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Teaching Media Literacy in the ESL Classroom. Formative Assessment. Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students. Avra's EdTech Tackks. Reading and Expressive Writing with Traumatised Children, Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers. '[This] book explores the ways in which the combined activities of thinking with others about written stories, exploring feelings, ideas and memories that emerge and then writing on the themes explored, can help young people to process both destructive and nourishing experiences...

Reading and Expressive Writing with Traumatised Children, Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers

I hope that its publication will lead to others learning the skills to work in such an energetic, careful and creative way with young refugees and asylum seekers in various contexts.' - from the foreword by Sheila Melzak, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Executive and Clinical Director of Baobab Centre 'The stars of Unpack My Heart with Words are four survivors of war and abuse whose words thread through Marion Baraitser's narrative. Offering both theory and practice, she takes us on an insightful journey as she delicately encourages these traumatised young people to respond to selected literature through dialogue and writing. ESL Surveys & questionnaires for ESL teachers: eslflow webguide.

Voxopop - a voice based eLearning tool. Storyboard That Classroom Edition - Starting at Just $9.95 per month. 914 FREE Movie Worksheets for Your ESL Classroom. About Our Movie + Video + Cartoons Worksheets Let’s face it: Even the most enthusiastic ESL class sometimes goes through dull periods.

914 FREE Movie Worksheets for Your ESL Classroom

No matter how much you switch up the activities and topics, there’s only so much English that your students can absorb at any one time. Still, that limit is sometimes a lot higher than your students believe it is - and the genuine exhaustion caused by a challenging topic, is very different from boredom that comes from too much repetition. When your students are just plain bored of board work, that’s when it’s time to break out one of your “emergency” activities - the ones you know will raise your class’s mood.

You’ve probably got some go-to activities of your own - but it never hurts to add some new ones to your arsenal. But that’s not the only reason these 993 worksheets are handy. How do we know these worksheets work? Ready to find a worksheet for your class? So take a look at what we have to offer. Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities.

Word Mover. Grades 3 – 5 | Lesson Plan | Minilesson How Big Are Martin’s Big Words?

Word Mover

Thinking Big about the Future Inspired by the book Martin’s Big Words, students explore information on Dr. King to think about his "big" words, then they write about their own "big" words and dreams. Grades 3 – 5 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson Engaging Students in a Collaborative Exploration of the Gettysburg Address In small groups, students closely examine one sentence from the Gettysburg Address and create a multigenre project communicating what they have discovered about the meaning and significance of the text. Playing with Prepositions through Poetry Students play with and explore prepositions during a whole group reading of Ruth Heller’s Behind the Mask, and then by composing and publishing prepositional poems based on the book’s style.

ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English. SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English

The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. ESL free talk show roleplay lesson plan. Objective- To practice asking and answering questions.

ESL free talk show roleplay lesson plan

This is based on the "Talk Show" idea on p.124 of Keep Talking by F. Klippel: Keep Talking : Communicative Fluency... 1. The first step is to divide the class into groups. 2. 3. Welcome to Willis ELT. ESL survival English Lesson Plans, English for travelers, False beginners. Discussion Lesson Plan: August 10 2014. School plans to start lessons at 1:30pm so students can sleep late. Clock image A private school in the UK says that it will start lessons at 1:30pm for older students, so that they can wake up late.

School plans to start lessons at 1:30pm so students can sleep late

Hampton Court House said that classes for A-level students will begin at 1:30pm and finish at 7pm. A-level (which stands for Advanced Level) is the qualification that 16-18 year-olds take in England, Wales and Northern Ireland at the end of their secondary schooling. The headteacher of the school, Guy Holloway, said that he hopes the new timetable will make students more productive. According to research from Oxford University, there is evidence that teenagers’ body clocks are different to adults’. Mr Holloway said that many students did not get enough sleep during the week, and this is affecting their performance in school.

Korean & American intercultural communication roleplay: personal questions. Korean: You are the 60 year old manager of a US company's Korean office.

Korean & American intercultural communication roleplay: personal questions

A young executive has come from America to change the way you run your office. You're not sure that he is qualified to make any suggestions since he looks so young; you must have much more experience than he does. You also want to know how much money he makes to see if the US headquarters is treating Korean employees fairly. He refuses to answer your questions so you need to use the 4 steps to find out why. 1.

Culture & tips. Happy English Podcast Learn English. Welcome To Happy English At Happy English, you’ll study English in a clean, comfortable, professional environment, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

Happy English Podcast Learn English

The Happy English tutoring center is located on the corner of Madison Ave and 40th Street, minutes away from the New York Public Library and Grand Central Station. StoryKeepers - StoryStarters. ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities. News English Lessons: Free Lesson Plans for Current Events. Sean Banville's Websites, Lesson Plans, Handouts, Worksheets. The Avengers: Lessons On ESL Lessons. Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Jurassic World. 50 Essential Resources for ESL Students. Learning a new language is always daunting, especially when that language is as full of weird rules and contradictions as English.

50 Essential Resources for ESL Students

Even native speakers sometimes have trouble mastering the nuances of tense and grammar. Fortunately, if you’re originally a non-English speaker, there are a fantastic amount of resources online to help you master the English language. From speaking to writing, these tools will help you get a handle on English and help you in your education and career. Don’t let the size of the task stop you from getting it done. JellyBeanScoop Homepage. Randall's esl cyber listening lab. Audioboo - All about apps in YOUR classroom!

The 10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows To Learn English. ESL Ebooks. - ESL English as a Second Language free materials for teaching and study. The best resources to help you learn English online. Lane's ESL-Online Books. ESL - HandsOn English, ETC LISTENING/SPEAKING Strand = Six Student Texts with CDs + Six Instructor's Annotated Editions/Manuals. HandsOn English, ETC: LISTENING/SPEAKING = Six Student Texts with CDs + Six Annotated Instructor's Editions/Manuals HandsOn English is a new name for the classic 17-Book ETC PROGRAM Competency-Based Skills Series.

ESL - HandsOn English, ETC LISTENING/SPEAKING Strand = Six Student Texts with CDs + Six Instructor's Annotated Editions/Manuals

For novice/beginning to advanced language + content learners, it contains six (6) Levels of two or three Student Texts each, subtitled [1] "Getting Started with Life Skills," [2] "English in Everyday Life," [3] "An Immigration Story," [4] "World Culture/Cross-Cultural Communication," [5] "Language & Culture in Depth," and [6] "Issues & Answers. " Coordinated within each level of difficulty and carefully sequenced between levels, the seventeen (17) Texts (six with accompanying CDs) + 17 Instructor's Annotated Editions or Instructor's Manuals comprise a 34-book package of language-skills/practical competencies instruction, practice, activity, and assessment. Issues & Answers form the framework of L/S LEVEL 6. Parapara Animation - Create Stopmotion Animations in Your Browser. Parapara Animation is a free animation creation tool developed and hosted by Mozilla.

The tool is easy to use and it does not require registration in order to use it. To get started simply visit the Parapara Animation website, select a digital crayon, then start drawing. Click the large "+" icon in the top of the screen to add a new frame to your animation. You can playback your frames at any time in the creation process. When you're done making your animation it will be assigned a unique URL that can be shared via email. ESL Library. Free Digital Storytelling Tools For Teachers and Students. For teachers by teachers.

33 Great Apps for Storytelling and Creativity. 2013 Update… Here are the main apps I suggest for storytelling. Some of them are actual bookmaking apps, some are apps for creating stories in various ways and others are apps I would use to help kids plan out a story. I have listed them in the order of importance for my classroom.

I think the first 10 on the list are a must have for all elementary classrooms. Educreations FREE- (example HERE and HERE) There is also a web version of this tool.