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Product Coach. 19 Untapped Network Marketing Tips, Secrets, and Strategies. I’m sure you already know all the basic network marketing tips out there… Like: provide value, build a list, take action, be a leader and what have you… But how’s about some tips, secrets, and strategies that are a little more strategic, untapped, and actionable?

19 Untapped Network Marketing Tips, Secrets, and Strategies

Well that’s what I have for you today. Whether you need more traffic, leads, or sales… I’ve got you covered! 1. Believe it or not, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to promote network marketing products. In fact, most multi-million dollar MLM companies were built via word-of-mouth, and that was back in the 60s. These days, with the internet (and a little creativity), you can get the word out on a MASSIVE scale. How? It’s simple.Send your products to bloggers for them to review. I’ll explain. A while ago, I was looking into an MLM company called “In A Pikle” and stumbled across this In A Pikle product review: The first thing I noticed was the message above the fold: Salon Owners - Have you wrapped yet?

The Steps to Success Selling It Works Body Wraps. It Works Global has made some minor tweaks to what we call the Steps to Success, and I’d like to share them with you now.

The Steps to Success Selling It Works Body Wraps

The first Step to Success has three subparts: 1) Join 2) Boost 3) Autoship. Let’s look at this at this more closely. STEP ONE: Join the Party! JOIN: It costs $99 to become an It Works distributor. This gets you the membership, a few promotional materials and a box of wraps (four wraps total) BOOST: While this is optional, I hope you can see that starting off your business with four It Works body wraps total will not be enough! So, the regular booster kit will set you up for three wrap parties and return $1,100 to you for the cost of $499.

AUTOSHIP: To be commission- and bonus-qualified, you need to be on an autoship yourself. STEP TWO: Wrap Free Start wrapping people. You also get the right to buy a box of wraps for only $25 for each two Loyal Customers you sign up. STEP THREE: A Guarantee Guaranteed. But let’s not forget all that wrap money. Is It Works legit? I've started seeing promotional weight-loss posts from people I know on Facebook and Instagram.

Is It Works legit?

Sandwiched between party photos and wedding announcements, the posts show stomachs, legs, and arms before and after application of "this crazy wrap" that can "tighten, tone, and firm" with "minimized appearance of cellulite" and "fast and lasting results" in "as little as 45 minutes. " Similar posts endorse "fat fighter" pills, eye cream, menopausal supplements, "greens" powder that can "detoxify, energize, and alkalize," and "defining gel" that does wonders on wrinkles.

These people, mostly women, also tell me they're making thousands of dollars selling this stuff. As if that weren't enough, they're inviting me to join. Many of these women are selling products for a company called It Works. Blitzing - It Works Ultimate Body Wraps. It Works Global Compensation Plan Broken Down and Simplified - AnnaGodfrey. How to Make Money With It Works You want to become an It Works Independent Distributor, but you don’t know how to make money.

It Works Global Compensation Plan Broken Down and Simplified - AnnaGodfrey

Most people when they become representative of a direct sales or multi-level marketing company it’s their first time. Learning how to make money with any company is new and you need to know where to start. I have heard things like “I don’t SEE how I can make money selling wraps.” and then that person never even tries. The issue is not the product, the company, or the compensation plan. My goal is to help you see the ways you can earn money and how to begin making it. Know why you are working this business. First off I need you to know why you are doing this business and what you want to get from it. Follow the Steps: 1. 2. 3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat *Keep your business this simple and teach your team the same.

Decide On Your Number! Everyone starts somewhere. Let’s Begin! The business is based on taking action. Wrap Cash! Let’s break the money down in Singles. 1.