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Guild Wars 2: Regions by level | Nerdy Bookahs. I was curious where I could go with my level and found it a bit difficult to spot the level range on the map. I know I can always “downlevel” to zones below my level. That means that the “1-15″ does not tell you to leave Plains of Ashford once you’re level 16 or 17. You can stay there as long as you want because your level will be adjusted to the current area you are in. You will not be levelled up in PvE, though! I have already set foot into a high level area with Flummi and she didn’t feel comfortable at all in there. I have mostly played through the starting areas so far (sylvari and asura) and ran through the human starter area to grab a few waypoints. I got the names, regions and level range numbers from the official wiki, so I hope the information given here is correct. :) Additionally, if you ever get lost, have a look at GW2 Cartographers.

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