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Amidst SOPA, PIPA Blackouts, Issa Introduces Rival OPEN Act. Amidst today's Web blackouts, Rep.

Amidst SOPA, PIPA Blackouts, Issa Introduces Rival OPEN Act

Darrell Issa formally introduced his SOPA/PIPA alternative, dubbed the OPEN Act. The bill would call on the International Trade Commission (ITC) to handle overseas "rogue" Web sites rather than the Justice Department. Amidst SOPA, PIPA Blackouts, Issa Introduces Rival OPEN Act. SOPA Uncensored: You Speak Out. SOPA Sponsor Calls Protests a 'Publicity Stunt' as Google Joins Up. Google on Tuesday confirmed that it too will join Wednesday's SOPA/PIPA protest.

SOPA Sponsor Calls Protests a 'Publicity Stunt' as Google Joins Up

But before you freak out about the possibility of being without Gmail, Google Search, Maps, or Google+ for a day, know that the search giant is not shutting down its services tomorrow, only raising awareness. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), meanwhile, does not appear to be going anywhere, with bill sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith announcing today that a markup of the bill will commence in February—while also slamming the protests as a publicity stunt. Until then, Google plans to make its opposition known. "Like many businesses, entrepreneurs and web users, we oppose these bills because there are smart, targeted ways to shut down foreign rogue websites without asking American companies to censor the Internet," Google said in a statement. Google did not elaborate on how it might highlight the anti-piracy bills.

The Broadcast World Takes Interest in the SOPA/PIPA Debate. There are parts of the world where it's understandably difficult for the topic of Internet piracy, or the theft of U.S. intellectual property, to be elevated to critical significance.

The Broadcast World Takes Interest in the SOPA/PIPA Debate

There is still rioting in Syria, a cruise ship has run aground killing some passengers, and Japan is still struggling to emerge from the devastation of the tsunami. But Saturday's statement from the Obama Administration awakened many broadcast organizations to a strange and, for some, unexplored new question: Is the U.S. truly planning to implement legislation that could shut parts of the Internet off?

That's how the Saturday statement truly appeared for some who had not been following the goings-on (such as they are) in the U.S. Congress. Tuesday morning, I had the honor of being a guest on Bogota, Colombia's all-news channel NTN24 with anchor Monica Fonseca. SOPA Resurrected as Google and Others Join Protests. U.S.

SOPA Resurrected as Google and Others Join Protests

Representative Lamar Smith would like to remind you that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) he helped architect is not dead yet. The House will continue marking up the proposed legislation in February, according to a press release. By the beginning of this week, the bill was considered by many to be as good as dead, given recent political developments, including a statement from the Obama Administration that condemned the more restrictive and controversial aspects of SOPA and related legislation.

The news comes a matter of hours before the start of what is expected to be a widespread, Web-based protest against the anti-piracy legislation. DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More @ - Tweak Technology to Your Will. MAKE Goes Dark in Protest to SOPA/PIPA. Tomorrow, from 8am to 8pm EST, the MAKE sites will go dark, joining all of O’Reilly Media, and many other sites, like Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing, Tucows, Twitpic, and more, in protest over the SOPA and PIPA bills now before the House and Senate.

MAKE Goes Dark in Protest to SOPA/PIPA

Even Google is joining in. They won’t go dark, but they’ll post a message about the protest and provide links to information about these troubling bills. This isn’t an action we take lightly. SOPA blackouts begin as MPAA calls foul. It’s Wednesday morning, and if you’ve done much more than visit ExtremeTech straightaway, you’ve probably noticed the blackouts, protests, and informational postings about SOPA at a number of sites.

SOPA blackouts begin as MPAA calls foul

Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, and Scribd are distributing information or blacked out altogether to protest the Stop Internet Piracy Act and educate people on what it would mean for the US if it passes. Some might call these protests a great example of grass roots democracy in action. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) calls them a “gimmick… designed to punish elected and administration officials who are working diligently to protect American jobs from foreign criminals.”

Current MPAA president and thirty-year senator Chris Dodd further blasts the blackout as a stunt that punishes the users of the aforementioned services or turns them “into corporate pawns.” Pause and consider that a moment. Reddit has been described as “4chan with a condom.” Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation. Who's Going Dark to Protest SOPA, PIPA? Stop SOPA: What A Blacked Out Internet Looks Like. The Internet is fighting back.

