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Natural or Manmade?

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The Eltanin Enigma. Whitley Strieber, whose 1987 book Communion did so much to make intergalactic grey dwarves a subject of dinner-table chatter in even the best-regulated households, is clearly a man prepared to entertain many rare and unusual ideas.

The Eltanin Enigma

Visitors to his website may sample the kinds of things that fascinate Strieber, and will find this cogitation: Between 1962 and 1979 the NSF [National Science Foundation] Polar Research Vessel Eltanin surveyed Antarctic waters, studying the ocean and ocean bottom. In 1964, the ship photographed an unusual object at a depth of 13,500 feet [4,115m]. At the time, there was no submarine that could have carried a piece of technology to this depth. The object appears to be a pole rising from the ocean floor with twelve spokes radiating from it, each ending in a sphere. There exists the possibility that it is an antenna or other scientific instrument that was lost by an early research vessel, but once again, this would appear to be a very forced explanation. ...

Earthquake Swarm. A series of earthquakes have been experienced in Arkansas and are slowly becoming the norm, though the reason as to why there have been so many remains elusive.

Earthquake Swarm

According to the most recent geological report by the USGS, Arkansas has been experiencing about two-to-seven earthquakes a day ranging from about 1.8-4.0 on the richter scale, and the trend doesn't seem likely to stop with up to two dozen quakes sometimes being reported in a given day. More than 800 earth quakes have been reported across the region in the past six months, and the region experienced its largest quake yet this past Sunday reaching nearly 5.0 on the ricter scale. Geologists have presented two possibilities for the constant earth flux, one being that this is a natural event such as a swarm of similar quakes that occurred in the 1980s that hit Enola, Arkansas.

The other theory points to a natural gas exploration technique called "fracking" as a possible cause. Address by Daniel Quinn at Student Pugwash "Technologies of Peace" Conference, Carnegie Mellon University, 1997 I'm not going to talk long here, because it's been my experience that people who've read my books always come loaded with questions that are always much more relevant to them than anything I could dream up to say in advance.

Four years ago one of the organizers of the Minnesota Social Investment Forum called to ask if I would come address their annual meeting. This was in fact one of the very first invitations I'd ever received to speak, and I must say that it puzzled me a lot. Why would a bunch of investors--social or otherwise--think I had something to say to them?

I know nothing whatever about investing, have never written a single word about investing. And then of course there was the invitation to address this group here, meeting to consider something called "Technologies of Peace. " Writing across these heavily drawn lines has been hard work. Court ruling: ‘Destruction of Earth is in no way attributable to US government’ The LHC is the first machine of the age of the singularity, when new advances on technology will create machines of energy (super-colliders) and information (nano-bacteria, A.I.) that vastly overpower the capacity of this planet and the human race to control them.

Court ruling: ‘Destruction of Earth is in no way attributable to US government’

It could produce black holes and strangelets, responsible for Nova explosion that could blow up the Earth, as earlier as 11/9 according to internal documents leaked from the Company, which expects to produce 500 strangelets per month, despite having denied adamantly in public and in Court under oath, such possibility. Now we have a ruling…. Why this case is a historic ruling. And so finally the judges, who took more than a year to finish their ruling, made their decision (below, followed by our reply)… In that regard, this suit is a landmark suit in the History of Law and Ethics for two reasons: We exist through a simple cycle, called the 3 ages of life: youth, the age of energy (Max. More on this latter. The ruling. No. 08-17389. UFO-Like Clouds Linked to Military Maneuvers? Three nearly identical, UFO-like cloud formations recently appeared over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, sparking online discussions linking the features to everything from the Second Coming to recent mass bird deaths to secret military experiments.

UFO-Like Clouds Linked to Military Maneuvers?

At least one scientist believes the so-called hole-punch clouds have a military explanation, though it may not be quite what conspiracy theorists expect. On January 7, IT technician Wesley Tyler was running out to his car for a computer part when he noticed the saucer-like formations. (See other cloud pictures.) "At first we thought they were tornado clouds, but the air was so still—like mausoleum still," Tyler said. "You just knew it was unusual. Back home, he uploaded pictures of the clouds to Facebook, tagging a meteorologist friend, who later identified the phenomena as hole-punch clouds, or punch-hole clouds. Hole-punch clouds are miniature snowstorms that can occur in thin, subfreezing cloud layers.