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A List of 116 Dead Scientists… Assassinated? Died 2013 Dr.

A List of 116 Dead Scientists… Assassinated?

Richard Holmes , age 48. Weapons expert. Dr Holmes is believed to have worked on the production of chemical protection suits for troops. In 1991 he was the joint author of a scientific paper about an RAF chemical and biological protection system. Body of Dr Richard Holmes discovered in a field four miles from the Porton Down defense establishmentPolice said there were no suspicious circumstances in latest case but revealed scientist was ‘under a great deal of stress’He resigned from Porton Down last month, but it is unclear why A weapons expert who worked with Dr David Kelly at the Government’s secret chemical warfare laboratory has been found dead in an apparent suicide.

In circumstances strongly reminiscent of Dr Kelly’s own mysterious death nine years ago, the body of Dr Richard Holmes was discovered in a field four miles from the Porton Down defense establishment in Wiltshire. Read more at: Died 2012 Professor Dr. Gelareh Bagherzadeh’s James S.

FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15th, 2012!  Nations Of The World Collectively Kick Out Monsanto. Health Wire Posted by Nate Holl - Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 Natural Society named Monsanto the World's Worst Company last year, and this peddler of pesticides might defend its title in 2012.

Nations Of The World Collectively Kick Out Monsanto

On Monday a French court declared the U.S based company guilty of the chemical poisoning of a French farmer. Grain grower, Paul Francois, claims he suffered severe neurological problems after inhaling Monsanto’s Lasso Weedkiller in 2004. He asserts Monsanto knew of these risks but did not provide adequate warnings on the product label. Jean-Philippe Delsart, the company’s lawyer disagreed with the court's decision stating that not enough evidence was presented during trial to substantiate claims of a causal relationship between Mr. “I think if we had a major health problem with pesticides, we would have already known about it.” Despite these claims, it appears French politicians are poised to use the court ruling to expedite the systematic phasing out of pesticide use in the country.

Until next time, Gibiru Search Engine Proxy & Alternative Search Engine. With 7 Arrested, a Widening Inquiry Into the Olympus Scandal. Switzerland's central bank chief resigns - Europe. The Swiss National Bank chairman has resigned abruptly, bowing to a public uproar over his private currency deals.

Switzerland's central bank chief resigns - Europe

Philipp Hildebrand's decision comes just as a Swiss parliamentary committee is preparing to grill him behind closed doors. His resignation took effect immediately on Monday, Switzerland's central bank said in a brief statement. A short time later, Hildebrand called an impromputu press conference in the Swiss capital of Bern, where he emphasised that he was proud of his achievements at financial institutions in Switzerland and international organisations such as the World Bank. "I would like to think I have been a damn good central banker," Hildebrand said. "I personally advocated strongly and early for stricter capital requirements for the big banks. It was his second news conference in less than a week. Breach of rules denied Hildebrand first broke weeks of silence Thursday to deny any breach of central bank rules and announce he was donating the trades' profits to charity.

Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds. By the CNN Wire Staff updated 11:59 AM EST, Fri February 17, 2012 NEW: $6 trillion is more than twice Italy's national debtThe bonds were discovered as part of an investigation into a local mafia groupArrest order was issued in the southern Italian city of Potenza8 people arrested after $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds found in Italy (CNN) -- Italian authorities on Friday arrested eight people in possession of an estimated $6 trillion in counterfeit U.S. Treasury bonds, according to Italian paramilitary police and an Italian news agency. The discovery of the fake bonds -- made to look as if they were printed by the U.S. The arrest order for the alleged criminals was issued by a preliminary investigative judge in the southern Italian city of Potenza, police noted. Italian authorities, working with their Swiss counterparts, learned about the counterfeit bonds by way of eavesdropping on wiretapped phones, police said.

The total of $6 trillion is more than twice the Italy's national debt. Did the White House tell the World Bank president that he's out? A source inside the World Bank sends along this nugget on the simmering question of whether and when the World Bank will get a new president: Rumors are running wild that RBZ [Robert Zoellick] was told earlier this week by the White House that they would like to see him go.