Stop SOPA: What A Blacked Out Internet Looks Like

Today, hundreds of websites including some of the largest and most influential sites in the world are going black to fight the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. The two acts would give unprecedented power to the government of the United States to order blocking and takedown notices of foreign websites found to be infringing on copyrighted material such as movies and music.

The drumbeat is loud and most of the U.S. technology industry has come out against SOPA/PIPA. Today's blackout is akin to a "sit-in" protest. It is extreme but non-violent and non-threatening and once the point is made the players will move on to other forms of protest. Google Google's top lawyer, David Drummond, explains why the search giant is censoring its homepage and logo in a blog post on the company's official blog.

Fighting online piracy is extremely important. Reddit. MPAA: SOPA, PIPA Blackouts Are 'Abuse of Power' Web sites from Wikipedia to Reddit are dark today in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), but bill supporters insist the effort is nothing but a publicity stunt and an abuse of power.

MPAA: SOPA, PIPA Blackouts Are 'Abuse of Power'

In a Tuesday statement, Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)—and a former Connecticut senator—said Web sites participating in the blackout are "resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns, rather than coming to the table to find solutions to a problem that all now seem to agree is very real and damaging. " The MPAA and its musical counterpart, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), have been big supporters of SOPA and PIPA, prompting opponents to accuse bill sponsors of bowing to lobbying dollars. Both bills target overseas "rogue" Web sites that traffic in fake goods, from purses and prescription drugs to pirated DVDs and MP3s.

Top 5 Objections to SOPA, PIPA. Thousands of Web sites have pledged to go dark today in opposition to pending anti-piracy bills currently making their way through Congress.

Top 5 Objections to SOPA, PIPA

Reddit, Wikipedia, Mozilla, and WordPress are just a few of the sites that will be inaccessible on Wednesday in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). The bills would allow the Justice Department to obtain a court order and go after overseas, "rogue" Web sites that traffic in fake goods, from purses to prescription drugs. The DOJ could have these sites removed from search engines, while copyright holders could have the agency target sites they believe to contain infringing content.

Detractors believe SOPA and PIPA are too broad and could have unintedned consequences for legitimate sites. Most are in agreement that something needs to be done about Web sites offering pirated goods, but how exactly to accomplish that goal remains a sticking point. With Today's Protests, SOPA Becomes a Mainstream Issue. Something big is happening on the Internet today, as you may have noticed.

With Today's Protests, SOPA Becomes a Mainstream Issue

Yes, the English version of Wikipedia is blacked out, as are Craigslist, Reddit, Boing Boing and O'Reilly Radar. Google, Mozilla, and Wordpress all have put up some kind of anti-SOPA graphic or statement. Many of those that aren't blacking out text or turning their sites off are nonetheless posting updates expressing sympathy for the movement. Where Do You Stand on SOPA, PIPA? Wednesday is Internet blackout day for many Web sites—from Reddit to Wikipedia to Mozilla, all of which object to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA).

Google has also pledged to voice its opposition by altering its homepage. How One Higher Education Institute Is Protesting SOPA/PIPA. Today hundreds of websites are participating in a virtual anti-SOPA/PIPA sit-in: Google, Reddit, Craigslist, Wikipedia, WordPress, Mozilla,, O'Reilly and The Oatmeal, to name a few. Syracuse University's School of Information Studies (iSchool) is the only higher education institute to join the list of Internet powerhouse sites.

Syracuse's iSchool offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in information technology and graduate degrees in library science with an emphasis in new/digital librarianship. "Students are very plugged in and interested in the tech world," says J.D. Ross, Communications Director at Syracuse's School of Information Studies. Flickr SOPA Protest Lets You Black Out Photos. Flickr is joining today's protests of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), but rather than blacking out the Yahoo-owned photo site, Flickr is allowing members to darken existing photos. "Flickr is letting members darken their photos — or the photos of others—for a 24-hour period to deprive the web of the rich content that makes it thrive," the company said in a blog post. On Twitter, some users were puzzled by the choice, arguing that allowing users to blacken out photos was itself a form of censorship. But Flickr said "your symbolic act will help draw attention to this issue and let others know about the potential harmful impacts of these bills.

