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20 Awesome HTML5 Website Templates Which Are Free. A lot had been share about HTML5 on the Internet, as it’s one of the latest trending topics..

20 Awesome HTML5 Website Templates Which Are Free

It is considered as the next big thing. HTML5 is another stepping stone to make the web experience more enjoyable and gratifying for its users. A lot of people out there are trying to learn as much about HTML5 as they possibly can, because it’s going to come loaded with a bunch of new features that webmasters can employ to make their website that much better. That’s another reason why so many people out there are looking for HTML5 templates that they can use on their blogs and websites. The web has changed quite a bit and it’s about to change majorly with the introduction of HTML5. Please make sure to follow the terms of use before utilizing any of these free HTML5 templates for your projects and create rich applications. Advertisement A free HTML5 and CSS3 theme More Information on A free HTML5 and CSS3 theme Free HTML5 Template for Design Company Website SocialStream HTML5 and CSS3 Template. Inspitrational HTML5 Websites. Inspirational HTML5 websites that will give you ideas, inspiration for your next web project.

Inspitrational HTML5 Websites

There’s been a lot of talk about HTML5. What does this mean for designers and how will it change the way we design. what makes HTML5. HTML5 promises to make the Internet more functional and interactive. It will transform the web of flat, static pages into one filled with web applications — as compelling as desktop versions — running in browsers. HTML5 represents the progression of the core language that underlies the Internet. I have put together a list of HTML5 websites that provides you with examples of websites that use HTML5 and how it is being used. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 12. 13. 360° Langstrasse. Magazine webdesign et blog collaboratif - Blog Du Webdesign.

Web of Color: Bold and Beautiful Uses of Color in Web Design. Mar 06 2012 As we look around the web, we see so many examples of designers who have brilliantly used color in web design projects to make the page or various page elements really pop.

Web of Color: Bold and Beautiful Uses of Color in Web Design

Even in some cases when we see designers opting for more minimal designs, using bold splashes of color can really take the look to fantastic new heights in very simple ways. Using bright, bold colors can often be risky, as the colors can end up visually overwhelming or even downright uncomfortable. So it has to be done with care. Below is a showcase of sites where the designers struck that balance nicely.

Web of Color Will Fernandes’ Personal Portfolio is a perfect example of using bold colors throughout the design to really bring the personality of the site to life in beautiful fashion. Blurst uses both strong colors and bold typographic elements to create a really sharp design that by contrast remains soft and comfortable. Moby beautifully injects random bits of color in an otherwise lightly tinted design. Templates. For any web designer/developer willing to build a quality and good-looking website quickly, Bootstrap is probably the 1st option that comes to mind.


It is an impressive front-end framework with the wide range of elements + components it includes and the consistency (in means of design + functionality) of each of them. Today, we are releasing an amazing and exclusive freebie for WRD readers: a free Bootstrap template: Bootstrapper which is designed by the popular template marketplace FlashMint and comes with the HTML5-CSS3 + PSD source files. Bootstrapped is a perfect fit for the website of any creative individual, company or app/service: like designers, photographers, developers, web agencies, a product, etc. Almost any use. It is responsive and includes a slider in the frontpage to showcase any content wanted and a slider of featured works + latest news. A portfolio page exists with a choice of 2-3-4 columns where items can be categorized and sorted with the popular Isotope interface. Create.

20 Creative Web Designs. Saqqara. De saqqara au Musée du Louvre : le mastaba d'Akhethétep. 40 Creative Single Page Portfolio Websites. Effective Website Designs with Dark Color Schemes.