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Ranjit Sangha

Casey Building Consultants one of the leading insured Building and pest inspectors in Melbourne. Founded by Mr. Ranjit Sangha in 2016, we have taken over more than hundred successful projects with innumerable satisfied clients.

Pre Purchase Property Inspection Melbourne. Nowadays, Melbourne is considered one of the most sought after market place for real estate property for in Australia today.

Pre Purchase Property Inspection Melbourne

In fact, investors from within and outside Melbourne are eyeing the property market. Pre purchase property inspection in Melbourne has been emphasized before in order for such investors to buy properties in good condition. Avoiding a pre purchase property inspection would leave hidden flaws in the house to continue to exist. A certain issue with the building might be reflected on some reports which may be arranged on the property. How to Identify Mould During Home Inspection. While mould is considered to be a good natural thing, it isn’t so appreciated when you find it growing in your home.

How to Identify Mould During Home Inspection

Besides its undesirable look in your home, it can cause a fair damage to your house and it can even pose a health risk to you and your family. As one of the experienced new home inspections Werribee company, here Casey Building Consultants puts together 4 essential tips to identify mould in your home. Consider Mould as a Problem First of all, you need to consider mould as a problem. If you let the mould grow it will widely spread in the surface thereby weakening it. When to Give Your Plumbing a Check – Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne – Casey Building Consultants.

One of the leading building and property inspector in Melbourne, Casey Building Consultants strongly recommends that you inspect all the plumbing pipes in your home on a periodic basis.

When to Give Your Plumbing a Check – Building And Pest Inspection Melbourne – Casey Building Consultants

It is to determine if all is functioning properly, or if some contain a water leakage problem. If you’re not sure about anything, please call a professional building inspector. And if you feel confident enough,here are 7 effective tips which might help you find out any plumbing issues persisting in your house. With the time being passed, water pipes in your home are tend to corrode.

Once its bitterly corroded, replacement is necessary. Pre Handover House Inspection Melnourne. One of the most effective custom in building inspection in Melbourne is pre handover house inspection.

Pre Handover House Inspection Melnourne

Now-a-days, most supervisors will rush you through the Handover process, praying on your eagerness to move into your new home and your ignorance of what’s acceptable or not. You should remember that a supervisor goes through this process 1 or 2 times a week, while most home owners would only do it 1 or 2 times in their life, so who do you think is the more skilful at it? That’s why this pre handover house inspection is a must for all new home owners. This inspection covers more than 500 aspects of your new home, including but not limited to – 1.

New House Inspection Melbourne. Common Drainage Problems Found During House Inspection * Building inspector Melbourne. A very common drainage problem that is widely found during pre-purchase building and pest inspections by our professional building inspector on several parts of Melbourne is the ground or paving around the perimeter of the house is not in a slanting position or not sloping away from the base of walls.

Common Drainage Problems Found During House Inspection * Building inspector Melbourne

After rain if the water does not drain away from the base of the walls, it can produce the following problems : The foundation the walls can be weakenedThe wet area often leading to foundation shift or movementClogged water can rise timber pest problems If such drainage problems are reported in your Pre-Purchase Building inspection report card, you should seriously take into consideration the cost of improving the drainage and repair the problem before you enter in your new house.

Regards: New House Inspection Melbourne. Common Drainage Problems Found During House Inspection * Building inspector Melbourne. WHY THERMAL IMAGING IS IMPORTANT IN BUILDING INSPECTION * Building inspector Melbourne. Thermal imaging is an instrument popularly used for water leakage & moisture identification by the professional building inspectors in Melbourne as well as Australia.


It is generally used to measure the severity of the moisture causing problem in the home. While inspecting a building, the building inspector uses these infrared thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature differences. This tool is quite important as moisture or water leakage-related problems if left unidentified can cause deterioration in the structure, lead to mould and mildew growth which can be very expensive to fix.

Building Inspection Services in Melbourne. Building and Pest Inspector Melbourne. Certifications of Mr.

Building and Pest Inspector Melbourne

Ranjit Sangha (Founder – CBC): 1. CPP30115 Certificate III in Urban Pest Management CPPPMT3005 Manage pest without applying pesticides. CPPPMT3006 Manage pests by applying pesticides. 2. Certificate No. – 16F403791 3. Not only do we provide the most experienced Inspections in the area, we also offer the most economical prices possible We only believe in quality work. Our Building Inspector is available on 0433360660 (8am – 10pm) if you have any query or need any advice. For detailed information or to get a free quote, feel free to contact us on: Pre Handover House Inspection Melnourne. Building Inspector Melbourne (2) UTILITY OF FLOOR INSPECTIONS * Building inspector Melbourne. Anyone working in the building and construction industry will be well informed with the functions of the floor joist.

UTILITY OF FLOOR INSPECTIONS * Building inspector Melbourne

Here let’s take a look at the utilities of floor joists that play a huge role in building inspection. The Assessment: Floor joists are horizontal supporting members that sit on top of bearers and run between foundations, walls or beams in order to provide support for the ceiling and floor. Usually, these floor joists are most commonly made out of timber and need to be made large enough to bear an anticipated load for a longer period of time. How Floor Joist Affect your Property: If the floor joists are problematic, it can puta negative impact on your house. They often cause saggy floors.You would feel difficulties in putting your furniture evenly as it would wobbleThey also would create some unsightly gaps appearing between floorboards. The Remedy: However, there are some steps that can fix the problem. PROFESSIONAL BUILDING INSPECTOR IN MELBOURNE. Insured Pest Control Service Melbourne. New House Inspection Melbourne.

New House Inspection Melbourne.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne | Building Inspector

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne. Building and Pest inspection Melbourne. There is a saying – “Home Sweet Home”.

Building and Pest inspection Melbourne

But it doesn’t remain ‘sweet’ if it is affected by pest or termites.