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How to Crochet the Diamond Lattice Stitch NewStitchaDay. This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the diamond lattice stitch.

How to Crochet the Diamond Lattice Stitch NewStitchaDay

This stitch creates a delicate lace pattern. The diamond lattice stitch would be great for shawls, scarves and shrugs! LanaMundi Yarns Tajik Mohair comes from the Asht region of Northern Tajikistan which is the center of Angora goat production. Only the best quality Angora kid fleeces are used for spinning this, strong yet soft, mohair yarn. The quality of this fingering-weight, two-ply yarn and the hand-spinning and dying are excellent; however, as with any handspun yarn, you may find some slight variation in thickness and color consistency. Chain-chDouble Crochet-dcSingle Crochet-scDouble Crochet 2 Together-dc2tog Double Crochet Treble Together (dctrtog)- yo, insert hook into st indicated, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo twice, insert hook into st indicated, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook twice, yo pull through remaining loops on hook.

How To Crochet A Hexagon In Ten Minutes! Here's my super speedy crocheted hexagon how-to.

How To Crochet A Hexagon In Ten Minutes!

You need to use chunky yarn for these (I used the Patons Inca I was sent as a freebie last week!) This yarn is apparently around 14 ply. Next week I'll show you how to make a 4 round 8 ply (DK) yarn version in a slightly different pattern. I used Patons Inca* yarn in a variety of colours A 6mm hook Scissors A yarn needle I'm using UK/Australian crochet terminology: Stitches used: chain stitch, double treble, slip stitch Foundation Ring: Make slip knot.

Round One: Chain 4 *Double Treble (DTR) into the ring you just made. Round Two: Tie on your new colour between any pair of DTR stitches. That's it. I've made you some videos too. Let me know if you use this how-to, won't you?! X Pip I had to reshoot the third video (round 3) - there was a technical issue! * Approx 14 ply Tension 13 Stitches to 10cm Needles 7.00mm AUS 50 Grams - 58 Metres 50% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 20% Alpaca Comments comments. How to Crochet the Pistachio Shell Stitch NewStitchaDay. Barbie® Dress Tutorial. Kicking off Barbie® clothes week…can I have a drum roll please?

Barbie® Dress Tutorial

Ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you! Here’s a simple tutorial for a cute Barbie dress! Click below for more! You’ll need: fabric: 1 piece 6 ” by 2.5″ for the bodice, and 1 piece 5″ by 12″ for the skirt ribbon: 2 pieces-2.5″ long for straps if you want them sew-on velcro: 4 inches long, and a little over 1/4″ wide (i cut 3/4 inch velcro in half) sewing stuff: thread, iron, scissors, sewing machine….yada yada First, serge or zig zag all edges of your fabric… and with your iron press the two short sides, and one long side of each fabric piece in 1/4 inch. sew about 1/8 inch seam around those three sides. take your bodice piece, and wrap it around your Barbie® (thanks for modeling for us, Cinderella!)

Pin the back together so it’s snug, and then pin the front like so for the darts. Sew along the pins for the darts…back stitch a few stitches start and finish so they don’t come out! Try it on and make sure the darts fit! Colonial Doll Clothes Patterns. "Colonial clothes for 11 1/2 inch dolls Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish!

Colonial Doll Clothes Patterns

Are you looking for some free doll clothes patterns for an eleven-and-a-half-inch doll? Oh, it is so much fun making doll clothes. Little girls love to play with their dolls and collectors love to display them. Why not visit a time in history when women were ladies and dressed like it. Just because the women were ladies does not mean they didn't have to work hard back then. Download the full printable pattern below So you can use the colonial dresses to teach your kids about history.

The colonial dresses had fitted bodices with full skirts. Fashion doll clothes If you are just going to display the dolls after making them from the free doll clothes patterns, you can use more expensive material. Why spend money on patterns today when you can find them free. Free patterns have all the same details in the instructions as the ones you buy too.