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Sustainable product design - in pictures. Special Packaging book. 13 Hot Sustainable Products To Follow in 2013. "Hottest" lists have been making a comeback lately, and here we are with a few of our own!

13 Hot Sustainable Products To Follow in 2013

Inspired by our community's intensifying surge of new business value, creativity and the resulting solutions taking us toward a more sustainable economy, we would like to turn your attention to some key developments worth following — and acting on — in the corporate sustainability space this year. We are grouping them in four lists, and will be publishing them one at a time over the course of several days. Today we start with a look at 13 hot products that not only achieve drastic reductions in environmental and social impacts in their categories, but also have the potential to ultimately transform their entire industries.

Here we go: Fascinating stories, without exception. How you can use sustainable design and save the world. 'Sustainable design' is a commonly used term these days, but it isn't a separate branch of design, or an optional add-on to an existing design.

How you can use sustainable design and save the world

In this day and age, all design should be sustainable - in terms of environment, economy and society. According to the United Nations, our designs need to meet "the economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of the planet to provide for the needs of future generations". In other words, says illustrator, graphic designer and art director Philippe Intraligi, it's "much more than just sticking a 'green' label on existing products. Sustainability is 'the ultimate design brief' "There are professions more harmful than design", wrote the godfather of sustainable design, Victor Papanek in 1972, "but only a few".

Sustainability is 'the ultimate design brief'

Papanek accused designers of creating useless, unnecessary and unsafe products; of wastefully propagating product obsolescence; of creating "stuff-lust" that promoted materialistic lifestyles. As the 2012 London Design Festival kicks off this week, one wonders how much has really changed. Are the objects of desire emerging from the festival destined to bulge our landfills or secure our future? A look at the agenda shows scant reference to sustainability so one can only conclude, and hope, these issues are increasingly integrated rather than dealt with as a stand-alone.

Design matters The material world that surrounds us – the signs that direct us, the smartphone pages we flick through, the way we use buildings, how we move around cities – is consciously or unconsciously designed. Sustainable Design & Technology education resources. 50m tonnes of e-waste generated every year – and it is increasing. The developing world is becoming the west's digital dumping ground.

50m tonnes of e-waste generated every year – and it is increasing

Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Design, Eco-innovation. Sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability.

Sustainable packaging

This involves increased use of life cycle inventory (LCI) and life cycle assessment (LCA)[2][3] to help guide the use of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footprint. It includes a look at the whole of the supply chain: from basic function, to marketing, and then through to end of life (LCA) and rebirth.[4] Additionally, an eco-cost to value ratio can be useful[5] The goals are to improve the long term viability and quality of life for humans and the longevity of natural ecosystems. 10 tips for sustainable package design. For nearly a decade, the biggest buzz in packaging has been the move toward sustainability, or “green” packaging.

10 tips for sustainable package design

Driven by retailer requirements, public perception, economic pressures (petroleum, in particular), and government policies, sustainability impacts every aspect of a package—from the source of its raw materials to its end of life—and as such has proven to be an incredibly complex issue. But over the years of debate and discovery, we have learned some core truths about the topic. First, there is no such thing today as a completely sustainable package. Instead, sustainability is a journey. The goal is to make incremental improvements over time in the sustainability of a package to reduce its overall environmental impact. One caveat, however: Sustainability metrics and standards are still evolving, so pick a program, and stick with it. 2.

SUSTAINABILITY. The Green Glue Company was originally named after the color of our flagship product, but our brand is “green” in other ways as well.


We are committed to the values of sustainability and environmental stewardship in our manufacturing practices. Our facilities in Granville, New York, produce close to zero waste, and we are big believers in recycling. Green Glue container tubes, for example, are made out of 100% recycled materials. One of the most important goals of sustainability is reducing pollution. Even though it’s invisible, there is a growing realization that noise is a form of pollution, and it takes its toll on all living creatures. Introduction to biodegradable plastics. Design Sustainably. What is sustainability?

Design Sustainably

Sustainability goes beyond just "being green" and is moreover not easy to achieve. Its concept is interconnected with everything we do, consume and make. Currently there is nothing created by humans that truly fits its definition. Sustainability is defined as allowing for the needs of all people to be met without preventing those same needs from being met by future generations (Brundtland Commission, 1987). This definition of was conceived to benefit only humanity. 200 Shipping Storage Postal Cardboard Boxes 9 5x8x3 SC159. You are viewing NEW gift / general / removal / moving / large / presentation / packing boxes, made from a 3mm thick corrugated board, making them perfect for posting light - medium heavy items! This box can be used to post Books, Pictures, T-shirts, magazines, modelling kits, plates, toys, clothes, garments, the list is endless! This box is self erecting, very easy to assemble so NO NEED FOR GLUE!

Thorntons Mini Caramel Shortcakes 10 per pack(Product Information) Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty. Distant Village Packaging. Client: Pacha Soap Pacha Soap is a socially and environmentally responsible soap maker, we love their wonderful soaps and clean ethos, and so we wanted to hear what they had to say about our labels.

Distant Village Packaging

The custom hemp and wild-grass label we made for their product, they said, helps it look “unique”, and “like no other” on the shelf. “The quality of the paper looks beautiful, and helps with marketing and presentation.” TEDxUIUC - Eric Benson - Sustainable Graphic Design. Distant Village. 72 Sustainable Packaging Designs - From Flexible Eco Packaging to Leafy Lighthearted Branding. Incorporating eco-friendly features into a product is a great way to help out the environment, and these sustainable packaging designs are showcasing that inventive eco branding can make a significantly bold impact.

72 Sustainable Packaging Designs - From Flexible Eco Packaging to Leafy Lighthearted Branding

The packaging of a product is often the best way to visually engage and attract potential consumers, and by infusing eco-friendly methods into the design, retailers are able to creatively distinguish themselves apart from other less eco conscious brands. Showcasing that sustainable materials and eco designs doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or overall appearance, these unique packaging examples will definitely have environmental enthusiasts satisfied by all the unique green touches. From creative cardboard food packages to upcycled soap bottles and organic envelopes, these sustainable packaging designs will certainly stand out amongst any shelf with their detailed environmental touches. Thornton's Caramel Shortcake 10Pk. A serving contains the following of your guideline daily amount Guideline Daily Amount Summary Calories69, 3%of your GDASaturates2g, 8%of your GDA Product properties Delivering the freshest food to your door- Find out more >

Custom Folding Carton Printing - Retail Packaging Supplies and Commercial Printers ular Boxes. The Sins of Greenwashing: Home and Family Edition. Sustainable graphic design: Inks - the sustainable designers quick guide. In this quick guide to inks we'll cover the toxic and environmental impacts of inks and the various alternatives available. At the end there's a quick summary of inks that don't deink - important information that may change your choice of printing! Traditionally inks used in the professional printing industry have been petroleum-based. These were introduced in the 1960's as they dried a lot quicker than vegetable-based inks. Design Sustainably.

Greener Packaging Design Set a more sustainable course for packaging by incorporating the following guidelines into your next project. Ideally, sustainable packaging should: Eliminate excess or unnecessary material (also known as rightsizing). Be made as light as possible without sacrificing durability (also known as lightweighting). Be made with nontoxic, renewable materials (see bioplastics and Cradle to Cradle).

Green Gate Bio Packaging: Eco-friendly Food Packaging Materials. Paper : The papers used to manufacture our products are either from recycled or sustainable forest sources ensuring that our forests are not depleted. Paper can either be recycled or, since paper is produced from organic matter, can also biodegrade. PLA stands for Polylactic Acid which is a biodegradable plastic derived from renewable plant resources such as corn starch. Design Sustainably. Sustainability - Ethics in Graphic Design. Sustainable practices for graphic designers include a wide range of issues.

When creating traditional print materials the toxicity of ink and paper and the sheer quantity of paper produced need to be considered. 50+ Eco-friendly & Recyclable Packaging Inspiration. Free template downloads and instructions for treat packaging. If you’ve checked in lately, you’ve already seen the pretty treat packaging I’ve designed because I wanted a special way to package up individual servings of treats for giving away. Today I’m sharing free printable templates for each of the packages, as well as a sheet of tags with fun “sweet” sayings on them.

Each package can be made fairly quickly using one sheet of 8.5×11 paper, EXCEPT the brownie box which needs to be 8.5×12 (so cut down a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper for this box). PACKAGING BOOK. Eco-labels center. How to Detect Greenwashing Ads. Rakafuki Friends. STEMPELSCHWESTER: Nur ein kurzes "Hallo" Heute abend ist wieder Stempeln in netter Runde angesagt. Eco-Friendly Materials. Eco friendly packaging & catering disposables. What Is Sustainable Packaging? Shoebox redesign. 10 Examples of Sustainability Plans for Graphic Designers. With architecture and product design, it’s pretty easy to craft a sustainability or “green” strategy that makes sense. Design Sustainably.