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Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available. If you’ve downloaded the newest version of Smart Notebook (v 11) then you might have noticed a link in the regular gallery to the Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0.

Smart Notebook Gallery 2.0 : Beta now available

This wasn’t available at launch. But now it is! Download. Rrisd-flipcharts - home. Smart Notebook App for Ipad Announced. Rumours of this app were leaked last week, then it all went quiet, so its good to see that there’s now an official announcement on the EdCompass blog.

Smart Notebook App for Ipad Announced

From this summer, teachers and students will be able to use SMART Notebook software on an iPad using the SMART Notebook app. Using the SMART Notebook app, it will be possible to use many of the tools typically used on the SMART Board. It will be possible to open SMART Notebook file on their iPad, from an e-mail or site such as Dropbox, and write, erase, add text, move objects and insert images. The app will be AirPlay enabled and so will supports AirPlay for Apple TV to share iPad screens. TES iboard: Hundreds of interactive resources ideal for whiteboards.


Whiteboardprimary. Sankore - free open source IWB software. Open-Sankore is free interactive whiteboard software that is compatible with all types of IWB.

Sankore - free open source IWB software

It’s based on what was previously called Uniboard software. It’s been in beta for a while, and from what I can see this is a recent release, although it still needs some work. The basic tools that you would expect are here. You can write with a pen (4 colours only) and a pencil. There’s a rubber tool, lines and text. Learning Spot Lessons : Interactive Whiteboard Content for K-5. Carson-Dellsoa has recently launched a product called Learning Spot™ Lessons providing content for teachers to use on their interactive whiteboards.

Learning Spot Lessons : Interactive Whiteboard Content for K-5

The units cover grades K – 5 with topics range from language arts to math and, science. Each Common Core-based unit includes lesson plans, extension activities, state correlations and more. . The units I looked at were currently matched to the US and Canadian standards and I understand that they will also be matched to the UK curriculum eventually too. The way it works is that you download and install the Learning Spot player, and then purchase and download content modules. You may install the Learning Spot Library and access your content on up to five different devices at a time.


Triptico - an essential interactive whiteboard resource for teachers. I have written about Triptico a few years ago, but it’s worth mentioning again since the site, and their resources, has had quite a revamp since then.

Triptico - an essential interactive whiteboard resource for teachers

Triptico has changed from being a website of online resources to a downloadable application which runs locally. Triptico uses the Adobe Air platform, so as long as your school network allows you to install it then you’ll have no problems. You might need to have a word with your technician just in case…. The Triptico resource application currently contains 20 different interactive resources – all of which are easy to edit, adapt, save and share. You can access them all with one simple download… everything is completely free – and you will receive updates whenever new resources are added! Triptico - an essential interactive whiteboard resource for teachers. Promethean ActivInspire - Adding Graph Paper and Grids. One of the things that I often get asked by teachers when delivering whiteboard training sessions is how to get graph paper onto their whiteboard screens.

Promethean ActivInspire - Adding Graph Paper and Grids

With the old ActivStudio/ActivPrimary (and also in Smart Notebook) you had to select these grids from the resource library. With ActivInspire this has been made a lot easier. The grid is always there on the page, it’s just hidden by default so you can’t see it. Although it’s simpler, it’s often a feature that is missed by most teachers – it’s not an entirely obvious way to get it. I thought it would be worth highlighting this method for Promethean ActivInspire users.

InteractiveWhiteboard.net.au. New Tech Tools. I have found two new tech tools that I am really happy with.

New Tech Tools

The first is the whole reason I wanted the iPad from school - a great app called Educreations. Educreations is a screencasting app. It lets me import image files (which I can create from my SMART Notebook files) straight from Dropbox very easily and I can create screencasts for my students.


Using interactive whiteboards without whiteboard software. This is my contribution to an Ed Tech Blog Carnival, you can find out more by going here.

Using interactive whiteboards without whiteboard software

While I wandering around the BETT show the other week, there were many interactive whiteboards on show that did not come with what I’d recognise as Notebook/Flipchart software. This was especially true of some of the cheap chinese boards who seemed to purely be demonstrating that you could use their board to to use Google Earth. Some brands of board came bundled with third party software such as Easiteach or Wizteach, while some had very cut down software that was not fit for purpose. Others came with no software at all, apart from a hardware driver, in which case they’re just selling a giant mouse/tablet and leaving it up to the teacher to find the content.

This got me thinking. Educreations. ShowMe - The Online Learning Community. Check your Interactive Whiteboard Gallery. One of the issues that I find when I go into schools to deliver Smart or Promethean whiteboard training is that quite often the software on teachers computers is not installed completely.

Check your Interactive Whiteboard Gallery

The software will work fine, but the bank of resources that’s comes as part of the install is often missing. This is a real shame as, on both Smart and Promethean boards, the gallery contains loads of very useful images and interactive resources that can add additional impact to your lesson resources. I find that it’s an unknown unknown situation – most teachers don’t know the resource library should be there – so they don’t know what they are missing out on. And often when it’s installed the technicians don’t know to install it either. So it’s only when a whiteboard trainer comes in that they can see what they’re missing.

Topmarks interactive whiteboard resources.