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Download Stereogum’s Cruel Summer 2011 Mix. Here’s the sequel to last year’s popular heartbreak of a mixtape, Cruel Summer.

Download Stereogum’s Cruel Summer 2011 Mix

That one was worn, forlorn, and sexual, it was the soundtrack arc to your winter romance burning up and melting in the hot, hormonal sun. This year it’s just a party, really, soundtracked once again by some of the very best and most summery (free and legal) songs of the year. This 25 track tape is sequenced for feel and flow, grouped by sound and mood. There’s hardcore via Fucked Up and Iceage, hip hop via Drake, Heems, and Giggs. The dance floor gets worked via YACHT, Class Actress, and Elite Gymnastics, the beats get pitched for a future-rave via Pictureplane, and Pale Sketcher. This mix is meant to be enjoyed in one continuous, uninterrupted stretch, but we have it broken into Volumes (i.e. zip files of individual MP3s) to make downloading more manageable. Direct links: Cruel Summer 2011 Vol. 1 (.zip, 97.4MB)Cruel Summer 2011 Vol. 2 (.zip, 100.5MB) Tracklists:

Monthly Mix: August 2011. We took last month off from our Monthly Mix series in favor of our midterm flashback/annual summer jams compilation Cruel Summer, which you should grab if you haven’t.

Monthly Mix: August 2011

But it is a new month — the last one of Summer 2011 — so here’s a filtered recap of the month’s finest free MP3s. Use it to soundtrack your final rooftop parties, your last picnics, the season’s closing bike rides (though not in NYC you will get a ticket for that shit). M83 to Neon Indian, Drake to Inc., elite gymnastics to Girls, the Rapture, Youth Lagoon. More. It’s here for you:Monthly Mix: August 2011 (.zip, 156.4 MB) TRACKLIST 01 Carousels – “Here To Me“ 02 elite gymnastics – “o m a m o r i“ 03 M83 – “Midnight City“ 04 Neon Indian – “Polish Girl“ 05 The Rapture – “How Deep Is Your Love?” Tags: Air France, Big Troubles, Carousels, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Drake, Dum Dum Girls, Elite Gymnastics, Gauntlet Hair, Girls, Inc., jj, Lunice, M83, Ne-Yo, Neon Indian, Sleep ∞ Over, The Rapture, Youth Lagoon. Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It.

Credit: Stereogum Presents...

Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It

STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It Stereogum Presents... STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It The Strokes’ debut album Is This It was first released on 7/30/01. To help us celebrate this 10th Anniversary, we asked some of our favorite indie bands to cover each track. Is This It was recorded in NYC at Transporterraum with Gordon Raphael. In a strange way, Is This It sounded like something entirely new and entirely familiar at the same time.

The Strokes maybe never topped Is This It, but you can’t blame them for that. Album Cover Designed by Seldon Hunt Listen Liner Notes Here’s what each act had to say about its contribution and the Strokes influence on them in general: Peter Bjorn & John – “Is This It” The only time I have agreed with some of the many, many stupid music journalists in Sweden was when “The Strokes” appeared on a Swedish website about 10 years ago. Wise Blood – “Someday” I was psyched and terrified to get “Someday.” Thank You. S 40 Best New Bands of 2011. Last year, right around the time summer turned to fall, we at Stereogum published our list of the 40 best new bands of the year.

s 40 Best New Bands of 2011

The idea of a “new” band is a pretty nebulous one, since many of the kids we listed were probably planning out their musical ventures in their basements since they were 11, but these were all artists who started to make a dent in our collective consciousness last year. This year, we’ve got another crop of 40 new artists who deserve your attention. So here we go again. A few clarifications are probably in order. This may be a Best New Bands list, but plenty of the people on it aren’t new, and plenty of the artists listed aren’t bands. Also, the word “best” is, as ever, entirely up for debate. We’re not ranking these artists; they’re all listed alphabetically below. On his ace debut album Dr.