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Map Skills

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Map skills aren't just for elementary school! In middle grades, map skills are an opportunity to use geometry and math skills such as calculating area and perimeter. They are also great for discussing geography and the idea of borders.

These resources should help students get an idea about how maps were different in the late Middle Ages, how to use a map to plan a trip, and offer some ideas for middle school geography lessons. Map Skills. The Gough Map, earliest known map of Britain from mid-1300's. Home - Gough Map.

Map Skills for Kids: Planning a Route on a Map. 5 Handy Geography Websites for Middle School Students. Remember those country reports we all created when we were in middle school?

5 Handy Geography Websites for Middle School Students

We were required to look up statistics like land area, languages spoken, population, etc. We also included maps and photos of the flag and important landmarks. As we are moving through our middle and high school geography lessons I am starting to realize how valuable these reports really are! This post contains affiliate links. By studying geography, students learn about the world in which they live — this is extremely important as our world continues to get “smaller” by becoming more connected every day.