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Index of /manuals/More Manuals/Piaggio/LT150. Manuals/Piaggio/LT150/Piaggio LT 150 Workshop Manual - 100dpi - CH1 to CH3.pdf. 250 i.e/250ie Maintenance Manual.pdf. Piaggio LT 50 and LT 150. Piaggio’s quirky LT scooter series was first offered in the USA for the 2003 model year, which was the same year Piaggio entered the USA market under their own name (as opposed to the Vespa name).

Piaggio LT 50 and LT 150

The LT 50 and LT 150 were offered again for 2004, but after that both models were dropped. Although the LT was new to the USA market, it was first released overseas in 1997, so it was actually an aging design when it was introduced here. Overseas the LT is commonly sold as the Liberty, so if you are researching this model then the Liberty name is a good avenue to explore. A second generation Liberty was released overseas for 2004 and a third generation was released for 2009, so it’s possible that Piaggio will re-introduce this line here again the future, just like they did with the Typhoon.

EnginesThe LT 50 and LT 150 are both fairly rare scooters, but mechanically they do share quite a few parts with other machines. Modern Vespa : Owners Manual for Piaggio LT150 2003. Biltwell Classic Style 3/4 Helmet - Galaxy Duo Tone - SHIPS FREE! - Open-Face 3/4 Style Helmets.