Did the White House tell the World Bank president that he's out?

RBZ has called on short notice a meeting with the Board for this morning - which is very unusual. So people are putting two and two together. This meshes with what the well-informed Nancy Birdsall at the Center for Global Development wrote earlier this week: The insider talk on the next World Bank president is heating up, with rumors that Robert Zoellick will formally initiate the process in the United States system shortly by indicating to the White House that he will step down at the end of his term in June. Formally speaking, the selection process for next Bank president will be open to all, including non-Americans. Update: World Bank is now confirming that Zoellick will step down at the end of his term. Massive Resignations Have Started « 2012 Indy Info – LRC.

Recently, the WhiteHats released this video of Lord James of BlackHeath urging the House of Lords to conduct an investigation related to a possible bank heist to the tune of US$ 16 Trillion.

Massive Resignations Have Started « 2012 Indy Info – LRC

This is a very significant measure as it is now put on public record those “wild rumors” being passed around in the alternative media. The White Dragon Society represented by Ben Fulford is also confirming that a March 31st deadline has been set by the Gnostic Illuminati against the Khazarian Satanic Cabal to transfer power over to Prince Harry to effect Global Settlements. To our understanding this amount is separate from the US$16 Trillion being doled out since Obummer was put into office. There are significant resignations made by CEOs and other high-ranking officials across the globe. Are we now witnessing the downfall of the Dark Cabal? World Bank President Zoellick Resigns “I’m honored to have led such a world class institution with so many talented and exceptional people. Read more: read more: British tanks to be sent to Germany for storage so army can sell land in UK. It has been an awfully long time since British tanks rumbled their way across Europe towards the Rhine – 67 years, in fact.

British tanks to be sent to Germany for storage so army can sell land in UK

So the Germans will be intrigued to learn the Ministry of Defence is plotting another push east, albeit an unconventional one that has been forced on it by budget cuts. Thousands of the British military's tanks, carriers and cars will head across the Channel because of MoD plans to sell off its vast complex at Ashchurch in Gloucestershire. This is where it stores or repairs up to 6,000 vehicles, ready for duty. The problem of where to put them all when the 72-hectare (178-acre) site is sold has been troubling military planners, who have plumped for Mönchengladbach in western Germany. The city in North-Rhine Westphalia is home to the British-owned Ayrshire barracks. Whitehall sources hope that moving tanks and other heavy vehicles to Germany will be only a temporary measure, buying time for the MoD to find a more permanent home for them in the UK.

Massive Wave Of Resignation From Top Level Bankers. The Elite Are Loosing Their Grip or/and SHTF. I will be editing this OP until I reach time limit.

Massive Wave Of Resignation From Top Level Bankers. The Elite Are Loosing Their Grip or/and SHTF

Then I will update with posts. Hello ATSer, It's been a long time since I posted something but I feel this is of importance. There has been a lot of chatter lately about behind the scene arrests. Not much has transpired into the media since, but now it seems that as of this month, it is starting to show. Ok, so here's the list: 1 World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns World Bank President Robert Zoellick said Wednesday he is stepping down, raising the possibility that a non-American might be chosen for the first time to head the 187-nation lending organization. 2 Anz Bank CFO Australia resigns The chief financial officer of Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. announced recently that he will resign from the position, a move that will reportedly lead to a significant executive shuffle. 3 Nicaraqua Central Bank Pres Rosales resigns

Any comments? German President Wulff quits over corruption claims. 17 February 2012Last updated at 23:33 German President Christian Wulff: "I have acted without fault and always been honest" German President Christian Wulff has announced his resignation, after prosecutors called for his immunity to be lifted. An ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr Wulff, 52, stepped down over corruption claims involving a dubious home loan. He denies any wrongdoing. Mrs Merkel cancelled a visit to Italy on Friday to deal with the crisis, and said she regretted that he had quit. German media say the crisis is unprecedented in post-war Germany.

