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Six Word Memoir

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Six Word Stories. In this post, I’d like to share a project we worked on earlier today. I’d like to point out that it was not a single lesson but a block of four 45-minute lessons, in which a group of ten teenagers (12-15 year-olds, 8 girls and 2 boys) worked on their Six Word Stories. Here’s what we did. Portraits (icebreaker): First, I asked students to make pairs (some of them didn’t know each other very well, which was to the good).

I gave each student a large piece of paper and I asked them to draw a portrait of their partner. When drawing, they faced each other and they were about 2 meters apart so that they couldn’t see each other’s pictures very clearly. I pointed out that they were going to need the pictures later on. Hemingway (background): I showed students a photo of Ernest Hemingway and told them about his famous six-word story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Guess the words (speaking): The goal of this stage was to give students an idea of what six-word quotes may look like. Life is….. Six Word Memoirs Home - Six Word Memoirs.