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Creation Science Landover Baptist Subject Archives. Update: Landover Baptist is proud to announce that Jesus ordered us to rename our 100-year old facility, The Landover Baptist Center for Creation Studies, to The Sarah Palin Center for the Advancement of Creation Science Research.

Creation Science Landover Baptist Subject Archives

"Mrs. Palin shares our belief that the world was created by Jesus' Daddy, Poppa-God, in six days but has been here for 6,000 years. That alone is enough to ensure she has the vote of every single member of this church and no doubt the vote of every True Christian™ American," said Pastor Deacon Fred. "If you couple all of this with her Evangelical Republican zeal, her savvy new spin on traditional family values, and well kept knees, it is enough to give REAL fundamentalists like me great hope that she will lead America backwards to the wonderful Christian principles upon which our Nation was founded.

Praise God! " Per Mrs. The Talking Snake Theory: Time to Replace Those Silly Books About Biology and Evolution With the Truth! Evolution is NOT Natural! Creation Science Evangelism. The Institute for Creation Research. Science Education Essentials. Institute. Main Page - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science. Stand to Reason: Stand to Reason: Equipping Christian Ambassadors with Knowledge, Wisdom, and Character. Polystrate Fossils. Bible Questions Answered. [Home] Evidence for Earth's Instant Creation - Polonium Halos in Granite and Coal - ESA.

Scientific Facts in The Bible. Also See Scientists are now finding that the universe in which we live is like a diamond studded Rolex, except the universe is even more precisely designed than the watch.

Scientific Facts in The Bible

In fact, the universe is specifically tweaked to enable life on earth. Anthropic Principles. Lesson 2 - Are the FOOD LAWS Scientific? F "nothing is unclean of itself" (Rom.14:14), should we consume canned RATTLE SNAKE and FROG'S LEGS?

Lesson 2 - Are the FOOD LAWS Scientific?

If "every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused" (1 Tim.4:4), shall we eat ESCARGOT (SNAILS) and WHALE BLUBBER? Did Peter's vision (Acts 10) somehow cleanse CAVIAR, CLAM CHOWDER and chocolate covered ANTS? Were the prohibitions on PIGS and RABBITS merely temporary, ceremonial rituals until "the cross of Christ," or are there scientific, health principles involved in avoiding these unsanitary creatures? Which Plants Are Edible? Before we investigate the animal kingdom, the Bible has something to say about which plants are edible. Thus, NUTS, FRUITS, GRAINS, and VEGETABLES are allowed. But since the MUSHROOM is a fungus and reproduces by means of spores, it has no leaves, flowers, or GREEN color!

Before going on, note that this LAW concerning GREEN, SEED-BEARING plants existed from the beginning, long before the Old Covenant was ever established. Why Is Blood Forbidden? John S. Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics. In the Beginning: Bibles Before the Year 1000.

In the Beginning Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood - index.html. About This Site The 8th Edition of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Dr.

In the Beginning Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood - index.html

Walt Brown is available to order here. It can also be read or printed out at this website; just use the links at the left to navigate through the outline of the entire book. The 8th Edition was published in December 2008. From time to time, new developments are added throughout this online version of the book. NEW DVDs: (Each DVD can be ordered here.) Welcome - Learn more about Father Yahweh's Creation (Applied Bio. The invention relates to a method, with which it becomes possible to activate inorganic materials in such a manner that with the inset of these materials on the fields of the agriculture and environmental protection favourable effects are obtained.

Welcome - Learn more about Father Yahweh's Creation (Applied Bio

With the inset in the agriculture z becomes. B. the growth of plants and their root formation affects favourably. In the range of environmental protection it is possible, biological expiration operational sequence z. B. to support during the humus production, as a faster and better rotting of the Kompostiergutes takes place. Introductory it is to be stated that the activated materials in the sense of a biocatalyst become effective.

Free Creation Science Videos. Watch Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Online.