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La religion

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La religion / article de Couleurs d’Istanbul, 2014. La Religion / article de Fantasy au Petit-Déjeuner. La religion / article de Feu sur le quartier général ! La religion / article de Frontier Partisans, 2014. For most of the 15th and 16th centuries, the most important frontier in the world was the bloody sword’s edge that divided Christian Europe and the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

La religion / article de Frontier Partisans, 2014

The epic, centuries-spanning struggle reached a savage peak when the forces of the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent attempted to take the Mediterranean isle of Malta, the bastion of the Order of the Knights of St. John — known simply as The Religion. The Knights were warrior-monks of the first order. La religion / article d’

Yet he also saw his first novel, Bad City Blues, swallowed up by the collapse of Robert Maxwell's publishing empire when its publication date with a Maxwell imprint coincided with the death of the pension-fund plundering tycoon.

La religion / article d’

It took another six years for it to make it into bookshops. The medical career that he ran in parallel with his writing and producing exploits became mired in controversy in the late 1990s when he and colleagues from London's Stapleford Clinic for treating drug addicts were investigated for misconduct by the General Medical Council. Willocks was eventually cleared, but the experience has led him to turn his back on medicine. And his screenplay for what admirers see as his masterpiece, Green River Rising, the original reason he went over to Hollywood, still has not, after "at least 25 rewrites", made it into production.

"It is a classic Hollywood tale," Willocks recounts, sitting forward edgily on his seat at Soho House, his London club. La religion / critique sur The book of worlds, 2014. May has been a slow blog-month partially due to work.

La religion / critique sur The book of worlds, 2014

I've also been away a bit, visiting my parents, and partially for that reason its been a slow playing-month (which has made for little blogging). What I have done more of, however, is reading and listening to podcasts. La religion / critique élogieuse d’Antoine de Caunes. La religion / François Verdoux, l'éditeur français (Sonatine) La naissance d'une maison En 2006, à l'âge de 51 ans, j'ai voulu monter une boîte d'édition avec un ami, passionné comme moi de polars, Arnaud Hofmarcher.

La religion / François Verdoux, l'éditeur français (Sonatine)

Nous nous étions connus aux éditions du Cherche-Midi. Venant du cinéma, je m'y occupais des droits audiovisuels. La religion / interview dans Libération, 2012. La Religion / SONATINE Editions. Traduit de l'anglais par Benjamin Legrand « Étourdissant.

La Religion / SONATINE Editions

Un voyage en enfer superbement maîtrisé. » James Ellroy « Un roman éclatant, puissant, brutal, poétique : un triomphe littéraire. » The New York Times. La Religion / très bonne critique de Christine Ferniot (Télérama) Malte, frontière de chrétienté (1530-1670) - Chapitre III. La mise en chantier des fortifications. P. 136-163 Pierre Toubert, « L’historien, sur la frontière », art. cit., p. 226.

Malte, frontière de chrétienté (1530-1670) - Chapitre III. La mise en chantier des fortifications

P. Toubert, « Frontière et frontières : un objet historique », art. cit., p. 16.