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Worldcrunch - All News is Global Ethnic Or Economic: Subtle Differences In Eastern Ukraine MOSCOW — The same picture that we saw at the end of 2013 in Kiev has now simply moved to Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk and Mykolaiv. Buildings stormed, barricaded streets, people in masks and flags flying. The differences, at first glance, appear insignificant. Before, there was just one center of the protests —&nbs...

Worldcrunch - All News is Global

Many people don’t realize that The New York Times can be quite accessible for English Language Learners. Due to its focus on current events and news, using The Times to learn vocabulary and practice reading can be much more inviting and rewarding than a textbook. And has some extra tools and features that are particularly useful for language learning. Here are 10 ideas for using The Times to teach and learn the English language. 1. 10 Ways to Support English Language Learning With The New York Times 10 Ways to Support English Language Learning With The New York Times
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Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories

"Young people easily can get mired in the flotsam and jetsam of the Internet. At Awesome Stories, educators and students discover new nonfiction worlds at a safe, accurate website. The stories will lead students on a quest for answers. Teachers will appreciate the lesson plans and activities. The site is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Simply put, Awesome Stories is an Internet gem."