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How to stop being lazy with your LinkedIn profile. Open Gallery 1 Signing up for an account on LinkedIn, the popular professional social networking site, is the easy part.

How to stop being lazy with your LinkedIn profile

The hard part is making the best use of it. How to build and nurture an email marketing database of quality customers. Invasion of the algorithms: The modern-day equations which can rule our lives. Open Gallery 1 “This is a miracle of modern technology,” says dating-agency proprietor Sid Bliss, played by Sid James, in the 1970 comedy film Carry On Loving.

Invasion of the algorithms: The modern-day equations which can rule our lives

“All we do is feed the information into the computer here, and after a few minutes the lady suitable comes out there,” he continues, pointing to a slot. There’s the predictable joke about the slot being too small, but Sid’s client is mightily impressed by this nascent display of computer power. He has faith in the process, and is willing to surrender meekly to whatever choices the machine makes.

The payoff is that the computer is merely a facade; on the other side of the wall, Sid’s wife (played by Hattie Jacques) is processing the information using her own, very human methods, and bunging a vaguely suitable match back through the slot. Linkedin spearheads new volunteering initiative aimed at professionals. Open Gallery 1 Networking site Linkedin has launched a new initiative allowing Irish charities find and connect with professionals wishing to donate expertise for a good cause.

Linkedin spearheads new volunteering initiative aimed at professionals

More than 24,000 professionals have already signalled their interest in volunteering. Kevin Humphreys, Junior Minister for Activation, said the initiative - known as the Volunteer Marketplace - will provide a valuable resource for NGOs and volunteer organisations across the country. "As many people - students, working and retired people - move to take up volunteering activity, it will serve to create valuable connections across the board," Mr Humphreys said. How to keep up with office colleagues using tech jargon: a bluffer's guide. Feel like a laggard when it comes to colleagues using tech terminology?

How to keep up with office colleagues using tech jargon: a bluffer's guide

When a conversation turns to analytics or the internet of things, smiling vacantly will only get you so far. In the third of a series of explainers for late adopters, here are seven every day pieces of tech jargon explained. 1 "Yes, but are there analytics? " What they're talking about: Lies may beget statistics: there is no stopping the march of 'analytics'. Almost everything you or your business does with a device or online service can now be measured, graphed and compared against your peers and competitors. The most common service is probably Google Analytics, a free online program that lets you track a website's performance, visitors and other data. Adrian Weckler: The 50 must-have apps for business. Now that the work year is fully underway, it's time to clear out your phone and update it with some new business-friendly apps.

Adrian Weckler: The 50 must-have apps for business

Whether you're a late adopter to smartphones or a power user, here are 50 of the best business apps... For late adopters Viber iOS, Android, WP; free. Business Modeller KPMG. Business Modeller Overview Are you an ambitious, forward thinking high-achiever seeking continued growth and progression?

Business Modeller KPMG

Are you looking for a new challenge and the opportunity to work on interesting projects with the most successful Irish and international organisations? If so KPMG can help to match your ambition. KPMG have ambitious plans and are undergoing a period of growth. We can offer opportunities for progression, challenging projects, a market-leading learning and development programme and a collaborative environment. Business Modelling/Business Analyst Executive Connections.

Description Business modelling, transaction advisory, excel modelling, advanced excel, qualified accountant (ACA, ACCA or CPA) technically strong on IFRS / Irish GAAP.

Business Modelling/Business Analyst Executive Connections

Tricks and tips: A beginner's guide to truly mastering your work PC. Did you know you can delete a sent email?

Tricks and tips: A beginner's guide to truly mastering your work PC

Or block annoying ads from your web-browsing? Or use Google to do currency calculations? Many of us sit at our office PCs wasting time because we don't know how to use our everyday tools fully. Here's our guide to help anyone who uses a computer at work How to delete a sent email without the recipient seeing it 1 Ever sent an email with an embarrassing mistake? The Social Media Manager’s Definitive Glossary, 2014 Edition.

Welcome to the 2014 edition of the Hootsuite Social Media Glossary.

The Social Media Manager’s Definitive Glossary, 2014 Edition

This is a living document that will continue to grow as we add more terms and expand our definitions. If there’s a term you would like to see added, let us know in the comments! +1 button Similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, the +1 button is proprietary to Google and is the Internet equivalent of the thumbs-up. “+1” may also show up in emails or comment threads, as in the following: “+1 for that idea” with the meaning of “I really like this idea and I’m showing my support for it.” This thing is called an octothorpe. Why You Should Dump Facebook Marketing (Focus on This Instead) 3 Tools for Startup Success. As a budding entrepreneur, every day you come face to face with the challenges that accompany launching a startup.

