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12 Tools for Creating Videos on Chromebooks - A PDF Handout. Six Tools for Creating Videos on Chromebooks. By Request - Five Options for Creating Videos on Chromebooks. 8 Ways to Create Videos on Chromebooks. A couple of days ago Tony Vincent Tweeted my list of tools for creating videos on Chromebooks.

8 Ways to Create Videos on Chromebooks

That list was last updated in November. Tony's Tweet prompted me to update the list again. The notable differences between this list and the last one is that I've removed Wideo because that service no longer offers any free options for teachers or students. I've also added three new tools in Sharalike, CaptureCast, and Magisto. 20 video project ideas to engage students. Videos are engaging.

20 video project ideas to engage students

They can be a powerful tool to draw students in and connect them to content in innovative ways. Here are 20 ways to do it. In my classroom, video usually equals instant engagement. Students like to record it — especially because many of them get to use their phones for school purposes. Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects - A Handout. The Four Things Students Need to Create Good Book Trailers. Creating book trailer videos is a great alternative to a traditional written book report assignment.

The Four Things Students Need to Create Good Book Trailers

In a book trailer video students highlight their favorite elements of a story and try to entice viewers to read the book themselves. Much like a movie trailer that tries to get viewers to watch the full movie, a book trailer should give viewers just enough to be interested in the full story without giving away the conclusion to the story. If you have heard of book trailers and wanted to try having your create book trailers, here are the four things they'll need to get started after reading a book. Mysimpleshow - create your own explainer video in minutes. Make videos online with photos, clips, music - Stupeflix. How to Create a Video on Stupeflix - No Registration Required. Stupeflix - Create Audio Slideshow Videos Without Registration.

Five ways to use Adobe Spark Post in the classroom – ICTEvangelist. It’s been around for a while now and it continues to feature as one of the apps I turn to on a daily basis, such is its ease of use and powerful output.

Five ways to use Adobe Spark Post in the classroom – ICTEvangelist

I talk of course about the brilliant Adobe Spark Post app. Free as an app on iOS and available as part of the Adobe Spark suite on, the app enables you to combine text and images to create beautiful original masterpieces that look visually stunning. So how can you use it in the classroom? In this post I will examine ways in which your students or pupils can use the app and ways that you can use it as a teacher too. Key Facts Cards A great way to get students to remember information about characters from history or in books or across any given topic is to ask them to create fact cards with information they need to know about the key elements around the learning activity. A Registration-free Video Editor. Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools. Explainer Video Software, Overview. Raw Shorts: Skapa animerade filmer.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos. 1- Stop Motion Recorder StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos

And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Facebook', 'Twitter (Twitvid)', Twitter(yFrog) & 'Youtube' from your iPhone. Screencast-O-Matic - A Great Tool for Creating Screencast Videos. Plotagon - Write a story, make an animated movie. Meograph. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast. Powtoon.

Vidra. Tell a story.


Pitch an idea. The easiest and fastest way to make an explainer video. Share your story with the world in just a few minutes! Easy as 1.2.3. Make videos online with photos, clips, music - Stupeflix. MASHER - create a video online for free. Mysimpleshow - create your own explainer video in minutes. Create Videos in Minutes with Mysimpleshow.

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Create Videos in Minutes with Mysimpleshow

All opinions are my own. Videos are becoming such important tools for teachers, but one thing that stops many of us from using videos is making them: With all the other things we have to do, there’s very little time to find the right video creation tool, learn how to use it, then actually create the videos. Opentest - Elevating the product experience. Vizia - Create Interactive Video Quizzes. Vizia is a free tool for creating video-based quizzes.

Vizia - Create Interactive Video Quizzes

On Vizia you an import a video from YouTube or from Wistia and then add questions along the timeline of the video. You can ask multiple choice questions as well as short answer/ open-response questions. Adding a poll question into the video is also a possibility in Vizia. Details?id=com.magisto&referrer=utm_source=magisto. Make animated online videos free.

Create an Interactive Video Summary of the School Year. As the end of the school year approaches you might find yourself looking for a way to create an audio slideshow of highlights of the school year.

Create an Interactive Video Summary of the School Year

YouTube's photo slideshow tool, Stupeflix, and Animoto all offer easy ways to create audio slideshow videos. Create Screencasts on Chromebooks. As I’ve written many times over the years, Screencast-o-Matic is my favorite tool for creating screencast videos on Mac and Windows computers.

