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Nerd professionnelle à ascendant girly : du lolcat, du roller derby, de la pop indé un chouille prétentieuse, et plein d'autres choses

16 Hotels That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever. The 10 Best Indie Christmas Songs. Whether you experience Christmas as a spiritual curative or a wretched crucible likely depends upon your capacity to enjoy the Yuletide season’s truly disassociate spirit of insanity.

The 10 Best Indie Christmas Songs

Most of us may consider ourselves largely inured at this point to the curiously redundant recurring color schemes, the unnaturally oppressive nighttime lighting and deeply strange rituals, the whole notion of dwarves and deer running amuck with bounty and coal. On a conscious level, most of us just take that the whole thing in stride.

Well, you might say, that’s just Christmas! We like it! Christmas is a great, weird Lynchian kind of impasse in the otherwise cold, grey Soviet-style dirge that is yet another East Coast winter. . [1]Ugh. 10. There are a few topics of significance that have not been addressed by the wry genius of The Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt and this festive examination of the colossal emotional trainwreck that is the Christmas spirit is no exception. 9. . [2]This song is fucked up. 8. 7. Ranking The 30 Best Christmas Recordings Of The 20th Century. 30.

Ranking The 30 Best Christmas Recordings Of The 20th Century

The Royal Guardsmen, “Snoopy’s Christmas (Christmas Bells)” Released: 1967 The Royal Guardsmen co-opt the success of the Peanuts to bring you a story of love and peace when the fabled German aviator The Red Baron and Snoopy participated in a truce for Christmas during World War I. Despite its seemingly preposterous origins, this song has somehow manage to survive the test of time. 29. Released: 1973 Obviously you need a Christmas song from Elton John, and, instead of another cover of “White Christmas,” Sir Elton brings us “Step Into Christmas,” which is among the most upbeat Christmas songs ever recorded. 28. Bear City Roller Derby. Robe à smocks en lurex pastel chez ASOS. River Island - Robe en jean à imprimé à fleurs chez ASOS. Black Retro Swimsuit by Esther Williams - For Luna.

This is the little black swimsuit that every woman needs.

Black Retro Swimsuit by Esther Williams - For Luna

Our classic 1950's style swimsuit, with all the retro styling you would expect. It has a halter neck with gathered sides, ruching over the tummy area and a skirted front with full coverage to the rear. This style suits all body shapes and is incredibly slimming thanks to the composition of the fabric and the clever design. Inside the swimsuit you have a lot of support, so your waist is defined and your tummy controlled. The bust is lightly padded and the halter tie gives flexibility so you can choose your level of lift around the bust. Fauteuil RAR - Charles Eames - Fauteuils design - Meubles & Design : reproductions de mobilier de designers. Indie Soup Runner: energetic indie music to power your workout! La playlist idéale pour faire du sport ! 21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life.

MedScape says “Under normal conditions, renal handling of water is sufficient to excrete as much as 15-20 L of free water per day.

21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life

Further, the body’s response to a decreased osmolality is decreased thirst. Thus, hyponatremia can occur only when some condition impairs normal free water excretion.” Opéra des Villes, Opéra des Champs. Testée et approuvée, la formule des Premiers Dimanches aux Champs Libres est reconduite en 2012-2013.

Opéra des Villes, Opéra des Champs

Non seulement l’équipement culturel rennais vous ouvre ses portes le dimanche, mais non content de vous accueillir pour le planétarium, la bibliothèque ou les expos, il laisse ses clés à une association ou une structure du paysage culturel rennais pour animer les lieux le premier dimanche de chaque mois. « Il y aura des ténors amoureux et des héroïnes sacrifiées, des choeurs d’esclaves et des chevauchées de walkyries, des voix d’anges et des démons, des sonneries de cuivres et des arpèges de harpe ou d’accordéon » . En lisant ceci, on s’imagine parfaitement installé dans son fauteuil, assistant à une pièce au sein de l’Opéra. Que nenni ! Tricot : tutos vidéos, tutos photos, idées et livres spécialisés ! Tears and Tinsel: 9 Thoroughly Modern Holiday Songs. The holidays are that special time of year when old lovers re-emerge, flaring up like cold sores during a first date; it’s when we, shattered by the reality of having accomplished very little throughout the year, drown our anxieties in buckets of wine and platters of chocolate and prosciutto; it’s when we dwell on harsh, undeniable truths and ask ourselves poignant questions like, “Am I going to be alone forever?”

Tears and Tinsel: 9 Thoroughly Modern Holiday Songs

And “Will everyone think ill of me if I cram one more custard tart into my eat-hole?” And amid this Titanic-esque mad dash to the end of the year, festive pop music that could mitigate all this stress too often only exacerbates it. So, below, we take a look at a few modern holiday confections that actually put us in the mood to celebrate. In an era of global warming and fiscal uncertainty, these are the kind of ditties that more accurately evoke the 21st-century holiday season than traditional tunes like “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” or even an old Bing Crosby standard.

The Cambridge Satchel Company. The Cambridge Satchel Company. Focus - La boîte à culture Geek. Sufjan Stevens : Le coffret de Noël en écoute intégrale. Facebook et Twitter : quelques nouveautés ! Cet article a été publié il y a 1 an 5 mois 6 jours, il est possible qu’il ne soit plus à jour.

Facebook et Twitter : quelques nouveautés !

Les informations proposées sont donc peut-être expirées. Si vous avez vécu sur une île déserte ces trois derniers jours, vous aurez sans doute loupé quelques nouveautés apparues ou testées par les deux géants des réseaux sociaux depuis vendredi. A MyCM, comme nous sommes gentils, nous vous proposons de débuter votre semaine avec ce qu’il faillait retenir des mouvements de notre macrocosme 2.0. Commençons donc par notre bien aimé ami en 140 mots, Twitter pour ne pas le nommer. Blog ‹ Sang Noir. On me demande de plus en plus par mail mes passages ici ou là, alors, la réponse est simple et toujours la même : dès que je sais où et quand a lieu un guest, je le poste ici et sur Instagram.

Blog ‹ Sang Noir

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