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Best Dot Net training institute in Bangalore for over 12 years.Up-to-date industry level syllabus.Live project experience certification.100% placement records.

Best Web designing course in Bangalore. Software testing course in bangalore. Soft Skills Training Institute Bangalore. With a rich industry experience spanning over 8+ years Cegonsoft understands that while Technical knowhow is of utmost importance, in any Software /IT Company, but it is only “One side of the Coin”.

Soft Skills Training Institute Bangalore

Our Program primarily focus on developing people skills and behavioral and inter personal aspects for any role in an organization Our Basic Soft Skill Training Programs Addressed The Following Aspects: → Corporate Etiquette. → Communication Skills. → Behavioral Skills. → Building a leader in you. → Interview skills. Seo training institute in bangalore. Python programming and python training institute in Bangalore. PHP training institute in Bangalore. Top Best top institute for open source training in Bangalore. Linux training institutes in bangalore. Job oriented IT Training center in Bangalore - Java training institute in Bangalore. Java is a programming language introduced in 1996 by Sun Microsystems.

java training institute in Bangalore

Since then, Java has gained enormous popularity due to its wide range of applicability in different platforms from small memory devices to mobile phones to PCs and servers to enterprise servers. Moreover, its design, plainness in writing a program, ability to run on any platform makes it the first choice of developers. Java started as the inspiration behind the evolution of the open source community and today it is the no.1 development platform with 8-9 millions apps running on it.

Most of its syntax has been derived from C and C++. An authorized property of ORACLE since 2010, the significance of Java can be estimated from its extensive use in mobile and desktop games to interactive applications like Google Maps. →Open Source and free →Fast, Stable and Secure →Supports almost all databases →Runs on different operating systems →Compatibility with almost all available servers. Job oriented live project scheme.

Rich internet applications technologies - Top Industrial visit in Bangalore. Engineering projects for students. CEGONSOFT PVT LTD, - Pioneers in Final Year Project training program, offers a complete Project Training as demanded by a college and an IT Company.

Engineering projects for students

Projects are handled in all technologies and we work towards meeting every deadline of a student diligently. What we offer are IT Projects that are acceptable in colleges and also in companies which are real time. Our faculty team is most available to work along with the students and offer a good project training assistance. Why Project From Cegonsoft? → Latest IEEE 2013 Projects. Best dot net framework and dot net training institute Bangalore. Microsoft.NET Framework was Microsoft’s newest addition in February 2002, initially developed to support applications running on the Windows operating system.

best dot net framework and dot net training institute Bangalore

But Microsoft made it accessible for development on third party platforms. This created a stable position for Dot Net in the area of web development. Campus placement in Bangalore. Top Call center jobs in Bangalore. India has seen tremendous progress in the last decade and continues the same trend even in these turbulent times of global economy.

Top Call center jobs in Bangalore

This has impacted a lot of domestic industries including the Domestic BPO market. Though, the domestic BPO market has been growing at a healthy pace in the past few years ( As shown in the graph - Courtesy NASSCOM ),it has seen turbulent times due to various market factors.. → Attrition → Dis-balance in Work Life Balance → Monotony at job leading to short term association only. → No work satisfaction → No career growth Days of Golden Glory Gone!!!!!!!!!! Beginning of the BPO era, it was noted very well that companies offered “Pizzas and pastries” to employees, lavish facilities and infrastructure support.

Current Reality Current context BPOs are no better than any regular employers, that extravaganza and charm is lost, no more job seekers/job hunters look for Call Center as Career, but as short term goal. Android training institutes in Bangalore. Android was launched in October 2003 by Android Inc., but later on it was acquired by Google making it a Google product.

android training institutes in Bangalore

From phones and tablets to smart watches and digital cameras to TV and gaming consoles, Android has made its mark in every field of technology with a remarkable 65.6% presence. 71% developers across the globe prefer Android over other Operating Systems and a good 40% out of that are professionally involved in this domain. As a fresher, working as an Android developer is the perfect opportunity because the demand for developers knowledgeable in Android OS is huge. There is a massive demand from the sector of entertainment to IT, making Android developer jobs the triumphant in the market. Besides that a freelance developer can also make remarkable proceeds from apps. Being the most in-demand open source development platform, the job market is booming with millions of existing and upcoming jobs for people experienced in Android.

Demand is more Supply is less.