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Caminito del Rey. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Coordinate: Uno dei punti più pericolosi Il Caminito del Rey (Sentiero del re) è un percorso costruito lungo le pareti del Desfiladero de los Gaitanes a El Chorro, vicino a Álora (Malaga). Si tratta di un passaggio pedonale di 3 km con lunghe rampe larghe appena 1 m sospese fino a 100 m di altezza sul fiume, su delle pareti praticamente verticali.

Untitled. Malaga, ristrutturato il sentiero più pericoloso del mondo. Da Barcellona, Spagna a Barcellona, Spagna. Bahia-de-Calpe.jpg (580×384) White Towns of Andalusia. Typical house in the province of Granada.

White Towns of Andalusia

All of the villages are characterised by whitewashed walls and red or brown tiled roofs. History[edit] The area has been settled since prehistoric times, and some of the local caves have ancient rock paintings. Many cultures have left their mark on the region, but the most influential was that of the Moors. The narrow, winding streets have a distinctly Arabic feel to them, though each village has at least one Roman Catholic church. Climate[edit] The climate is mild and the surrounding countryside is green and pleasant. Villages[edit] The main towns, villages and other interesting places to visit include: See also[edit] San Sebastián. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

Donostia-San Sebastián (la denominazione ufficiale comprende la doppia versione in basco e spagnolo (castigliano) ; in italiano esiste la versione desueta San Sebastiano ), è una città situata nei Paesi Baschi , nella Spagna nord-orientale, che conta circa 185.510 abitanti. È il capoluogo della provincia di Guipúzcoa , parte della comunità autonoma dei Paesi Baschi . Sorge sul mar Cantabrico , alla foce del fiume Urumea , a circa 20 km dal confine con la Francia . Il pittoresco lungomare di San Sebastián, con le spiagge di Ondarreta, Zurriola e La Concha, la rendono una popolare località turistica. Tomatina. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

La Tomatina è un festival che si tiene nel comune spagnolo di Buñol ( provincia di Valencia ), l'ultimo mercoledì di agosto di ogni anno. Durante tale festa i partecipanti ingaggiano una battaglia utilizzando pomodori . Edizione della Tomatina del 2006. Storia [ modifica ] Questa festa ha origine nel 1944 durante la festa dei Giganti e testoni , in cui è nata una rissa spontanea tra giovani in cui si sono utilizzati dei pomodori come armi.

Nell'edizione del 2011 erano presenti 40.000 partecipanti provenienti da tutto il mondo e sono stati utilizzati 120 tonnellate di pomodori. [2] Note [ modifica ] Altri progetti [ modifica ] Travel to Spain on a budget. Spain is a great country for backpackers.

Travel to Spain on a budget

The locals are friendly, there’s loads to see for free, the food and drink is delicious and the summer weather is spectacular. In Spain time is not important. They siesta in the afternoon, eat late into the evening and party all night so make sure you’ve booked a hostel to welcome you at dawn. San Sebastian On the shortlist for Capital of Culture 2016, the beautiful city of San Sebastian has vast beaches, an active harbour and unique boutique shopping. Top 3 on a budget Sunbathe on Playa de la Concha Beach (above).Explore the beautiful architecture of Baroque Church of Santa Maria , the Gothic Church of San Vicente and the Museo de San Telemo.Soak up the history and enjoy a coffee in Constitution Square. Top 7 Attractions to Visit in the Charming City of Seville.

Seville is probably the most charming city in Spain.

Top 7 Attractions to Visit in the Charming City of Seville

And its laid-back atmosphere, strongly contrasts with the hustle and bustle of Madrid and Barcelona. I love this city with all my heart and for many good reasons. The climate, the beautiful streets, the multitude of delicious tapas bars, the culture... Not to mention that its inhabitants are my favorite people in the whole world. With a unique Moorish heritage, it should come as no surprise that Seville has its share of top notch attractions. Palace of the Countess de Lebrija. - StumbleUpon. Indicazioni stradali per Pontedera PI (toscana) Caminito del Rey. Exploring the Nuria Valley in the Pyrenees. If you imagine the Costa Brava in your mind, I’m guessing a whole host of images pop into your mind, and I suspect many of these images have a largely marine based theme.

Exploring the Nuria Valley in the Pyrenees

Costa, after all, means coast. So we’re talking gorgeous coastline, tucked away coves and beautiful sunsets. Oh, and tasty, tasty food. Despite the name though, the Costa Brava is more than just coastline. The Catalonia region is jammed right up against the mighty Pyrenees mountains which divide Spain and France, and so Costa Brava is also a hill walkers delight. We were therefore rather pleased to be invited to spend a day exploring the Nuria Valley, a hidden valley, accessible only by foot or rail, which is surrounded by mountains reaching over three kilometres in height. Getting to the Nuria Valley The journey in to the Nuria valley is breath-taking stuff. The rack railway though is an adventure of itself – given that the train takes you up over a thousand meters. Spain - Living on the edge ~ You kidding me !?

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