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Recyclage récup bricolage

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How to Recycle. Ingeniously re-used products. Design is not always about expensive branded items.

Ingeniously re-used products

At times, it is about human ingenuity which surprises us occasionally by finding use in what appears useless. We hope this post inspires you to seek new ways to ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recyle…’ Mieulin believes you can make a box out of used plastic bottles. Fazendo Arte does not like to throw away old floppies. She likes to use them as binds for notepads.

Creative Chairs from Odd Materials. It is chairs, this time!

Creative Chairs from Odd Materials

We take a look at some of the most creatively recycled chairs out there. There is no argument that some of these may not be the most comfortable ones to sit on, but there is also no denying the genius of their designers in thinking of new ways to add function to these objects. First up, a chair made from gun shells! You never really know when they would come in handy! Alexander Reh was dead serious when he said he would make a chair out of gun shells. You have seen the gunshells. Spoons. By Osian Batyka-Williams And if you happen to have those old wooden playbricks that you used to play with when you were a kid, how about shaping that into a chair? Paper Trash or Recycled Furniture? That is the Question! « Scout Network Blog. Patrick B. | March 6th, 2014 Hong Kong produces roughly 1.8 million tones of paper trash each year.

Paper Trash or Recycled Furniture? That is the Question! « Scout Network Blog

Landfills are running out of space, and only a few people bother to recycle amid a consume-then-throw-away culture. Imagine if you could take all this paper trash and turn it into fully-functional and eco-friendly furniture using the art of papier-mâché. HK+1, a social enterprise in Hong Kong led by a group of fresh graduates, does exactly that. Armed with the vision of eliminating trash and creating awareness about the power of recycling, the group has produced a series of sturdy chairs and tables that can withstand daily usage. They firmly believe in the power of community engagement and want to solve the problem of waste before it becomes a crisis. The paper material used to create these products are collected by hundreds of jobless senior citizens, who sell paper trash and cardboard boxes they find on the streets for a couple of Hong Kong dollars per kilo. Recycle Your Books Into Great Lighting! - Lightpublic.

Posted By Lightopia on Dec 8, 2012 | 0 comments Use those classics for creating fabulous art pieces.

Recycle Your Books Into Great Lighting! - Lightpublic

Recycle Your Electronics ... Into Furniture! Amazing Building Made From 7,000 Recycled Phone Books. We have seen desks, book shelves, and tables made from old books and magazines, but never an entire building — until now.

Amazing Building Made From 7,000 Recycled Phone Books

Cette maison est un tas d’ordures. Au sens propre. Les cahiers de Joséphine - Page 167. Books As Furniture. Books As Furniture Due to the glue that binds books along their spine, most paper recyclers will not take books for recycling unless the cover and glue is removed.

Books As Furniture

Bed of Books. Via: Bench of Thought (Banco del Pensamiento) By Alvaro Tamarit, Bench made of books in Berlin. Unusual Furniture made from Books. A few months ago, we published an article about Unusual Furniture Design Inspiration.

Unusual Furniture made from Books

Here’s #2 with even more unusual furniture. When your bookshelves start to overflow and its time to make space for new favourites, consider turning your old volumes into furniture. Books as furniture - books table. The idea of re-purposing old or damaged books has always appealed to me and there is definitely something to be said for books as an element of décor (especially if they’re books you love); but books as furniture?

Books as furniture - books table

If it’s anything like the “book tables” below, yes, books as furniture may just be a great idea. Like this: Dons d’objets, annonces et don gratuit entre particuliers : voiture, meuble, vêtement à donner sur consoGlobe. Quoi faire avec de vieux livres, idées recyclage ! Avec de vieux livres vous pouvez créer de jolis hérissons pour décorer la maison.

Quoi faire avec de vieux livres, idées recyclage !

Voir les tutos : livres hérissons Avec de vieux livres de grandes tailles, vous pouvez faire de minis sapins de Noël. Voir les tutos : livres sapins Vous pouvez recycler vos livres en livres cachettes pour y ranger les objets que vous désirez garder secret. Une fois avoir découpé votre livre de l'intérieur, passez 1 ou 2 couches de vernis colle pour tenir soudées toutes les pages de votre livre.

Une idée originale et créative, c'est de transformer vos vieux livres en sacs. Une autre belle idée qui demande un peu de précaution : transformer un livre en mini jardinière. En entassant des piles de livres, vous pouvez vous faire une table d'appoint, un bureau, un plan de travail. Avec un peu d'imagination vous pouvez recycler vos livres en objets décorations. Ou encore plus fort carrément fabriquer un fauteuil 100 % livres recyclés.

Recycling Wood Pallets for Handmade Furniture, 15 DIY Projects. Recycling wood pallets is a fun and eco friendly way of making simple and inexpensive handmade furniture and storage shelves for stylish and unusual home decorating.

Recycling Wood Pallets for Handmade Furniture, 15 DIY Projects

Dining furniture and storage shelves, lighting fixtures and stands for displaying indoor plants are just few cheap and creative diy projects you can enjoy. Living rooms and children bedrooms, kitchen and entryways, interiors and outdoor rooms look comfortable and relaxing with handmade furniture and decor accessories made of recycled wood pallets. Deco & recup - pneu. Books as furniture or art (boeken als meubel of kunstobject) on Pinterest.