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Data Analysis & Planning

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MeaningfulMenus. Less Interpreting Data & More Acting On It? Yes Please! If you are reading this blog post, more than likely you are one of those “Blended Learning” folks who uses a mix of “ed tech” to liven up your classroom and make learning more effective for your students.

Less Interpreting Data & More Acting On It? Yes Please!

In taking this approach, you have probably learned that there is no single application, website or program that will meet all the diverse needs and requirements of your school or classroom. You have standards to meet, students to support, models to implement and the list goes on. To help you meet these requirements you likely blend a set of digital tools and curricula with offline small group or independent learning. Using Multiple Data sources.mp4. Digital Assessment Tools. I formatively assess students through digital technology like Plickers, Kahoot, and Poll Everywhere.

Digital Assessment Tools

Plickers (Paper clickers) is a free software tool designed like QR codes to collect students’ answers to questions. I create questions on the Plickers website ( and assign each student a card number. I will read and display the question on the SmartBoard and scan the room to determine students’ answers. Blended Learning Data Share. Goal Setting - 5th Graders. Trackers – Google Drive.