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Paperpod: Jeux et Jouets. Bianca and Family - Mobilier Enfant Decoration Enfant Vintage Enfantiquités. Meubles vintage : Fabuleuse Factory. Pouic Land. Bianca and Family - Notre mobilier enfant actuellement en stock. LES PETITS BOHEMES — L'univers poétique des enfants de 0-12 ans Boutique de déco et vêtements pour les 0-12 ans, meubles vintage, doudous et jolies trouvailles. Des nouveautés toutes les semaines...We ship worldwide ask us ! Tous les articles de Emilie-sans-chichi. Laurette - meubles vintage et design pour chambre d'enfants… Emmas designblogg - design and style from a scandinavian perspective. Goodies - Ma chambre... Photos de chambres d'enfants. Changer de Déco.

Japanese Paper Balloon {Fun Colour Set} Washi Kami-Fusen Paper Mobile. Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh. Name: Adele (10 months)Location: United States For Adele's room, Greg and I wanted something fun, bright, and cheerful, and a little bit geeky/steampunk without taking over the room with nerdiness (we'd considered, and dismissed, Portal, Mario, and pirate-ninja).

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh

I quickly latched onto a cheerful (5-legged) octopus image I'd seen somewhere and a bedding set that mixed a bunch of contrasting but color coordinated prints in a very fun way. Spearmint baby.