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Online Videos. Parrot toys, bird toys, bird food at Grey Feather Toys s. Product Listing - FORAGING. OsCommerce. OsCommerce. Splash Giant - Extra Large Bird Bath Also For Chincillas 38x24 by Savic - Amazing Animal. African Grey Parrot Diet | African Grey Parrot Centre ™ Articles. June 19th, 2010 One of our biggest concerns is how to feed our Greys the most balanced, healthful diets. With the field of avian nutrition being new, especially relative to human nutrition which has been around for nearly one hundred years and with new revelations continuing to pop up almost daily in that field, there is no EXACT formula for feeding our parrots.

A diet that is as organic and preservative/processed food free as possible is best. Also, there needs to be a balance of vegetables/fruits, seeds/nuts/grains and pellets, if you’re not doing the total holistic route of the Mash Diet. A diet that is as varied as possible is best, as a diet that focuses JUST on seed is not nutrient sufficient. In contrast, one that focuses mostly on pellets may also prove to be detrimental, as the synthetic nutrients in them can act more like drugs than nutrients, potentially resulting in physical damage or disease (see “Why Food is Better than Pellets” article in African Grey Facts Section). Captive Foraging for Parrots. Miscellaneous Bird Products. Bird Foraging Toys: Caitec Wheel Foragers Bird Toy. Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Starter Kit. Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Ball.


Make your own bird toys - Feature Story. By Cher Angelo I will make you brooches and toys for your delight Of birdsong at morning and starshine at night --Robert Louis Stevenson WHAT WOULD our lives be like without toys? We humans need our hula hoops, Game Boys and crossword puzzles to keep ourselves amused. Most bird owners know that their feathered pals need toys, too, to prevent boredom. But did you know that toys are much more than mere diversions for your parrot? Even if he was born in captivity, your bird inherited many of the foraging, nesting and mating instincts of his wild ancestors.

Some birds may seem to ignore or even fear toys at first. Do it yourself It's usually easy enough to find at least a couple of toys your bird likes, but when you get into the medium-to-large sizes, they can be prohibitively expensive, costing from $20 to $50 or more apiece. It's fun making your own bird toys and can save you a lot of money. Budgies like to chew and preen sisal and very thin natural string materials. About the author. Scooter Z Reversible Tent. Bird tents. Coco House with Stick Roof for Birds or Small Animals: Pet Supplies. Super Bird Creations Peekaboo Perch Tent Large Bird Toy: Pet Supplies. Prevue Snuggle Sack Bird Nest Large: Pet Supplies. Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand 3181 Black Hammertone, 17.625-Inch by 16-1/2-Inch by 59-Inch: Pet Supplies.

Prevue Snuggle Sack Bird Nest Large: Pet Supplies. Teach Your Birds to Forage for Food to relieve boredom and enrich its environment.