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Maison des souris Happyland Oxybul pour enfant de 1 an et demi à 5 ans. Smartmax Clic clac magnets 25 pièces pour enfant de 1 an à 5 ans. Monde des dinosaures Oxybul pour enfant de 3 ans à 8 ans. Magnetic's Crazy animaux Djeco pour enfant de 2 ans à 7 ans. Valisette Fantacolor junior pour enfant de 2 ans à 5 ans. Veilleuse nomade pour enfant Candeloo. C’est bien connu les enfants adorent les couleurs et les formes arrondies.

Veilleuse nomade pour enfant Candeloo

C’est pourquoi la veilleuse Candeloo a été conçue pour leur plaire. Avec son design de lutin de conte de fée cette lampe rechargeable rassurera les tout petits qui pourront l’emmener avec eux dans toute la maison. Fini les cauchemars dans le noir avec la lampe Candeloo… Et quand bébé dort, les parents peuvent récupérer la veilleuse pour décorer la table de salon pour diner en tête-à-tête La veilleuse Candeloo est éditée par Vessel.

Vous la trouvez en vente par lot de 2 avec le support de charge chez Madeindesign au prix de 89 euros. Panne d'inspiration ? PROJECTEUR BEBE VEILLEUSE NUIT ETOILEE. Veilleuse projection musicale tortue des mers aqua Cloud B pour enfant dès la naissance. Inté Pratomo » Archive » Reefs on The Edge Interactive Multitouch Table Prototype Demo at Web Directions South 2011. On October 13-14 2011 at the Web Directions South 2011 Conference, me and my project collaborator, Phil Gough had a chance to exhibit out interactive multitouch table.

Pratomo » Archive » Reefs on The Edge Interactive Multitouch Table Prototype Demo at Web Directions South 2011

This work is meant to be part of a larger installation called Reefs on The Edge that amis to communicate the effect of raise in sea temperature in coral lifespan. This multitouch table is our research project for our last semester in University of Sydney’s Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Art course. RotE Prototype Demo Initially, we were aiming at communicating the intended message in a more engaging fashion.

We then designed how that information can be presented, how the scientific data can be communicated effectively, what are the means available to do it and so forth. We then had a chance to show the first prototype demo in the Web Directions South 2011, a perfect place to showcase this work to a larger audience as well as doing some impromptu user testing. Here are some more pictures from that exhibition: Interactive Data Visualization with Tangible User Interface. House Party - Interactive Narrative/Audio Installation. House Party is an interactive installation that uses the intuitive interface of a traditional dolls house, albeit with anthropomorphized characters, to explore a narrative with multiple plot threads.

House Party - Interactive Narrative/Audio Installation

By placing characters face to face spectators can listen into conversations in order to navigate the story and find out more information about events. Inspired by the techniques of Victorian ‘Ingénieurs’ (the engineers behind magicians)and the imagery of contemporary Japanese designers such as Nagi Noda, the artist created a piece that augments the computer with the internal mechanics of a modern illusory toy. An exploration of author Arthur C.

Clarke's third law, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The installation uses the fidicial tracking patch developed by the Reactable team in 2003 to create their collaborative electronic music instrument. VVVV passes these values to Adobe Director through the OSC encoder to the OSCXtra plugin. Organic SuperShapes. January 31, 2010 Recently, I have been exploring SuperShapes, which are organic shapes that are rendered by evaluating the superformula with different parameters.

Organic SuperShapes

This formula creates some beautiful and very organic shapes that can be used in other graphics to make a dynamic graphic composition (either interactive or static). Doing this in Matlab or Mathematica is interesting, but I wanted to make something a little more interactive, minimal and fun to play with so I designed a application that can be used to create these shapes and render an image of them at a super high resolution, like the image below (5333×2100).

I’m developing a 3D version of this that should be stellar to play with, coming very soon. Download the Application or See more Renders. Playmobil - 6766 - Jeu de construction - Ferme interactive 1.2.3: Jeux et Jouets.