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How Facebook’s News Feed Sorting Algorithm Works. Facebook doesn’t use a chronological feed, like Twitter does (or like Facebook used to).

How Facebook’s News Feed Sorting Algorithm Works

Instead, what you see in your News Feed is determined by an algorithm that sorts things based on what Facebook thinks you want to see. This is a cause of some consternation. Every so often, a page or person I follow on Facebook complains that their posts are only reaching a small fraction of their followers and begs everyone to add them to their See First list so they can “keep reaching all the fans”. They claim Facebook is cutting them off and hiding them from some of their follower’s feeds so they’ll pay for Promoted posts. But that’s not really how Facebook works. 5 Instagram Lessons from Magnum Photographers. As part of an ongoing pursuit of delving into the practices of Magnum photographers, Magnum has asked David Alan Harvey, Christopher Anderson and Matt Stuart to share their views on using Instagram, the ubiquitous social media app that has far reaching implications for photographers.

5 Instagram Lessons from Magnum Photographers

Here, we present five things to consider for emerging and professional photographers who use the app. Be yourself The lack of editors directing your work on Instagram, allowing you to share directly with an interested audience, means you can be more experimental and true to yourself in the work you publish. False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources. Your Social Media Fingerprint. Without your consent most major web platforms leak whether you are logged in.

Your Social Media Fingerprint

Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. Facebook, like many tech companies, uses the open-space office model.

Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace.

(Ryan Anson/AFP/Getty Images) A year ago, my boss announced that our large New York ad agency would be moving to an open office. After nine years as a senior writer, I was forced to trade in my private office for a seat at a long, shared table. It felt like my boss had ripped off my clothes and left me standing in my skivvies. Our new, modern Tribeca office was beautifully airy, and yet remarkably oppressive. Despite its obvious problems, the open-office model has continued to encroach on workers across the country. The Alliance for Access to Computing Careers. Are you an academic hermit? – Advice for authoring a PhD or academic book – Medium. In a recent study of The Impact of the Social Sciences a team of researchers that I lead tried to establish what made some academics well cited and well-regarded academically, and what also made them influential in spheres of life outside academia.

Are you an academic hermit? – Advice for authoring a PhD or academic book – Medium

NIST’s new password rules – what you need to know – Naked Security. It’s no secret.

NIST’s new password rules – what you need to know – Naked Security

8 Search Tricks That Work on DuckDuckGo but Not on Google. Google Search is king.

8 Search Tricks That Work on DuckDuckGo but Not on Google

It has many cool features that will wow you, but it’s not your only good option when it comes to search engines. Bing is getting better. StartPage gives you Google Search results without compromising on your privacy. Are you a journalist? Download this free guide for verifying photos and videos. Did a migrant document his journey to Europe on Instagram?

Are you a journalist? Download this free guide for verifying photos and videos

Did a young Syrian boy save a friend from danger under a hail of bullets? Did a pair of magicians pull off the ultimate photobomb by performing a trick in the background of a news report outside the Houses of Parliament? The answer to all of these questions is — as great as the stories are — an unequivocal no. Did large, revered news organisations fall for the hoaxes? Unfortunately, yes. Font Pair - Helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs. The Color Scheme Designer. Something Super Cool Just Turned Up in Your Digital Toolbox. 5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Make Infographics in PowerPoint [Free Templates] Despite the spattering of headlines that have popped up over the past couple years proclaiming "infographics are dead," infographics are, in fact, alive and well.

5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Make Infographics in PowerPoint [Free Templates]

We just checked -- they're totally healthy. I mean, there are a lot of them, but when marketers spend the time aligning the topic, content, and style of their infographics with the needs and preferences of their target audiences, they're still finding success. (And by "success" I mean driving traffic -- and potential leads -- to their websites and generating social buzz through people sharing and commenting.) A 2014 study shows that the use of infographics among B2B marketers increased 9% from 2013 to 2014: from 43% adoption to 52% adoption.

And a recent report from Social Media Examiner shows that original, visual content is the number one form of content that marketers want to learn more about in 2015. Why you should think about thumbnails. 3 February 2015 by Jonathan O'Donnell Selfie (thumbnail), by Jonathan O’Donnell on Flickr I help artists write grant applications.

Why you should think about thumbnails

What is my movie? Describe and find movies. LOL Colors - Curated color palette inspiration. Forbes Welcome. Thanks for coming to Forbes. Please turn off your ad blocker in order to continue. To thank you for doing so, we’re happy to present you with an ad-light experience. Hi again. Google Keys: E-A-T and YMYL, Are You an Expert? Password security - how to never use the same password twice. Once upon a time, I had 3 passwords, one I used for banking, one I used for purchasing stuff on-line, and the third I used for everything else. I used words that were not easy to guess, using what I thought was secure, i.e. at least 1 capital letter, one small letter, one number, and one symbol with a minimum password length of 8 characters.

That is, until I went to Certified Ethical Hacker (aka CEH) training… yes, there is such a thing as a Certified Ethical Hacker. I cracked all of my passwords, well, instantly using some of the standard hacker tools that anybody can download. I quickly realized that I had to make some password security changes. After much thought, I came up with the idea of creating an algorithm and using a unique password for EVERY login that I have on the planet. How to verify information from tweets: Check it out.

Journalists should treat information we gather on social media the same way we treat information gathered any other way, or an assurance from Mom that she loves you: Check it out. My #twutorial series hasn’t been updated since late October, but I always planned to do a post on verifying information gathered in social media. Given the errors some journalists made in reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre and in the original reporting on Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend, this feels like a good time to stress accuracy and verification. The most simple and important advice I can give is that Twitter is like any other information source — documents, anonymous tips, news releases, press conferences, interviews, databases — it can provide valuable information or deliberate lies or innocent errors.

Your job is to verify the information that looks useful. Six Easy Ways to Tell If That Viral Story Is a Hoax. A Paper Sizes – dimensions and size charts in mm, cm and inches. Best Free Reference Web Sites Combined Index, 1999-2015 RUSA ETS: Emerging Technologies Section. Color Theory Refresher. Windows 10 Preview, Release Date, News & Features: 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10. Everybody can finally exhale a sigh of relief: Windows 8 is going away, and it's once again safe to upgrade your PC's version of Windows. Welcome to Method of Action. The Bézier Game. 10 Ingenious Bookmarklets To Make You a Google Power User. Designing conference posters - Colin Purrington.

A large-format poster is a big piece of paper or wall-mounted monitor featuring a short title, an introduction to your burning question, an overview of your novel experimental approach, your amazing results in graphical form, some insightful discussion of aforementioned results, a listing of previously published articles that are important to your research, and some brief acknowledgement of the tremendous assistance and financial support conned from others — if all text is kept to a minimum (less than a 1000 words), a person could fully read your poster in 5-10 minutes.

Section content • DOs and DON’Ts • Adding pieces of flair • Presenting • Motivational advice • Software • Templates • Printing • Useful literature • Organizing a poster session What to put in each section. A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science. Click to enlarge. Why Academics' Writing Stinks. Infographic_CanIUseThatPicture4.jpg (JPEG Image, 2550 × 1650 pixels) - Scaled (47%)