en faire une broche, une barrette, un appliqué... vous avez sûrement tout plein d'idées !

ChOuette un tutO - .CéLINE FACTORY.

Housse de Tabouret enfant Mandala - Tuto DIY - Mardi 20 mars 2012 2 20 /03 /Mars /2012 00:00 Quoi de mieux pour fêter le premier jour du printemps que de ressortir un tabouret enfant Ik* relégué au sous-sol (un peu trop plastique !

Housse de Tabouret enfant Mandala - Tuto DIY -

Brrr !)... Pour le colorer... lui donner une seconde chance !... En lui confectionnant sur mesure une housse Mandala ! Fournitures : des cotons à tricoter en 2,5/3,5 (les mêmes que j'utilise dans la plupart de mes créations dinette !) L'idée, je l'ai vu chez Casey alias Plus 3 crochet ! Mandala adapté en Housse de Tabouret au crochet R1 :Commencez par monter un cercle magique (tuto vidéo clic clic là) puis 3ma (pour une première bride) puis 1bd (bd pour bride), répétez ensuite 1ma et 2 brides pour avoir 6 espaces "creux" au total, fermez le rang par 1mc (mc ie maille coulée), en profiter pour arrêter votre fil en tirant le fil qui passe dans votre maille coulée.

Granny Tissue Box Tutorial. Granny Tissue Box Cover Tutorial 8ply yarn. 3.5mm crochet hook.

Granny Tissue Box Tutorial

Wool needle. Scissors. Tissue Box 12cmD x 21.5cmL x 8.5 cmH This pattern is in English crocheting terms. English Abbreviations: sl st - slip stitch ch - chain dc - double crochet.