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School Libraries-Digital Age

Facebook Twitter – Be a publisher. 7 Resources for Developing Typing Skills. This morning my friend Ken Shelton asked me via Twitter if I had any resources for online keyboards. Of course I do, I just need to find them. So for Ken and everyone else looking for online typing practice sites, here's a short list to get you started. Typing Web is an online typing tutorial that provides instant feedback after every free typing lesson.

Typing Web offers beginner through advanced typing lessons for free. You can register to track your progress or you can use Typing Web without registering. 27 Things Your Teacher Librarian Does. Living ‘appily ever after in the library. Cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Serge Melki In education, mobile devices have taken a strong hold – and for good reason.

Living ‘appily ever after in the library

They are less expensive than computers, more portable, and far more responsive for impatient learners who demand instant access. There are thousands of apps designed with an educational focus, and many more productivity and content-creation apps that can be used effectively by students to facilitate and enhance their learning. Like all new technology, apps bring challenges to the school library – the centre in the school for resource and information management. Life in the Library - Home. Supporting literacy and learning. School Libraries and Information Literacy: Links4Learning.

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