Mrs Merkel had fought to get Mr Wulff, from her centre-right Christian Democrat party (CDU), appointed as president. She said she accepted his resignation "with respect but also with regret". "He dedicated himself to the interests of Germany," she said in a brief statement at 10:30 GMT, shortly after his announcement on Friday. Continue reading the main story Analysis Chris MorrisBBC News Controversial loan Continue reading the main story. Budget Day 2012: Obama outlines $4trillion budget with bullish plans for boosting growth and higher taxes on rich. Barack Obama speaks in Virginia on 2013 budget proposal to Congress His plan requests $800bn for infrastructure investment and job creation Urges minimum 30% 'Buffett Tax' on millionaires, named after investorBudget deficit projected at $1.33tn in fiscal 2012; falling to $901bn in 2013GOP paints him as tax-and-spend liberal and attack track record on jobs By Mark Duell Updated: 10:51 GMT, 14 February 2012 Barack Obama was today accused of ignoring the deficit as he called for aggressive spending to boost growth and for higher taxes on the rich, proposing an election-year vision for the U.S.

The President’s 2013 budget proposal to Congress requests more than $800billion for job creation and infrastructure investment, while urging a minimum 30 per cent ‘Buffett Tax’ on millionaires. In a big opportunity before the November election to convince voters that he deserves a second term, President Obama, 50, earmarked billions of dollars for roads, railways and schools. Scroll down for video Rep. News International offices searched as four more men are arrested. News International's offices in Wapping, east London.

News International offices searched as four more men are arrested

Photograph: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire/Press Association Images Four current and former senior Sun journalists and one serving police officer have been arrested as part of Scotland Yard's investigation into police corruption. The Metropolitan police have also launched a search at News International's headquarters in Wapping, east London, in an attempt to secure any potential evidence relating to alleged payments to police by journalists. Officers were accompanied by lawyers who arrived at the Sun's offices between 6am and 8am on Saturday morning. They are there to ensure that "journalist privilege" in relation to sources is not compromised. It is the first time since the phone-hacking scandal erupted that the Sun has been targeted in such a major way, but sources stressed the dawn raid had nothing to do with voicemail interception and was solely related to paying police for stories.

Willie Nelson and 300,000 Other Activists Sue Monsanto. FEB 13, 2012 - Willie Nelson, along with 300,000 other activists who support small family farms and a healthy and fair food system, sued food giant Monsanto in Federal Court in Manhattan on January 31, 2012.

Willie Nelson and 300,000 Other Activists Sue Monsanto

The suit seeks to protect the harassment and threatening manner agribusiness giant Monsanto has exhibited, with threatening to go after any small farms that contain any trace of what they claim to be their property, genetically modified seeds. Willie and his campaign, Occupy The Food System, consists of many small groups, one being Food Democracy Now. All the activists are also fighting against Monsanto’s spraying of “Roundup herbicides”, which harm the soil, water and the farms around them. Willie states that the corporate takeover of small farms by large corporations has “led to the loss of millions of family farmers, destruction of our soil, pollution of our water and health epidemics of epic obesity and diabetes”. Source: Read more: Like this: Like Loading...

Ways they try to screw us over, ways to defend ourselves

Berlusconi could get five years - World News, Breaking News. Updated 01 December 2012 06:46 PM Prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale urged the court to find Mr Berlusconi guilty of having paid a British lawyer 600,000 dollars (£382,000) to lie in other trials involving charges of tax evasion and false accounting related to the billionaire media mogul's business dealings.

Berlusconi could get five years - World News, Breaking News

The court is racing toward a verdict before the charges expire due to the statute of limitations. Mr De Pasquale calculated that would happen by mid-July. This is one of several cases pending against Mr Berlusconi in Milan courts, including a trial on charges of having paid for sex with an underage prostitute. He stepped down in November after failing to persuade investors he could revive the ailing economy. Press Association.