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Amigurumi Pattern: The hippopotamus Melman and his friend Pi - Tarturumies. Our friends Melman and Pi have accompanied us on a very special day, our 2nd anniversary !!!

Amigurumi Pattern: The hippopotamus Melman and his friend Pi - Tarturumies

On last July 15 we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Tarturumies, a project that we started with a lot of love and continues growing day by day with the support of all of you ♥♥♥ We had a really good time, you just have to see these two little ones as they have celebrated! To celebrate, we promised to bring these sweet characters so you can enjoy them just like us Melman is a sweet hippo who loves water and enjoys his days sunbathing beside Pi, a little bird with whom are great and inseparable friends ♥♥ Welcome Melman & Pi !

Next you will find the pattern, and also the option to download the PDF, more detailed and to archieve with your pattern collection – Remember that with the download, which is totally free, you are collaborating with Tarturumies, giving us the possibility to continue creating free patterns to share. Click aquí para versión en Español. What do you need to start? … HEAD (Part 1) … Crochet Avocado - Repeat Crafter Me. Seems like I am being inspired this week by all the cute things!

Crochet Avocado - Repeat Crafter Me

A few days ago I post THIS adorable Flamingo Applique that was inspired by my flamingo crochet hook. And today I whipped up a Crochet Avocado that was inspired by the tablecloth my friend Jen had out this morning! The best part is that this avocado is pretty much true to size! It’s about 6×4 inches and fits in your hand just as a real ripe avocado would. I think I am going to use this one as an extra large keychain but you can do with it as you wish! Materials:– Bernat Super Value Yarn in Lush Green, Soft Fern, and Taupe.Shop these perfect avocado colors HERE on! : Pastel de cumpleaños amigurumi. Hace días que no os traigo un patrón amigurumi, así que aquí os enseño a hacer el pastel del primer cumple blog de Lanukas y que pudísteis ver aquí.

: Pastel de cumpleaños amigurumi

Plush bear free pattern. Learn how to make a cute plush bear with this free amigurumi pattern!

plush bear free pattern

With this crochet pattern you will get a teddy bear about 35 cm (13.7″) high. You should not forget that the dimension depends on yarn size and crochet hook size. Designed and photos by Elena Budnikova Instagram: @budnikova_toys Translated by Amiguroom Toys. Tuto Amigurumi : singe. Le singe *Niveau moyen*

Tuto Amigurumi : singe

Bunny with Amigurumi Hat Free Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Free Patterns. We share the latest free patterns with Amigurumi with you.

Bunny with Amigurumi Hat Free Crochet Pattern - Amigurumi Free Patterns

In this article, amigurumi bunny with hat free crochet pattern is waiting for you. Materials: 2.5mm hook Eyes 10 mm. Baby Yoda Inspired Amigurumi Pattern - 1Up Crochet. Eyelids Use Frosty Green.

Baby Yoda Inspired Amigurumi Pattern - 1Up Crochet

Make two. This is a small piece that is made in ROWS, not in the round. Baby Yoda Inspired Amigurumi Pattern - 1Up Crochet. Lying bear crochet pattern. Crochet your own lying bear with this easy to follow amigurumi pattern.

Lying bear crochet pattern

To make this cute bear you will need 2.0 mm crochet hook and YarnArt Jeans yarn. The finished amigurumi bear is about 22 cm (8.7″) long. Plush bunny free crochet pattern. Right here you can see how to make this cute bunny amigurumi.

Plush bunny free crochet pattern

With this free crochet pattern you will get a plush bunny about 18 cm high (7”) without ears. Designed and photos by @__katerin_ka__ Translated by Amiguroom Toys Materials: Yarn: Himalaya Dolphin BabyHook size: 4.5 mm and 5.0-5.5 mm for earsSafety eyes or black beadsYarn or embroidering floss for nose and eyebrowsSatin ribbonFiberfill Abbreviations: R = row mc = magic circle (magic ring) sc = single crochet inc = 2 sc in the next stitch dec = single crochet 2 stitches together (12) = number of stitches you should have at the end of the round/row (…)*6 = repeat whatever is between the brackets the number of times stated. Tiny elephant amigurumi pattern. If you’re looking for a cute party companion, pay attention to this tiny amigurumi elephant!

Tiny elephant amigurumi pattern

It will fit right in your pocket! Bruna - la lapine. Big Tiger - Free Pattern - Sayjai Amigurumi Crochet Patterns ~ K and J Dolls / K and J Publishing. Size: Big Tiger 29 inches/ 74 cm tall (Standing, excluding tail and ears) Materials:1) 5.00 mm hook2) Chunky yarns : Orange = 300 g (432 meter/ 471 yards), Black = 165 g (238 meter/ 259 yards) and White = 160 g (230 meter/ 251 yards)3) Polyester fiberfill = 900 g4) Tapestry needle5) A wire brush (e.g. a pet slicker brush or a yarn indicator brush) Abbreviations: The pattern is written with US crochet abbreviations. ch = chain sc = single crochet st = stitch sl = slip rnd = round tog = together Conversion chart for US/ UK crochet abbreviations Note: This project is working in continuous rounds, do not join or turn unless otherwise stated.

