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Praveen Saanker pursued his passion in the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy through relentless intuition and understanding of the nuances of human behavior, their energies, and structure right from early childhood. Currently a Psychotherapist, Corporate Consultant, Coach & Trainer, Praveen pursued his Post-Graduation in Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Behavior from the Prestigious "University of Canterbury" and later a "Masters in Counseling" from same University.

Astrology Training in Chennai. DURATION : 3 DAYS Intensive Program Introduction to Astrology The Essentials of Astrology Casting the Horoscope Developing Judgmental Abilities - Hints to Judgment's Longevity and Death Personal Appearance, Character& Mind, Health & Disease Education and Financial Prospects Profession/Occupation Parents, Brothers, Enemies and Debts Marriage and Children Timing Events Horary Astrology Gochara or Transits Vedic Astrology A science that teaches the effects of planetary movements on people�s lives is called astrology.

Astrology Training in Chennai

Astrologers need to understand the correct position of planets, zodiacal fixed star signs at any given time, in relation to any place on earth. Once these parameters are known, astrologers can construct charts in relation to these positions. Ï¿½Veda� in Sanskrit means knowledge in the broad sense, and is known to be the origin for the word �Vedic�. Vedic philosophy or astrology assumes that all the things in our life are linked, according to the law of karma. Past Life regression Therapy in Chennai. Couples Counseling in Chennai. Couples counselingis a process where the differences and problems in a relationship or marriage are addressed.

Couples Counseling in Chennai

The therapist deals with the relationship between the individuals rather than the individuals themselves. The therapist recognises the troublesome differences, and the repeating patterns of distress in a relationship, and offer counseling services to reconcile. Couples counseling involves dealing with intractable problems with a relationship history, and the methods used to reconcile can differ from counselor to counselor. Marriage is one of the closest relationships, where the couple co-habits and a lot of it is based on trust and intimacy. When such an intimate relationship suffers, or stops working, the couple’s health and happiness is at stake. Couples may need counseling when their relationship suffers due to the external factors like work, money, health, and family pressures. The influences in a relationship are almost always reciprocal.

Hypnotherapy Centre in Chennai. Say Hypnotism and the common person’s first reaction is either fear or fascination.

Hypnotherapy Centre in Chennai

There is nothing to fear about, but many things to be fascinated about. You cannot be Hypnotized unless you are willing to be, and you will not do things that you do not want to do. Under Hypnotism, you are not in semi-sleep but in a hyper-attentive one. However, Hypnotism can be used to work on yourself, to become a better and more effective person that you are. Though history of medicine traces Hypnotism back to late 1700, when Franz Mesmer chanced upon it, and wrongly ascribed it to body magnetism, Hypnotism gained currency in the medical world only in the 1950s.In fact, the first doctor to try and practice it was James Braid, the Scottish doctor and surgeon in the late 1800s. Hypnosisis a small puzzle inside a greater puzzle called the human mind. How it would be to be under Hypnosis The state of being in Hypnosis is not new to you. Stress Counseling Centre. An individual reaction to the demands from other individuals or from self is called stress.

Stress Counseling Centre

If there exists an inability to deal with these expectations effectively, the mind causes tension. Because of stress, we cannot see our thoughts clearly, and it causes adverse effects by building up pressure in the form of stress and anger. Though a little bit of stress does not cause a problem, and gives us the motivation to get things done efficiently, too much of it can affect us physically and mentally. Stress in high levels can become the major cause of many illnesses. The brain releases many stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol to trigger a fight or flight reaction. Two types of stress that we encounter are – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Chennai. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a popular psychotherapeutic approach that uses various goal-oriented, and explicit systematic procedures to address dysfunctional emotions, maladaptive behaviors and cognitive processes and contents.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Chennai

This behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy or a therapy based on a combination of basic behavioral and cognitive principles and research is known as cognitive behavioural therapy. For patients with anxiety and depression, many therapists use a combination of cognitive and behavioural therapy. CBT focuses on problems and is very action oriented. CBT acknowledges the fact that many behaviours cannot be controlled through rational thought. Spirit Releasement Therapy in Chennai. Family Psychotherapists in Chennai.

Life coach in Chennai. What is life coaching?

Life coach in Chennai

Psychotherapist in Chennai. What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapist in Chennai

Therapeutic interaction between a client, patient, couple, family or group, and a trained professional is called psychotherapy. This therapy is a treatment, which addresses the problems faced by these clients, which are psychological in nature. The problems faced by family, group, individual, or couple can arise due to varied causes, influences, triggers and other potential resolutions. Depending on the experience or capability of the professional, accurate assessment of these causes can be made, and therapeutic solutions can be arrived at. As the practitioner gains experience, the assessment can change or evolve considerably with more knowledge and insight. Psychotherapy sessions include various interactive processes that occur between an individual or group and a qualified mental health professional, who could be a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, licensed counselor, or any other trained practitioner. Psychologist in Chennai.