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Early Civilisations

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ISHTAR GATE OF BABYLON. EGYPTIAN SCRIPTS. HIEROGLYPHICS. PAPYRUS. ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS MAP. Mesopotamia The Development of Written Language. THE EGYPTIAN CREATION MYTH. Room 61: Tomb-chapel of Nebamun. The Michael Cohen Gallery1400 – 1300 BC The British Museum acquired 11 wall-paintings from the tomb-chapel of a wealthy Egyptian official called Nebamun in the 1820s.

Room 61: Tomb-chapel of Nebamun

Dating from about 1350 BC, they are some of the most famous works of art from Ancient Egypt. Following a 10-year period of conservation and research, the paintings are now on display together for the first time. They give the impression of the walls of colour that would have been experienced by the ancient visitors to the tomb-chapel. EGYPTIAN SOCIAL PYRAMID.