3 Tools for Startup Success

Whether you’re seasoned in starting businesses or this is your first time, it won’t come as a shock that you need every advantage you can get to save time and money. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to maximize your use of technology. Here’s a look at three tech tools you can benefit from. Integrated CRM and Marketing At times, it can seem like there are too many CRM, sales and marketing options available to be able to find which one will work for you. If you’re still having trouble deciding which tool makes the most sense for your particular business, take a look at the CRM Watchlist.

Streamlined Accounting. Excel courses. 32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips. 52 TIPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA BRILLIANCE. 30 Little-Known Features of Facebook, Twitter, and More. When I first set foot in Disneyland, I race to the most famous rides first—Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, all the biggest and best. Little do I know there are just as many hidden gems and overlooked attractions that I’ve likely missed in my sprint for the headliners. Social networks are a little like Disneyland in this regard. There’s so much to see and so much to do that some of the fun stuff is bound to slip through the cracks.

Which features of Facebook, Twitter, and the other major social networks have perhaps slipped under our noses? I went hunting for some of these little-known features and came up with over two dozen new tricks and tools to try for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Twitter Ad Framework: the beginner's guide. You might have received some emails from Twitter over the last few months sharing the latest changes they are making to help advertisers accomplish their marketing objectives. Frankly, I just receive too many emails from Twitter, and I’ve lost count of how many times I simply marked them as read.

But one particular promotional email grabbed my attention: Understanding Bid Types for Facebook Advertising SociallyStacked. How to Optimize Your Content for the Top 5 Social Networks. Are you sharing content on different social networks? Do you know the best way to share it for each platform? Sharing your social media content isn’t a one-message-fits-all exercise. In this article I’ll show you how to share content the right way for the top five social media networks. Find out how to optimize content updates for the top 5 social networks. #1: Use Brief Summaries on Twitter Twitter has always stood apart from other social media networks because of its 140-character limit (which includes spaces and the characters in links and images). Instagram for Business: Answers to the 12 Most Common Questions. How do you choose which social media networks to participate in? Certainly, there’re a ton to choose from.

Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn? Are you on Pinterest and Tumblr? Instagram and Vine? How many social media networks can you handle? Instagram makes a strong case, if you’re interested in raw numbers and unique appeal. More and more, it seems that companies default to having a Facebook and Twitter account and then make the choice for a third among Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Sage 100 ERP Shortcuts & Hotkeys - Sage Partners. 29 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros. Content Management Apps for Busy #Eventprofs. 9 Content Marketing Tools You Should be Using but Aren’t. 3 Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Have in Their Toolkits. By Zara Burke on December 22, 2014 Being a digital marketer is hard. Get Your LinkedIn Mojo Back: What the Experts Say. By Zara Burke on September 29, 2014. Create an Unstoppable Personal Online Brand. By Zara Burke on November 26, 2014.

Influencer Cheat Sheet: How to Connect, Engage & Get What You Want. By Zara Burke on December 5, 2014. The Rise of Mobile Commerce: How Your Business Can Take Advantage. By Zara Burke on October 17, 2014 This week Twitter announced the launch of their new Twitter Payments option that allows its users to send money using a single tweet.

Get Inside Google’s Mind: Future-Proof Your SEO. Twitter Paid Ads Convert Twice as Many Visitors as Organic Tweets. By Zara Burke on September 11, 2014 When Facebook started reducing the reach of its organic posts, us marketers grew furious. With every new algorithm update announced, it emerged that brands were being pushed closer and closer to their paid advertising platform. And in the subsequent months, as we struggled with low-impact posts that reached few fans, we finally accepted, ‘Maybe we’ll have to pay.” The Small Business Cheat Sheet for Cost-Effective Digital Marketing. Google Consumer Barometer Reveals: Ireland Is A Nation of Web Savvy Consumers.

Mobile Overtakes Desktop Shopping For First Time: Are You Ready? The Top 6 Digital Marketing Blogs Every Business Should Bookmark. 11 Online Learning websites that you should check out. 3 Time-Saving Tips for Sleep-Deprived Digital Marketers. 3 Sneaky Tips to Help You Spy on Your Competitors Online.