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Crazy, weird, and derpy are 3 words that i would use to describe myself. Being crazy, weird, and derpy is good because it makes your stand out. God would have made us all the same if he didn't want us to stand out. Embrace what makes you, you. Don't let people tell you what is right or wrong about yourself and don't change who you really are for someone else. You really matter, don't let anyone tell you otherwise and don't let them say that they are better than you, cause guess what their NOT! Don't let people walk all over you cause you are NOT a sidewalk. People who know the real you, and love the real you are your true friends, not just some people who tell you that you need to look better and look like them in any way. People love you for you, DON'T EVER CHANGE YOU! <3 ^.^ I love the maze runner and funny quotes as much as a real best friend should love u! The best part about life is spending it with people who care about the real you, not spending time with people who make you feel like you need to change and meet their standards! I am not doing this for just other people who need the encouraging words, I am also doing this for me

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