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Oficios: curso de corte y confección. 180+ Free Sewing Patterns for Men, Women and Children. Gorgeous Fabrics: The Name Says It All! I’m wearing my bullet-proof underwear today, so I’m going to put it out there.

Gorgeous Fabrics: The Name Says It All!

Three posts back, Michelle noted that Blue Ginger Doll, an “indie” pattern company, seems to have shut down with little or no notice. Sure enough, when I went to the site, it has a little closed sign hanging on the page. I have no affiliation with Blue Ginger Doll, and I don’t know the owner/designer, so I have no idea what may have happened. I have linked to their patterns from Gorgeous Fabrics on occasion, but that’s the extent of it. Hopefully everything is okay with the owner. Round about two years back, it seemed like there was an explosion in the number of patterns being offered by new companies. Then it died down. Too many beginner styles, not enough beginners. The problem arises when saturation sets in. Cute idea on paper, crappy execution IRL Ever been seduced by the soft lighting, beautiful backgrounds and cute posing of the model in some of the photographs of independent patterns?

Happy sewing! Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing ...: Is there a Trick to Sewing Glittery Fabrics???? My gut is telling me not to do it.

Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing ...: Is there a Trick to Sewing Glittery Fabrics????

It's a GORGEOUS fabric but I fear it will ruin my sewing machine. And I wouldn't even think twice about running it through my serger. I fear it will damage my blade. The fabric is a black slinky knit with a gorgeous and intricate design of ---- in which the flowers in the design are highlighted with lots turquoise glitter. I mean so much so that when you even look at the fabric a pound of glitter sloughs off.

Something tells me that the thought of sewing this should make me nervous. Molde de costura blusa sin pinza de busto. A partir de la Blusa Básica dibujaremos este molde, del cual podrá obtener diferentes modelos de blusas por lo que es recomendable hacerlo en cartulina o cartón y tenerlo a disposición para hacer las transformaciones a futuro.

Molde de costura blusa sin pinza de busto

Trazado de patrón de costura para confeccionar una blusa sin pinzas de busto, con holgura en la cintura para omitir colocación de cierres. Recomendado para trabajar en géneros elásticos o rígidos cortado al bies. VIDEO TUTORIAL:)DELANTEROProcedimiento:Trace la Blusa Básica como se explica en el TUTORIALColoque el molde sobre un pliego de papel doblado, haciendo coincidir el centro delantero con el doblez del papel.Transfiera todo el contorno y nomenclatura (números, letras) (Fig. 1)Del Punto d hacia b unir con curva.Dividir el molde en dos partes recontando desde el Punto g hacia el Punto b.

(Fig. 2)No preste atención a la figura 3. Camisa de caballero con Canesú. Cómo hacer un cuello bebé 2/3. Continuamos con la confección del cuello bebé, que sería igual para cualquier otro tipo de cuello plano.

Cómo hacer un cuello bebé 2/3

En la entrada anterior vimos como trazar el patrón con una prenda o desde un patrón y ahora vamos a ver cómo coser el cuello. Pero antes he recopilado algunas fotos con algunos modelos de cuello bebé para que os den algunas ideas. Tutorial to make a Peter Pan collar from scratch. Tutorial para hacer un cuello bebé desde cero. When I began to sew my clothes, one of the first frustrations I had was the collars.

Tutorial to make a Peter Pan collar from scratch. Tutorial para hacer un cuello bebé desde cero

There was no way that they remain well finished, sometimes they were completely flattened ... lifeless, were sometimes uneven, sometimes with the ends totally defying gravity upturned ... Over time I discovered some tips that helped me to improve them and after much practice I've gotten dominate them, so I thought I'd share with you a tutorial for drawing the pattern, cut and make a Peter Pan collar perfectly plumb from scratch. Although in general this tutorial is useful for all kinds of collars. Here we go ... Cuando yo empezaba a coser mi ropa, una de las primeras frustraciones que tuve fue los cuellos. Now we have four pieces of the collar in the arrangement of the first picture, interfacing with the iron to two parts, these parts with interlining are the underside of the collar, the bellow layer. The first photo shows how it should be placed bias strip, sew it uniting all layers of fabric.