Create Screencasts on Chromebooks

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Chromebooks. In the past my go-to recommendation for screencasting on Chromebooks was SnagIt for Chrome. That’s still a good option, but this week I found a Chromebook-compatible screencast tool that I like just a little bit better. CaptureCast is a free Chrome extension that enables you to create screencast videos on your Chromebook. With CaptureCast installed you can record everything that you display on your Chromebook’s screen. Recordings made with CaptureCast are saved on your Chromebook under the “manage media” tab in CaptureCast. Unlike SnagIt, CaptureCast only requires you to install one extension and no additional Chrome apps in order to work correctly. Join me at the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp and learn how to get the most out of Chromebooks in your classroom. Snagit for Google Chrome. TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ is a free screen capture and recording app that works on Chromebooks or in the Chrome browser.

Using Snagit for Google Chrome can help you provide better feedback, encourage teamwork, and create images that explain exactly what you mean. BESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswyBESbswy Overview Video Check to see if your Chromebook will work with Snagit for Google Chrome™. View System Requirements | View Version History © 2012 Google Inc.

The Seven Best Video Website for ELT Students - Kieran Donaghy. As part of the launch of the website I’m organising a prize draw for my new book Film in Action. Everybody who subscribes to the website in the months of February and March will be entered into the draw. The Internet now offers students the opportunity to improve their lexical, listening and speaking skills through watching short film clips, videos and short films. Here are my seven favourite sites. English Central Possibly the best website for students to improve their vocabulary, listening, speaking and pronunciation.

English Attack A aimed specifically at young students which uses clips from movies and TV series; music videos, themed visual glossaries; learning games and social networking to help language learners improve their English. Learn English Teens Film UK. Free Video Maker Software - Make Animation Online - Try it! MixBit. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Clarisketch- Excellent Tool for Creating Annotated Videos and Sketches. June 30, 2015 Clarisketch is an interesting app that enables you to create animated sketches by combining speech, drawing and photos. As a teacher, you can use Clarisketch to create flipped classroom videos, explain a complex process or illustrate a given topic using both annotated commentary and recorded audio. You will be able to walk the students through your explanations using features such as highlights, drawings and audio prompts.

Create Interactive Videos on Wideo. Wideo is a nice tool for creating Common Craft-style videos. You can create animated videos on Wideo by dragging and dropping clipart and text in storyboard frames. You set the position and animation sequence for each element in each storyboard frame. Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects - A Handout. Vända film som blivit felvänd. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class. October 23, 2014 Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw themselves. They involve an animated use of images, shapes, characters, sounds and voice-overs to create a clip. This form of video production has been very popular recently and is widely used by some leading educational YouTube channels such as TED Ed and RSA Animate.

Creating a whiteboard animation video is no longer a graphic designer's job. There are actually several web tools that allow you to easily put together an animated video with as simple tools as drag and drop. As a teacher, you can use these animations to create and share tutorials, presentations, step by tsp guides, and many more. iMoviemanual för nybörjare by Tove Andersson. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos. 5 Ways to Create a Stop Motion Animation. User Reviewed. Bästa sidorna för att göra animerade filmer.

ABCya! ABCya! Animation software. Voki Home. Make a slideshow with your powerpoint & web cam. Make'em Curious With Your Video Lessons —

Youblisher och annat smått och gott. Make A Video Easily - GoAnimate - YouTube#t=60. GoAnimate tutorial for beginners. Make A Movie. Moovly - Create Animated Content like a Pro. Five-Minute Film Festival: 8 Interactive Video Tools for Engaging Learners. It's no secret that I am a passionate advocate for using video in the classroom. When used well, videos can help students make connections to people and ideas beyond their usual frame of reference.

That's why I've been really excited to see a wave of new (and mostly free or low-cost!) Tech tools recently that enable teachers to take favorite clips and make them more valuable for educational use. Whether you use videos to flip your classroom or you just appreciate the power of video to engage kids, maybe one of the tools in my playlist below will help you go deeper in 2014. Animation software. Best Tools to Create Animated Video. Make video slideshows with photos, music. Animoto - Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online. How do I set up accounts for my students? Moviemaker. Make digital movies online. Formerly Dfilm. Home.

Lights, Camera, Action! Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator.