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Use Dropbox for More Than Just File Syncing. I can't give enough praise to Dropbox.

Use Dropbox for More Than Just File Syncing

As a web designer working from many different computers on many different website I simply couldn't live without it. I use a combination of Notepad++, Bitvise Tunnelier, FileZilla, and the Gimp portable. All of my profiles for Tunnelier and FileZilla are stored on my profile and can even be password protected if I want extra security. Gimp and Notepad++ work really well as portable apps. Geek to Live: Choose (and remember) great passwords. How to Use Dropbox as the Ultimate Password Syncer. Geek to Live: Securely track your passwords. Download of the Day: File Hippo Update Checker (Windows)

Secure your laptop with Laptop Alarm. Turn Your Webcam into a Motion-Sensing Security Camera with Yawcam. Secure your laptop with the LaptopLock. Protect Yourself from Drive-By Browser Malware Attacks. SExpand.

Protect Yourself from Drive-By Browser Malware Attacks

Install and run Ubuntu without disturbing Windows. S Complete Guide to Windows 7. @cjmazur: How short-sighted and prejudice can an Apple fanboi get!?

s Complete Guide to Windows 7

"Looking at Microsoft's history with operating system launches, let's look at the possible outcome. " I mean I know it's not uncommon for you guys to crotch-nurse from 'ol Stevie, but is it possible for you to come up with an original thought of your own without regurgitating the BS that Apple commercials feed you? Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes. Excellent tips, I have a couple others to add to it though.

Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes

Dress Well: Seriously, this is a huge one. Want to avoid crap in the security checkpoints? Create a Minimalist "Undesktop" for Distraction-Free Productivity. You Don't Need to Regularly Reinstall Windows; Here's Why. The Best Windows Tweaks that Still Work in Windows 7. How to Thief-Proof Your Laptop. Set Up a Foolproof and Fireproof Automatic Backup Plan. @AmphetamineCrown: If ALL your data is "mission critical" then yes, several weeks to recover is useless.

Set Up a Foolproof and Fireproof Automatic Backup Plan

(though BackBlaze, prices same as mozy, offers to put your data on disks or drives and ship them to you overnight, not bad, and you keep the HDDs you buy if you need to, and they're reasonably priced). However, how much of your data matters NOW? 2GB, 5GB, 30GB? I seriously doubt your 2TB of movies are mission critical. Set Up Space-Saving, Permanent Gmail and Reader Tabs in Firefox. Five Best Windows Firewalls. Nine Common Myths and Misconceptions About Viruses, Examined and Debunked. Five Best Book Recommendation Services. How to Get Started with Usenet in Three Simple Steps.

Learn a language with open source software. Five Best Antivirus Applications. None of the above!

Five Best Antivirus Applications

[] Seriously, though, I haven't actually used an anti-virus since 1997 or so. I keep one installed in Windows just in case (Norton before, AVG now), but I disable it and only use it when I want to scan a file I already suspect of being infected. It's not an option for an average user, and I wouldn't suggest it for everyone, but a bit of sense combined with regular security updates and a separate firewall (such as on a decent router) is perfectly fine.

AV products are a great way to turn a fast PC into a slow one, especially if they scan everything you do as you do it. The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi. Great article.

The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi

A few caveats, though, that I've found in my personal experiences (of course, these ARE just my personal experiences, your mileage may vary). I've done a lot of air travel this summer, and I have been in a total of ONE airport that had free wi-fi. Everything else was pay-for-access. And the free one was slow as all hell. I couldn't even browse the internet comfortably. Al, as awesome as the iPhone tethering hack is, know that it breaks visual voicemail (though once you remove the hack, visual voicemail goes back to normal). Also, I've tried apps like WifiTrak on my iPod touch, and to be honest, it's never helped me at all. How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks. Hive Five Winner for Best Mind Mapping Software: FreeMind. Use the Multi-Stash Method to Keep Your Travel Cash Safe.

Top 10 Downloads for a Road Warrior Laptop. @silphium: Wait, how was this simpler and faster again?

Top 10 Downloads for a Road Warrior Laptop

:) @Mr.Sparkle: I said "to connect". Reading is fundamental ;) The Geek's Vacation Checklist. Don't forget to unplug everything at home.

The Geek's Vacation Checklist

Honestly do you really enjoy spending your money powering your home phone charger while you are gone? Your home theater will eat 1 amp an hour while you are gone. etc... unplug the equipment rack in the basement, the Whole house audio, the cable boxes, Home theater, and the video distribution system all can be turned off completely by unplugging it for that week or two you spend in Maui or the Bahamas. NOTE: some low end cable boxes like the ones comcast uses will lose their auth settings and require a call to reactivate them. Hot Image Your PC's Hard Drive with DriveImage XML. How to Encrypt and Hide Your Entire Operating System from Prying Eyes. Resolved: Keep Your PC Clean, Safe, and Backed Up in 2010. Top 10 Hulu Hacks and Power User Tips. Pack for Linux: Our List of the Best Linux Downloads. @gearkraft: 1) Power.

Pack for Linux: Our List of the Best Linux Downloads

In 10 minutes, I can create a script to accomplish almost anything on Linux, Solaris, BSD, AIX, HP-UX, and many other *nix flavors. 2) Linux is free unless you want commercial support. Even then, you can pay whoever you like to provide the support, not just a single company or "approved" subjects from the home office. 3) Using Linux doesn't give either Apple or Microsoft any more money (usually). 4) If I don't install the "pro" version of linux, I can still remote into the computers from anywhere in the world. 5) Remote computer access that behaves just like being there.

Five Best Password Managers. Five Best PDF Readers. Open source software bonanza. Windows 7 Lets You Finally Uninstall Internet Explorer (Kinda) Top 10 Windows Applications that Should Be on Macs. Pack 2010: Our List of Essential Windows Downloads. Top 10 Tactics for Productive Travel. 11) Wear a dark shirt if you're going to be working in a sunny place, as it will reflect less of the light and minimize screen glare.