Theo the teddy bear. Theo the teddy bear - amigurumi crochet pattern. You can purchase an inexpensive, printable PDF version of this pattern, which includes helpful progress photos, HERE. Materials needed: Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn in Pale Gray – approximately 150 yards 4mm (G) hook. : The Doll with Hat Free Amigurumi Pattern. FREE PATTERNS. Velvet Bunny Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern - Crochet For You. Velvet Bunny Amigurumi Pattern by Crochet For You This velvet bunny born as a part of my amigurumi adventure. This year I’m focusing to learn how to crochet/design amigurumi patterns. I realized the velvet yarn is perfect for making amigurumi. It has that felted texture to make cute and cuddly animals. Frog. Koko the FrogCute animals series This cute frog is about 25 cm tall (from feet to eyes). Amigurumi frog Free amigurumi pattern Abbreviations: sc: single crochet ch: chain St: Stitch inc : increase dec: decrease sl st : slip stitch dc-inc: double crochet increase (2 dc in one st) F/O: Fasten off Materials: 3 mm crochet hook Milk cotton yarn in green, dark green, white, and red Needle for sewing Stuff Scissors 12 mm safety eyes.

Pretty Bunny amigurumi in pink dress. The Pretty Bunny Amigurumi Pattern will help you to create a crochet toy with a lot of cute details. This lovely amigurumi bunny is an ideal Easter gift for kids or for those who’re young at heart! The pattern is of high difficulty. It was designed for advanced skill level crocheters. So, it’s not recommended to start with if you’re a beginner. Supplies: Fine (4 ply) yarn – Yarnart Jeans (55% cotton, 45% acrylic; 160 m / 50 g)2.0 mm crochet hook by Tulip10 mm safety eyesPink embroidery floss for noseFiberfill for stuffingSome wire for arms (optional)Two buttons for shoesLong large eye needles The finished crochet bunny is about 22 cm (8.7”) tall without ears, and 31 cm (12”) with ears.

Tiny teddy bear crochet pattern. Free Crochet Pattern: Potted Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. (You have to watch this .gif while listening to Awesome Mix Vol.1) I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last weekend because Manda and our friend Ehren both wanted to see it. A lot of my friends have been over the moon about it, but I’m really not a comic book person, and the trailer wasn’t really catching my attention. I said I would see it if someone bought my ticket :P. My takeaway from the movie was that WE ALL NEED A BABY Groot, so here is your free crochet GROOTORIAL! If you haven’t seen the movie, Groot is this tree-like alien who is really big and strong and can grow stuff off his body and is basically like the Giving Tree on steroids. I don’t want to spoil why there is a baby Groot and why people are going crazy about him if you haven’t seen the movie yet, so go see it and then it will all make sense!

I put pipe cleaners in his arms so that he could “dance.” P.S. Tuto amigurumi crochet gratuit : la poupée voodoo - Le crochet d'Evano. Aujourd'hui je vous propose un petit tutoriel simple, gratuit et rapide à faire pour clôturer la saison d'Halloween. Amigurumi Pattern: Alfa Giraffe – Tarturumies. It’s time to receive pure tenderness and give our heart to a new member of Tarturumies …. She’s ALFA!!! ♥ On last July 15 we celebrated the 2nd birthday of Tarturumies and we welcomed two great friends: Melman and Pi ♥♥ … After seeing all the affection you have given them since their arrival, we decided to increase the family and today Alfa join with great enthusiasm!!!! Alfa is a tender giraffe who has decided to honor Rothschild’s giraffe without spots. This little one has appeared in Kenya in the year 2016 among those of its species with this rare characteristic. Next you will find the pattern, and also the option to download the PDF, more detailed and to archieve with your pattern collection – Remember that with the download, which is totally free, you are collaborating with Tarturumies, giving us the possibility to continue creating free patterns to share with you all.

Amigurumi Chihuahua - Free Amigurumi. Anarya the Dragon ~ Amigurumi To Go. Meet Anarya, Born on Sunday, June the 17th. Anarya ~ Elvish day of the week. more info The pattern, It's not published yet. Canguro porta uncinetti - Free Amigurumi. Free Amigurumi Canguro porta uncinetti. Amigurimi Eric Cartman - Free Amigurumi. Amigurumi fenicottero rosa - Free Amigurumi.

Amigurumi Schnauzer Dog - Free Amigurumi. Amigurumi Mel -Pets- Free Amigurumi. Amigurumi delfino mignon free pattern - Free Amigurumi. Tuto amigurumi au crochet : La petite souris. En ce moment, dans la bouche de mon 6 ans, c’est un peu le champs de bataille. Il y a les trous, les dents qui bougent, celles qui peuvent quasiment tourner à 360 degrés, celles qui poussent et celles qui vont tomber… Vous connaissez probablement tous l’histoire de la petite souris. Celle qui vient chercher la dent en échange d’une petite pièce, sous l’oreiller ! Je me suis dit que ce serait marrant de crocheter la petite souris pour la glisser, avec la pièce, sous l’oreiller de mon fils. Je vous offre ici le tuto d’une toute petite toute mimi « petite souris ». Marta Ruso Crochet Creativo: Medusas amigurumis [PATRÓN GRATIS] Marta Ruso Crochet Creativo: Christmas tree kawaii amigurumi [FREE PATTERN] Du Fil et Des Aiguilles: Avocats Amoureux - Tutoriel gratuit et en Français.

Galamigurumis Superpeques solidarios. Patrones en Francés - Galamigurumis. American football keychain - DoubleTrebleTrinketsDoubleTrebleTrinkets. Kawaii Apple Keychain Free Crochet Pattern. Ami Little Creature: CATS IN LOVE crochet pattern. Ice cream Bear amigurumi pattern. Ballon de foot au crochet modèle gratuit - Fils en folie de Lilou - tricot, crochet, dentelle, couture, broderie, tuto modele gratuit. Monkey. Pikachu » 53stitches » Free Amigurumi and Crochet Patterns and Tutorials. Free Crochet Pattern: Potted Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Kacthy et Karlctus les cactus.

Hochets, jouets

Tuto amigurumi : le nounours hochet. Tuto Amigurumi : les hochets animaux. Il Blog di Sam: Spiegazione della Ninfea all'uncinetto. CANAL CROCHET: Perro salchicha amigurumi tutorial. Háčkovaný pejsek / Zboží prodejce Halline. Crochet Patterns Archives. L'accroche laine - Tutoriel au crochet et plusieurs patrons gratuits: Tout blanc - Le chat. Haakpatroon: Klein paddestoeltje / Free pattern: Little mushroom. Ma version du macareux au crochet de Pica Pau – La Fabrique des songes. Amigurumi Mouton… le tuto traduit! Free Pattern Amigurumi - AMI SAI GON - AmiSaiGon.Com. Amiguroom Toys. Shaymus the Leprechaun. [Traduction Patron] Baby Pluto - Le Chat au Crochet Enchanté. Dragons by Sharon Ojala - Le Chat au Crochet Enchanté. Tuto amigurumi au crochet : La petite souris. Balle de préhension Montessori au crochet. Manolito el gato – CROCHET-GLOBAL-HYPER-MEGA-NET. Cactus amigurumi - free pattern.

What in the Galaxy are Porgs? (Amigurumi pattern) - Everything Under The Singapore Sun. Lady snail amigurumi pattern. Animal Stool Crochet Tome 1 - trIScote. Animal-stool-crochet-tome-2-livre-en-anglais. MaryJ Handmade - Questo zainetto all'uncinetto è senza... Crochet mouse couple pattern - Amigurumi Today. Pattern: Chester the Christmas Cat - All About Ami. BureauCATS - Amigurumi Crochet Patron - PDF Français. Makerist. Coussin support « licorne » pour portable ou tablette en laine Woll Butt Lisa - boutique en ligne buttinette buttinette.

Baby flamingo amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today. Roy the Rainbow Free Crochet Pattern. Smartapple Creations - amigurumi and crochet: Free Crochet Pattern - Baby Groot inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy. Crochet Cactus Series – Round Barrel Cactus – ZoeCreates. The Sleepy Fox. Cuddle Me Lion amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today. Pastel de cumpleaños amigurumi. Crochet }: Toto - The Snowman. Crochet }: Gustav - The Balancing Elephant. Crochet Smurfette amigurumi pattern - Amigurumi Today. Sheep Amigurumi - Free Pattern & Tutorial. Patron Amigurumi Crochet : Porte-clef Tong – Made by Amy. Birthday cake ! – CROCHET-GLOBAL-HYPER-MEGA-NET. Toute sa Dinette Explications Gratuites - Tutos DIY. Oignon à éplucher comme un Vrai - Tuto Dinette. Ma Dinette au Crochet : Aïl ! - Tuto DIY Free. Citrouille au crochet - M.I.B. Tuto Gratuit Poivrons au crochet - M.I.B.

Free Crochet Pattern: chubby striped bear amigurumi (and bunny!) - HELLOhappy. El Club del Patrón: Muñeca Chloe. DIY – Instructions pour réaliser une tortue au crochet. Chinese New Year Monkey - All About Ami. Patron Amigurumi : Bébé Pikachu – Made by Amy. Baby Humpback Whale Crochet Pattern. Tuto crochet : faire un amigurumi hippopotame.