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Style Watch: How to Organize Your Stationery - Damask Love. I have more cards than I could possible send in twelve lifetimes.

Style Watch: How to Organize Your Stationery - Damask Love

In the craftroom, I have a box that I call “Hallmark.” It’s overflowing with handmade cards that I’ve created over the years and whenever friends come over, I tell them to go shopping at “Hallmark” and pick out some cards for their own stash. It’s a great way to pare down my collection and send them off to a good home. With so much stationery around here, I’ve long wanted to come up with a creative and simple way to keep it organized…a system for categorizing some of my cards, making it easier to find them and actually put them to use (instead of letting them pile up).

Today, I’ve got a really simple tutorial featuring the File It stamps and dies from Clear & Simple Stamps, which are perfect for a project like this. . {1} 5″ x 10″ colored cardstock scored at 1/2″ intervals with 1/4″ Simple Adhesive placed on every fourth section {2} Colored cardstock cut to 6.5″ x 5″ scored as shown at 1.25″ and 3.75″ Colombes. Téléchargement. Book Birdhouses. By now everyone has seen a book wreath.

Book Birdhouses

Probably you’ve seen a book bundle (especially the ones with the covers ripped off). I personally haven’t made the former, but I have several of the latter. My husband thinks it’s a shameful way to treat perfectly good books, but I haven’t seen him actually trying to read any of the books I have brought home! A couple of months ago I saw my first book birdhouse, and I was smitten. I couldn’t figure out how it was created by just looking at it, so I began an Internet search! …and I promised instructions were forthcoming! First you need an old book, minus the cover. Fold the first page in half toward the spine.

Then fold the top corner down to meet the spine, making a triangle. On the second page, fold the bottom corner in to meet the spine, making a triangle. Then fold the top corner in to meet the spine. The other two birdhouses are slightly different. Then fold the bottom corner in to meet the spine. Confession: My husband may have a bit of a point. DIY Book Mobile Art. I recently took a road trip to Santa Barbara and stopped by some of my favorite shops.

DIY Book Mobile Art

One of them being, Plum, an eclectic and lovely shop! It’s always full of inspiring work and I always go home with new ideas! This time around, I spotted some adorable book mobiles hanging in the window display. I decided I would go home and try to figure it out! Paper Lamp at The Conran Shop (London)

Créer.. avec des livres

Recup livres. Recup livres. Book Sculptures - Jodi Harvey-Brown. Paper Party. Bonnie Gammill: Color Cloud Color Cloud is the current art exhibit up in store at Paper Party through May 25th.

Paper Party

Paper Party Color Cloud Paper Mache, mixed papers, string Paper Party Fade Rainbow Mixed Paper on Wood Panel 12" x 24" Paper Party Fade Grey to Purple Paper Party Color Fade Small 6" x 17" Bonnie Gammill was born in Lewisville, Texas in 1982. Themis Mono Mobile by Clara von Zweigbergk. Suggested Reading The Story of Eames Furniture Brimming with images and insightful text, this unique book is the benchmark reference on what is arguably the most influential and important furniture brand of our time.

Themis Mono Mobile by Clara von Zweigbergk

[more...] Buy it here: Amazon The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Making of the Modern Museum First-ever book to explore the process behind one of the greatest modern buildings in America. [more...] MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 A unique tribute to the defining scientific mission of our time, the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Cars Freedom Style Sex Power Motion Colour Everything. Design Icons Fjordfiesta Scandia Senior by Hans BrattrudA Norwegian furniture design classic from 1957, Scandia Senior is a comfortable high-back easy chair with a leather head cushion, on a satin swivel base. More Books The Eames Lounge Chair The book examines the evolution of a design icon and places it in its cultural, historical and social context.