" Flickr photos will include a blue "Darken this photo" button, but before you go crazy blacking out every photo on the site, Flickr will only allow you to darken 10 photos before the option disappears. What I Wish Wikipedia and Others Were Saying About SOPA/PIPA. The SOPA/PIPA blackout today by Wikipedia, Mozilla, and many other sites is (I hope) drawing attention to proposed legislation that is considered a threat to "Internet freedom. " That's fine, admirable, and (with any luck) will be effective at curbing SOPA/PIPA for at least another legislative season. The backgrounders I've read so far by Wikipedia and others explain pretty well why SOPA/PIPA shouldn't pass. What they don't say is that SOPA/PIPA are business as usual, and the protest is a last-ditch effort necessary because the legislative system and mainstream media are fundamentally broken. The blackout and other protests today are the result of a long, sustained, full-court press against legislation that's being pushed through despite widespread opposition.

Yet, Lamar Smith and many other members of the U.S. Facebook's Zuckerberg Formally Opposes SOPA, PIPA. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg formally voiced his concern with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) today, calling them "poorly thought out laws. " "Facebook opposes SOPA and PIPA, and we will continue to oppose any laws that will hurt the Internet," the Facebook CEO said plainly in a Wednesday blog post. "The Internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world," Zuckerberg continued. "We can't let poorly thought out laws get in the way of the internet's development. " He called for leaders who are "pro-Internet," and said Facebook has been working with lawmakers for months "on better alternatives to these current proposals. " Zuckerberg closed by encouraging Facebook users to "tell your congressmen that you want them to be pro-Internet.

" Zuckerberg also tweeted a link to his blog post, the first time the Facebook chief has used his Twitter account since March 2009. SOPA's Dark Day On the Internet. What Mark Zuckerberg Says About SOPA/PIPA. SOPA STRIKE - Largest online protest in history - January 18 - blackout your site. More Sites Going Dark Over SOPA and PIPA, But Not Twitter. Opponents of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) are gearing up for tomorrow's Web site blackouts. Not Taking Any Chances, Wikipedia Kicks SOPA While Its Down. The internet wins: SOPA has been shelved, but we must remain vigilant. Murdoch Slams Google, White House Over Piracy, SOPA. Rupert Murdoch isn't mincing words on his new Twitter feed. The President's Post-SOPA Challenge: All Right, You Come Up with a Solution! The Internet and politics have a way of magnifying each other's faults. Wikipedia Also Going Dark Wednesday Over SOPA, PIPA.

White House Strangles SOPA, Citing Censorship, Security Concerns. In a statement on behalf of the Obama administration this morning, a trio of senior officials including the nation's Chief Technology Officer made clear that any anti-piracy legislation passing the President's desk would not create risks of censorship, nor would it condone any alterations to the Internet's domain name system that could invite security dangers.

Facebook Plans Press Event on 'SOPA Blackout Day' Facebook's sent out invites for a press event this coming Wednesday, to be held at a restaurant in San Francisco. Why? Facebook has scheduled a fancy invite-only event in San Francisco this coming Wednesday (SOPA Blackout Day, for some). White House Jumps Into SOPA, PIPA Debate. The Pirate Bay: Sailing away from torrent files next month. Lawmaker Strips DNS Blocking From SOPA. Ex Post PIPA: What Happens to Anti-Piracy Now? Tech Company PACs Donate To SOPA/PIPA Sponsors. Dutch Court Orders ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay. Will Reddit's SOPA Blackout Make a Difference? Reddit Going Dark Jan. 18 to Protest SOPA.

SOPA. Follow The Money To Figure Out Why Lawmakers Support SOPA. Hackers Propose Out-Of-This-World Way To Circumvent SOPA. Find Out Where Your Legislators Stand On SOPA, PIPA. What You Need to Know About SOPA in 2012. SOPA, GoDaddy and the Bottom-Up Democracy (or Mob Rule) of the Web. File Sharing Is Now an Official Religion In Sweden. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter considering “nuclear option” to protest SOPA. Eight Top Internet Firms Back Alternative To SOPA. SOPA-Supporting News Outlets Aren't Covering SOPA [STUDY] Det Missionerande Kopimistsamfundet. A Blacklist By Any Other Name, or, Washing Your Mind Out with SOPA.