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Christopher Birt

Hi, I’m CB, which is what my friends have called me my entire life. I’ve been an actor for 40 years and a traveler for life, mostly through tour guiding.

Check out the famous food bloggers. Travel, See, Write: International Travel Writers. The Wanderer: To become a travel blogger. Who is Christopher Birt? One of the Famous Food Blogger. How do I become a travel blogger? Who is behind the cb actor traveler? Famous Food Bloggers in USA. The career for eaters and explorers. The N Word - Travel. And why staying silent is not a choice anymore was started in December of 2019 as a vehicle to practice writing in a way that would allow me to begin submitting pitches and story ideas about travel and food to first local publications, then perhaps later larger ones, with the goal of eventually becoming a travel writer.

The N Word - Travel

I never considered myself an expert on anything really, but after attending a travel writers conference in Little Rock, Arkansas, September of 2019, I was encouraged that there were many people of a certain age, I’ll turn 55 in mid June, that were finding success and second and third careers in that industry, and having successfully accomplished goals in my first career as an actor, I thought I could give it a try. This is a blog I never wanted to write. Still don’t. It’s been on the calendar for over a month, long before that fateful Memorial Day, when the whole world seemed to be imploding, viewing brutality and racism at its very worst.

Most famous food blogger. Food Blogging: The Career For Eaters And Explorers. Sourdough at Home - Travel. When Lucio’s bread baking class saved my quarantine blues There are very few things in life that are more satisfying than baking bread.

Sourdough at Home - Travel

Watching the amazing process of turning flour, water and salt into what you see in the photos above still inspire me. During this time I’ve seen about 10 million articles online about baking bread at home. Always late to the party, I thought I’d join in and put together a blog and video with a bonus. Footage from the bread baking class I took in October 2019 at Surfas Culinary district in Culver City. There are 2 other sources I’ve used to gather skills. Two required items. It takes about 5 days and a 5lb bag of flour to make your own starter. Lucio’s Bread baking class Lucio’s Sourdough Bread recipe Levain Recipe % grams bread flour 100 247 water (75-85F) 75 186 starter 25 62 total 200 495 (note – use the Kitchen scale and refer to grams) Bread Recipe – Autolyse Bread flour 75 424 Whole wheat flour 25 141 water (76-85F) 75 424 Levain 87.5 495 salt 2.7 15 Enjoy!

Cbactortraveler. Top Travel Blog Websites. Surviving The Quarantine And Adjusting To The New Normal. Surviving the Quarantine and adjusting to the new normal These are definitely historic times.

Surviving The Quarantine And Adjusting To The New Normal

Never before have I done daily inventory on basic household products with a constant mind on rationing. “Ok, I got 2 eggs left. I can use those for pancakes or meatballs! 5 Tips To Become A Successful Travel Blogger - Christopher Birt - Medium. About CB Actor Traveler. How To Pick The Best Travelogue To Read. Are you searching for the best write-ups with inspiring stories of the world?

How To Pick The Best Travelogue To Read

Well, it may seem a bit difficult to find out one travel blogger amongst many. But here, with the help of this blog, we will give you some insight into the same and help you to pick the suitable one according to your whims and desires. 5 Bucket List places for 2020 & 1 Resolution - Travel. Usually by this time of the year, I’ve looked at the calendar to see what breaks I have in the new year and where I’d like to go.

5 Bucket List places for 2020 & 1 Resolution - Travel

The worlds a big place and there’s so much I haven’t seen. I want to go everywhere. 2020 is a big year, being an Olympics lover, and having recently been to Tokyo for the 1st time, I anticipate great things from the Japanese when it’s their turn on the Worlds stage. I took a cool bike tour that I’ll write about later and have video to accompany. Be patient please, I am an IT nightmare and work in progress. My background emphasizes the importance of editing. How to be a travel blogger in 2020. The Racial Harmony Chocolate Chip cookie - Travel. Remember going to the mall when you were a kid?

The Racial Harmony Chocolate Chip cookie - Travel

When I was young, close to 1000 years ago, malls were the center of all teenage social activity. It’s where we looked for girls (emphasis on looked), played video games at the arcade, watched movies and ate junk at the food court. Upwards of 8 hours daily could be spent at the mall. Everyone was there, it was like a live Facebook, except local. In the late 70’s early 80’s, an oasis magically appeared at the mall in the form of a kiosk. Mrs Fields cookies. The experience with love for travel writing and photography- C. B. Posted by cbactortraveler on January 28th, 2020 Travel blogging and photography is a task of passion and liking.

The experience with love for travel writing and photography- C. B

If one wants to live this with full enthusiasm, the success will definitely kiss their feet very soon. The best part of being a travel-blogger and photographer is, along with pursuing your passion, you can also enjoy travelling to faraway places and cherish the memories with the help of photographs, for which you can earn money as well. I have been an actor for the last 40 years along with a lifetime traveler and also joined the international travel writers and photographers alliance. The former is my profession, and the latter is my passion. Challenges shouldn't be any mean to prevent you If you are confident enough about your persuasion, then there is nothing that can prevent you to have success in it.

Travelling-My life changing experience There are a number of new things you need to experience while travelling to different countries or regions. Challenging experiences: