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ISTE. Smarttablefriend. Introduction to SMART Response interactive response system. Introducing the SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® New solution brings Microsoft Lync into meeting rooms providing seamless voice, video and data collaboration Orlando, Florida --- March 18, 2013 --- SMART Technologies Inc.

Introducing the SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

(NASDAQ: SMT) (TSX: SMA), a leading provider of collaboration solutions, announces the SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync unveiled today at Enterprise Connect. SMART worked directly with Microsoft to develop the turnkey solution for meeting rooms that simplifies the collaboration experience for both virtual and face-to-face participants and provides seamless online collaboration through sharing of real-time video, voice and data. The solution was previewed on the keynote stage at the Microsoft Lync conference in San Diego on February 19, 2013 and emphasized the Lync experience that is created through SMART's unique interactive technology components. Top Technical Tips (129043) SMART Survival Guides. Seven Habits of SMART Exemplary Educators. Home » Classroom Insights, Professional development SMART defines a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE) as a “dedicated teacher, technology coordinator or administrator who leads the way in using SMART products to engage students and improve learning outcomes.”

Seven Habits of SMART Exemplary Educators

While this description certainly fits, the educators who apply for this program are so much more than that. Smart Notebook 11 Overview » Classroom21. Bob Jackman Bob Jackman is a native of Utah.

Smart Notebook 11 Overview » Classroom21

He graduated with a BA in Music Performance with a teaching certificate from Southern Utah University. Bob taught at Fort Herriman Middle School for four years teaching instrumental music. During that time he earned a Masters of Music from the University of Utah. SMART Notebook Express 3.0 » Classroom21. Last week a teacher mentioned she wanted her students to have access to her lessons from home via the internet.

SMART Notebook Express 3.0 » Classroom21

All lessons in question exist in Notebook software. Several lessons had already been shared on the SMART Exchange while others had been posted to her classroom website. The problem, as this teacher saw it, was how students would view the files without having Notebook software installed on each one of their individual home computers. As I thought about how to solve her problem several solutions came to mind. SMART Ink » Classroom21.

SMART Ink One of the new features in Notebook 11 is SMART Ink.

SMART Ink » Classroom21

This tool is always available while connected to a SMART Board. Transparent Background » Classroom21. Ray Sahagun Ray Sahagun is a graduate student at Southern Utah University seeking a Masters in Education.

Transparent Background » Classroom21

He earned a B.A. in Communication from California State University, Fresno in 2002. He has taught Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students over four years in the classroom. Ray's background is in telecommunications and he has worked in customer service, provisioning, and was a supervisor of technicians in a network operations center. iPad and Smartboard Integration with My Favorite New App! » Classroom21. Okay, you are ready to start another new year and, like many other educators, your principal has given you a shiny new iPad.

iPad and Smartboard Integration with My Favorite New App! » Classroom21

But you really aren’t sure how you can use it. Here is one thing you can do quickly, easily, and with great results: Use your iPad with your SMART Board in class using the Reflection App. Reflection is not an app for your iPad, but rather an app for your computer that allows you to share your iPad screen with your SMART Board. The best part of the app is that it allows you to pick up a pen and annotate over the top of the image from your iPad, with your annotations immediately displaying on the board. Capturing the image is as easy as clicking the Smart Ink on the top (Notebook 11) and selecting the camera button. Classroom21. SMART Board Website Resources. SMART Board Collections. Interactive Whiteboard - Keele University. Smartboard Notebook Lessons. Copyright 2013 - Super Teacher Worksheets Download Smartboard Lessons SMART Board Notebook Files Reading & Writing Worksheets.

Smartboard Notebook Lessons

Video. Teq Hebrew Webinar - Encoding Before Decoding Education always bridges the student from the known to the as of yet unknown.


Before we learn to decode the written thoughts of others, we might stop Teq Webinar - Ready, Set, Quiz! K-2 Student Interactives. Smartboard in the Classroom. SMART Board Templates. Chittenden East Supervisory Union - SMARTBoard Video Tutorials. Technology-SmartBoard (Interactive Boards) Blossom Learning Online SMART Board Training. Resources - Technology Guide.

SMART Technologies. SMART Classrooms' Photostream. SMARTBoards and Audio Resources. One of the best ways to reinforce information to help students learn is to use engaging media, and one of the most underused media for increasing the effectiveness of a Notebook lesson is audio.

SMARTBoards and Audio Resources

Audio is a great way to provide feedback or to reinforce the information presented in a lesson. One of the best features of the new Notebook 11 software is the ability to record and attach audio to an object directly inside the program. However, using specialized sounds (i.e. – sound effects) is extremely important and teachers need to be able to find and use various sounds to make their lessons more effective. Since Notebook requires “mp3″ audio files, it’s also helpful if these resources provide “mp3″ formatted audio files so teachers don’t have to convert the file to use in their Notebook lessons. Here is an updated list of my favorite resources that allow teachers to preview and download sounds to incorporate into their Notebook lessons: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Smart Notebook 11 : Activity Builder Tutorial. Smartboard lessons, tutorials, content, and more! Smartlinks - Video and Training Materials. Bob's Place of Educational Links...Smartboard Links. Battle for Whiteboard-Market Supremacy Heats Up. Published Online: February 8, 2012 Published in Print: February 8, 2012, as Whiteboard Wars Features Competition gets intense as companies move to differentiate themselves from the pack and adjust to technological changes The battle for supremacy in the K-12 whiteboard market is heating up.

Higher Ed SMART Users. About – Teaching with This Video Podcast explores SMARTBoard teaching techniques to 6-12 Math Teachers. Each episode lasts from 10-20 minutes. NEW! Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates Notebook Edition – Teaching with Smart Notebook – Flash Activities in the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 « Trails Optional. Teq. Discover Yourself! SMART Board. Techntuit / SMART Board Resources. Getting Started, Working with Ink Aware Applications, and Notebook Software Basics. Smart Tech Brings 3D Capabilities to Interactive Whiteboard Software. Classroom Technologies | News. SmartEd Services, SMART Boards, professional development and school technology.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Supporting the use of technology in the classroom. Multiple Measures:Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards. Robert J. Marzano Interactive whiteboards have become popular over the last few years, and it appears that their use will continue to grow exponentially. Indeed, books like (Betcher & Lee, 2009) attest to the depth and breadth of change that this tool can promote in classroom practice.

For those who may still be unfamiliar with the technology, an interactive whiteboard is a large display that connects to a computer and a projector. The projector projects the computer's desktop onto the board's surface, where users control the computer with a pen, finger, or other device. Although many teachers have enthusiastically adopted interactive whiteboards, little research is available on their effect on student achievement. What the Research Found The study results indicated that, in general, using interactive whiteboards was associated with a 16 percentile point gain in student achievement. A second feature is the use of graphics and other visuals to represent information. . .

Interactive Whiteboards. Why Interactive Whiteboards? A SMARTBoard and ActivBoard are examples of an Interactive Whiteboards ("IWB"), a 21st Century tool that can transform the classroom and nurture essential skills. Major benefits of an interactive whiteboard include its versatility, interactivity, multimedia/multimodal presentation, and participation potential. Interactive Whiteboards can also help students conceptualise new knowledge through representations of abstract ideas. White papers. SMART has created numerous white papers to help you find the products that best suit your needs. These research documents are easy to read, cover a variety of topics and provide practical, reliable information that assist you in making informed decisions about the technology you implement.

Teachers Love SMART Boards. SMART Parts Storefront. Lesson plans and resources for your SMART Board - SMART Exchange. SMARTClassrooms's Channel. Resources. SMART Interactive Solutions for Education, Business and Government. Lee Baird's Page. Interactive Whiteboard Games.